By the Numbers: Super Late Models at New Smyrna World Series

One of the most popular divisions at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing each year is the Super Late Model division.  In this edition of “By the Numbers” on, we take a look at the history of the division during Florida Speedweeks.


Late Models have raced since the first days of this event, however, the history from those days is hard to come by.  From legends of the sport like Gary Balough and Junior Hanley to more modern day stars like Bubba Pollard and Stephen Nasse all the best of the best have run and won Speedweeks.


2: Two former champions, David Rogers and Ryan Moore, will be in the field looking to add to their winning ways at New Smyrna.


4: David Rogers and Dick Trickle each have four championships in the class, which is a feat in itself.  It’s hard to win the championship when racing eight or nine times in a week.  You have to be lucky and good to get the whole job done.


5: A brief history lesson shows that in 1980 Gary Balough won the first five nights of action before crashing and braking his wrist on the sixth night.


18: Since 2002 there have been 18 different champions in the Super Late Model ranks.  Some of the more recent champions have been Bubba Pollard, Stephen Nasse, Harrison Burton, Ty Majeski and several others.


48: Junior Hanley is the all-time winningest Super Late Model driver at the World Series with 48 victories.  In 1990 and 1991, he won 14 of the 17 races run in a two-year span.


51: Driving the Kyle Busch Motorsports No. 51, Sammy Smith is looking to become only the second driver to win a Pro Late Model title and a Super Late Model title.  Jeff Choquette did it first, but not in consecutive years like Smith is trying to do.


74: By our count at least 74 drivers have won feature races in Super Late Model action.  We don’t have full records prior to 1977, so if you have any info please reach out to us.


100: The racing week all builds up to the final night where those who are racing for a title almost move aside to clinch the crown while others fight for the win in the 100-lap event.  Ty Majeski recently won the race and championship on the final night, the first time it had happened since David Rogers in 2009.


350: There have been over 350 races for the Super Late Models at the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.


Orange Blossom / Other 100-lap Winners at New Smyrna’s World Series 

2019 Derek Griffith
2018 Harrison Burton
2017 Jeff Choquette
2016 Ty Majeski
2015 Christopher Bell
2014 Kyle Benjamin
2013 Travis Cope
2012 Travis Cope
2011 Wayne Anderson
2010 Jeff Choquette
2009 David Rogers
2008 Jeff Choquette
2007 Jeff Scofield
2006 Travis Kittleson
2005 Jeff Scofield
2004 Rain
2003 Scott Hantz
2002 Junior Hanley


Super Late Model Past Champions

2019  Bubba Pollard

2018  Stpehen Nasse

2017 Harrison Burton

2016 Ty Majeski

2015  Zane Smith

2014  Steve Wallace

2013  Ryan Moore

2012  Kyle Benjamin

2011  Tim Russell

2010  BJ McLeod

2009  David Rogers

2008  Jeff Choquette

2007  Jeff Scofield

2006  Travis Kittleson

2005  Louis Mechalides

2004  Mike Fritts

2003  Wayne Anderson

2002  Jimmy Cope

2001  David Rogers

2000  Wayne Anderson

1999  David Rogers

1998  Jason Shuler

1997  Lowell Bennett

1996  David Russell

1995  Bruce Lawrence

1994  Pete Orr

1993  Pete Orr

1992  Pete Orr

1991  Dick Anderson

1990  Junior Hanley

1989  Frank Wood

1988  Joe Shear

1987  David Rogers

1986  Dick Trickle

1985  Dick Trickle

1984  Dick Trickle

1983  Mark Malcuit

1982  Dick Trickle

1981  Junior Hanley

1980  Junior Hanley

1979  Mike Miller

1978  Mark Martin

1977  Mike Eddy

1976  Freddy Fryar

1975  Pete Hamilton

1974  Pete Hamilton

1973  Larry Rogero

1972  Joe Rutman

1971   Gary Balough

1970  Randy Tissot

1969  Dave McInnis

1968  Tom Pistone

1967 None


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Speed51 Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51 / Kyler Hope

By the Numbers: Super Late Models at New Smyrna World Series