The Summer Sizzler at New Paris Speedway (IN) is one of the biggest Outlaw Late Model events of the racing season. Tyler Roahrig has been the dominant driver at New Paris recently. Just how dominant? Well, let’s take a look in this edition of By the Numbers.


4: Tyler Roahrig has won his last four starts at New Paris in this event. He missed the 2014 race due to injury and has been streaking since 2012.  He also has a pair of third-place runs.


300x250 Kalamazoo Klash PPV5: The father-son combo of JR Roahrig and Tyler Roarig have won five times at the Summer Sizzler.


8: Jack Landis has eight top five runs in 11 starts.  Landis is the 2005 winner.


15: Last year veteran Andy Bozell would have made his 15th start in the Summer Sizzler, but a trio of spins in the last chance race left him packing up the tool kit before the main event. After 15 starts, look for a return to the A main this year.


24: All eyes will be on the 24 of Tyler Roahrig as he looks to pad his point lead and win another big race at New Paris.


20: History shows us that the starting field has normally been 20 cars. In 2003 a record 59 cars showed up to qualify before Andy Bozell scored his first win in the series.


100: The main event is 100-laps.


112: A total of 112 different drivers have run the Summer Sizzler at New Paris Speedway.


Bragging Rights: In the Roahrig shop a few years back when son Tyler won the Summer sizzler for the first time, the checks were put side-by-side on the shop wall above the door. Now Tyler has his own wall of big wins mostly consisting of his Summer Sizzler wins.


Like a Roller Coaster: Jeff Ganus is a two-time winner of the Summer Sizzler. He has also finished second twice, and 10th and 20th.  His track record is an up the ladder, down the ladder situation and judging by the wheel of luck then he should be poised for a good run this coming week.


Series Winners: The Summer Sizzler is the kick-off to the final three races of the six-part Outlaw Late Model Series.  Jeff Ganus won at Kalamazoo in June, Tyler Roahrig won at Berlin for the second leg and Jimmy Thiel was the surprise winner at Flat Rock for the Stan Yee Memorial.


Sweet MFG Outlaw Super Late Model Series Standings 

1 Tyler Roahrig 402

2 Andy Bozell 399

3 Justin Claucherty 384

4 Brian Bergakker 376

5 Phil Bozell 369

6 Jeff Ganus 367

7 Mike Root 343

8 Adam Terry 333

9 Steve Needles 318

10 Dennis Strickland 315

Past Winners

2016 Tyler Roahrig

2015 Tyler Roahrig

2014 Jeff Ganus

2013 Tyler Roahrig

2012 Tyler Roahrig

2011 J.R. Roahrig

2010 Phil Bozell

2009 Scott Hantz

2008 Jeff Ganus

2007 John Long

2006 Ron Maynard, Jr.

2005 Jack Landis

2004 John Delarye

2003 Andy Bozell

2002 Erv Starrett


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Contributor

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By the Numbers: Breaking Down the Summer Sizzler at New Paris