By the Numbers: Larry Detjens Memorial at State Park

This weekend, a Wisconsin racing tradition continues with the Lary Detjens Memorial at State Park Speedway.  To prepare you for the two nights of racing, which can be seen on Summer Thunder TV with a Premium Membership to the Speed51 Network, resident stat guru Elgin Traylor takes us “By the Numbers” through the event’s history.


.25: Action happens fast on the tight quarter-mile track of State Park Speedway.


1.5: Casey Johnson has an average finish of 1.5 in the last two runnings of this race.  He was second in 2017 and then took the win in 2018.


3: Looking at the history, Mark Mackesy, Chris Weinkauf, Donnie Woller and Dick Trickle are all three-time winners of the Larry Detjens race at State Park Speedway.


12: The regulars can be hard to beat on any race track, but the 12 car of Mark Mackesy at State Park Speedway is one of the best when it comes to defending his turf. In his career he’s beaten the best in the ARCA Midwest Tour, the TUNDRA Super Late Models and Central Wisconsin Racing Association.


17: In 2017, Chris Wimmer won the race for the second time, 17 years after his first win.  Wimmer was 21 when he won the race in 2000.


75: Watch that 75 car of Chris Weinkauf, he’s a three-time winner of this race and it’s been a while since he’s been a big contender in this show.


125: The feature event will be 125 laps on Saturday.


1981: The first Larry Detjens Memorial race was run in 1981 shortly after his death. The race has helped keep his legacy alive.  He was an up and coming driver in 1981.  He had won the ARTGO circuit and had victories in ASA as well.  Detjens’ biggest win was the 1977 World Cup 400 at I-70 Speedway.


Supporting Cast: The Big 8 Series will be running the night before on Friday at State Park.  Below are some of the past winners of their events.


2018 Jon Reynolds, Jr.

2017 Michael Bilderback

2016 Michael Oldiek

2015 Michael Bilderback

2014 Jon Reynolds Jr.

2013 Casey Johnson

2012 Jeremy Lepak


As you can see Casey Johnson is the only driver to win a Big 8 Series race at State Park Speedway and then go on to win the Detjens Memorial.


All in the Family: The Wimmer family has four wins in this event with the Sauter family and Refner families having three each. The Wimmers won the race in three consecutive years from 2000 to 2002.


Footnote: The Detjens Memorial race was run at Golden Sands in 2009.


Past Larry Detjens Memorial Winners 

2018 Casey Johnson

2017 Chris Wimmer (2)

2016 Derek Kraus

2015 Johnny Sauter

2014 Tim Sauter (2)

2013 Tim Sauter

2012 Mark Mackesy (3)

2011 Chris Weinkauf (3)

2010 Chris Weinkauf (2)

2009 Andrew Morrissey (Golden Sands)

2008 Not Run

2007 Not Run

2006 Mark Mackesy (2)

2005 Allen Check

2004 Charlie Menard

2003 Chris Weinkauf

2002 Scott Wimmer (2)

2001 Scott Wimmer

2000 Chris Wimmer

1999 Mark Mackesy

1998 Jesse Hasse

1997 Donnie Woller (3)

1996 Wayne Breitenfeldt (2)

1995 Kirby Kurth (2)

1994 Donnie Woller (2)

1993 Joe Krzykowski

1992 Kirby Kurth

1991 Donnie Woller

1990 Bryan Reffner

1989 Wayne Breitenfeldt

1987 Tom Reffner (2)

1986 Kevin Cywinski

1985 Dick Trickle (3)

1984 Tom Reffner

1983 Kevin Stepan

1982 Dick Trickle (2)

1981 Dick Trickle


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent – Twitter: @ElginTraylor

-Photo credit: photo

By the Numbers: Larry Detjens Memorial at State Park