Returning to the stage in the Late Model Stock world is one the Mid-Atlantic region’s top races. The Hampton Heat at Langley Speedway (VA) is back and along with that so is the Virginia Triple Crown with the South Boston 200 and the annual event at Martinsville.  The three-race series carries some luster as drivers race for big money for the crown and each race individually.


We take a look at this weekend’s stage of the Virginia Triple Crown, the Hampton Heat 200, by the numbers.


3: Local driver Greg Edwards has been on the podium three time, but he has not won the event. He has four wins this season and is eight points behind the lead for the track championship.


300x250 Summer Thunder 2017.07.22 (2)5: How big is this race to the state of Virginia?  Five area tracks are not running this weekend because of the 200 or just by luck. That will help the attendance at this weekend’s race, which could draw close to 40 cars.


38: Early this week the entry list featured 32 cars with every former winner of the event minus Lee Pulliam.  We think Pulliam could be a game-time decision as he leads the points at Myrtle Beach by over 100 markers and could stand to miss a race.  Ether way he’ll be chasing NASCAR points, but they money will be a whole lot more at Langley


40: CE Falk is the only three-time winner of the this event and he wants to make it a fourth time.  He has also finished second three times and has a fourth-place finish.  There have been 1614 laps run in the history of the race and he has completed 1613 of them.


162:  Connor Hall has completed only 162 laps in the last two Hampton Heat 200s.  This year he’s running a strong fourth in points and looks to run the full distance for the first time.


200: The main event is 200 laps and the event has gone past the scheduled distance on three occasions.


$10,000: This race pays $10,000 to the winner.


Living up to the Name: The forecast for this weekend is expected to be just shy of 100 degrees and the humidity could make it very hot.  Stay hydrated drivers, teams and race fans.


Triple Crown: The star power of this race goes right along with the points battle for the Virginia Triple Crown.  Philip Morris won for the first time in his career in the South Boston 200 and heads to Langley looking for a solid finish and perhaps a second win.  Morris has already been to Langley this year and won a race.  Keep an eye on Morris.


Former Triple Crown Champions

2015 Lee Pullman

2014 Peyton Sellers

2013 Peyton Sellers

2012 CE Falk


Track Standout: Matt Waltz leads the points and has to be one of the local favorites at the Hampton Heat 200.  The local drivers will be tough to beat, but it’s a long night of racing.


Hey Woody, Welcome Back:  Former winner Woody Howard will be returning to add to his win and second-place run in this event.  All former winners are scheduled to be there minus Lee Pulliam, officially.


Past Winners

2016 Not Held

2015 Lee Pulliam

2014 C.E. Falk III

2013 Peyton Sellers

2012 Matt Bowling

2011 C.E. Falk III

2010 C.E. Falk III

2009 Woody Howard

2008 Nick Smith




#01 Philip Morris

#03 Brenden Queen

#2 Matt Waltz

#4 Sam Hunt

#8 Paul Green

#10 Maddy Mulligan

#11 Jeff Oakley

#12 Nick Smith

#12p Timothy Peters

#12s Dean Shifflett

#12t Austin Thaxton

#14 Dean Ward

#16 RD Smith

#17 Stacy Puryear

#19 Cameron Bowen

#22 Grayson Cullather

#22m Bobby McCarty

#24 Mason Diaz

#25 Craig Eastep

#26 Danny Edwards

#26 Peyton Sellers

#33 Macy Causey

#38 Dwayne Shreeves

#40 C.E. Falk III

#51 Chris Flowers

#51 Bubba Johnston

#55 Mark Wertz

#57 Justin T. Carroll

#57j Eddie Johnson

#71 Woody Howard

#77 Connor Hall

#83 Matt Bowling

#88 Thomas Marks

#90 Terry Carroll

#91 Justin S. Carroll

#92 Casey Wyatt

#94 Cody Carlton

#97 Greg Edwards


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

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By the Numbers: Hampton Heat 200 at Langley (VA)