One of the most prestigious Outlaw Super Late Model races in the country will be contested Wednesday night at Kalamazoo Speedway (MI).  We take a look at Kalamazoo Klash XXVI in this edition of “By the Numbers” on


0: There have been zero repeat winners in the seven runnings of the Klash ARCA/CRA Super Series race.  Johnny Benson is the only driver to win both the Outlaw and Template races.


1: After three years of being the second-place finisher, Tyler Roahrig finally made it to Kalamazoo Klash victory lane in 2017. Now he looks to be only the third driver to win it in consecutive years.


3: Mark Shook, Mike Brooks, and Brian Bergakker have all won championships in the Outlaw class at Kalamazoo.  None of these three drivers have ever won the Klash.  Maybe that will change on Wednesday.


5: J.R. Roahrig, father to Tyler Roahrig, is a perfect five-for-five when it comes to top 10 runs at the Klash. The elder driver is still seeking his first win.


5: Terry Senneker, Jr. is the only five-time winner of the Kalamazoo Klash.


24: Andy Bozell will be looking to make his 24th start in the 24th running of the Kalamazoo Klash. He’s never missed a Kalamazoo Klash since the event began. In all, Bozell has 17 top-five finishes.


30: Andy and Phil Bozell have combined for 30 top-10 finishes at the Klash.


40: There are currently 41 entries on the pre-race entry list.  We expect more for this event as it always draws cars from all around the region.


51: Wednesday’s Kalamazoo Klash will be streamed live to a worldwide audience on Pay-per-view video tickets can be purchased for $19.99 by clicking here.


82: The No. 82 ride of Tom Thomas will be chasing his 10th top 10 finish in the Klash.  He won the race in 2003.


89: Brian Bergakker has finished in the top 10 in 89% of his Klash starts.


125: Both the Outlaw Super Late Model and ARCA/CRA Super Series Klash events will be 125 laps.


239: A long list of drivers have run the Kalamazoo Klash including notables like Kyle Busch, Matt Kenseth, Johnny Benson Jr., Bob Senneker, Scott Bloomquist, Ted Christopher, Mike Eddy, Gary Howe and Gary St. Amant.


1993: The first Klash was held in 1993. Andy Bozell won three of the first four runnings.


Missing History: Some of the early years are missing full results from the Kalamazoo Klash.  If you have any information about these races please let us know.


Past Champions: An impressive list of past winners of the Outlaw race will be looking to collect another win.  Tyler Roahrig, Jeff Ganus, Phil Bozell, Andy Bozell, Steve Needles, and Tom Thomas all make up the entry list.


Past Champions 2.0:  Klash Template winners Travis Braden, Brian Campbell and Johnny VanDoorn are all entered in this year’s show.


Double Up: Harold Fair, Jr., Phil Bozell and Steve Dorer are slated to run both races on Wednesday.


Kalamazoo Klash Winners

2017 Tyler Roahrig

2016 Terry Senneker Jr.

2015 Jeff Ganus

2014 Terry Senneker Jr.

2013 Terry Senneker Jr.

2012 Terry Senneker Jr.

2011 Phil Bozell

2010 Rick Sexton

2009 Steve Needles

2008 Terry Senneker Jr.

2007 Johnny Benson Jr.

2006 Andy Bozell

2005 Lee Anderson

2004 Fred Campbell

2003 Tom Thomas

2002 Chris Orr

2001 Ken Scheffler

2000 Todd Curren

1999 Chris Orr

1998 Mike Vansparrentak

1997 Andy Bozell

1996 Bob Holley

1995 Brain Cloud

1994 Andy Bozell

1993 Andy Bozell


Past Kalamazoo Klash Template Winners:

2017 Travis Braden

2016 Brian Campbell

2015 Ali Kern

2014 Kyle Busch

2013 Phil Bozell

2012 Johnny Benson

2011 Johnny VanDoorn


Klash Outlaw Entires 

0. Dennis Strickland
4 Adam Terry
5 Jeff Ganus
8 Andrew Brest
8 Phil Bozell
9 Mike Root
9 TK Whitman
10 Jack Landis
11 Jeff Bozell
12 Brian Bergakker
14 Mark Shook
15 Brian Maxim
16 Austin Maynard
18 Steve Needles
24 Kevin Sauer
24 Tadek Stadniczuk
24 Tyler Roahrig
25 JR Roahrig
31 Todd Harrington
32 Chris Garrett
33 Matt Corliss
33 Monte Tolan
44 Carl Burlingham
48 Vern Sauer
50 Brandon Lyons
72 Scott Hantz
82 Tom Thomas
83 Andy Bozell
88 Billy Roberts
93 Doug True
97 Matt Frazier
101 Craig Everage
Tim Devos
Steve Dorer
Brian Ross


Klash Template Entires 

1 John Beach
4 Buddy Head
4x Matt Mauer
6 Logan Runyon
10 Steve Dorer
14 Carson Hocever
17 Josh Brock
26 Travis Braden
27 Ken Womba
29 Austin Kunert
32 John Long
35 Greg Van Last
37 Jordan Dahlke
41 Hunter Jack
47 Brian Campbell
56 Jerry Andrews
71 Johnny VanDoorn
131 Kyle Crump


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

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By the Numbers: Kalamazoo Klash at Kalamazoo Speedway