One of the most anticipated events of the short track racing season will get underway this week at New Smyrna Speedway.  The 52nd Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing begins Friday to kick off nine straight days of racing at the Florida half-mile oval.


To get you ready for the race, our resident “Stat Boy” Elgin Traylor takes a look at the Florida Modified division “by the numbers.”


5: Jerry Symons is a five-time Florida Modified champion at the World Series.


7: Number of nights the Florida Mods will race during the 52nd Annual World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.


7: The last seven seasons have produced seven different Florida Modified at Speedweeks. Tank Tucker won in 2010 and 2011; that was the last time anyone went back-to-back.


300x250 New Smyrna World Series 201815: The No. 15 machine of Tank Tucker has four championships at the World Series as he chases title number five. With nearly 20 wins to his credit, Tucker is second to only Jerry Symons.


30: Well over 30 different drivers have won races in this division.


42: The official number of wins that Jerry Symons has during the New Smyrna World Series. Not all records are complete, so he could have more. We know one thing: it’s been four years since his last win and six years since his last title.


Top Five FL Modified Winners
Jerry Symons – 42
Tank Tucker – 19
Lee Collins – 13
Several tied with 4
*Records are incomplete


66: That’s the car number for Jerry Symons, who will be looking to add to his big win total. By our records, he likely has over 150 starts in the class during Speedweeks.


75: The big race for the Florida Modfieids will be on Tuesday when they go 75 laps.


Surprising Names: The history of this division finds champions from other classes having come over to win a show or two. David Rogers, Ryan Preece, Jeff Choquette and Jason Boyd have all won titles in other classes and in the Florida Modifieds.


Sleeper Champion: Why not look at Doug Moff? He’s got four wins at Speedweeks and is always in the mix. You have to be good and lucky to win the title and maybe this will be Doug’s year.


Eddy’s History: Last year, Travis Eddy won three times to capture the Speedweeks title. His dad Mike Eddy won the Super Late Model title way back in 1977. Now they have something in common to share.


Florida Modified Champions
2017 – Travis Eddy
2016 – Cody Stickler
2015 – Tim Moore
2014 – Todd Stone
2013 – Josh Todd
2012 – Jerry Symons
2011 – Tank Tucker
2010 – Tank Tucker
2009 – Nick Diano
2008 – Tank Tucker
2007 – Lee Collins
2006 – Tank Tucker
2005 – Jerry Artuso
2004 – Lee Collins
2003 – Jerry Symons
2002 – Jerry Symons
2001 – Jerry Symons
2000 – Billy Mowery
1999 – Jerry Symons
1998 – Mitch French

*Records before 1998 are incomplete


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

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By the Numbers: Florida Modifieds at New Smyrna WS