Over the course of the last decade and a half, the Summer Sizzler at New Paris Speedway has established itself as one of the premier Outlaw Late Model events of the season.  Since the race has so much history behind it, we decided to take a more in-depth look at the Summer Sizzler in our “By the Numbers.”


4: Tyler Roahrig is the all-timer wins leader of this event with four victories to his credit.  His dad also won the race in 2011.  He has six top five runs in nine starts.


10: Both Andy Bozell and Jack Landis have 10 top 10 finishes in the Summer Sizzler race at New Paris.  Landis actually has eight runs in the top five of those 10.  Landis won the race back in 2005.


15: Andy Bozell has made a record 15 starts in this event at New Paris.


40: Keep an eye on the 40K of Donny Klotz as he races for 10K.  Klotz is second in the track points and has four top 10 runs in the event.  2017 marked his first run in the race since the 2013 season.  His best was fifth in 2008.


50: The modifieds will once again join the Outlaw Super Late Models with a 50-lap Invitational show.  The winner gets $1,000.


72.7: Jeff Ganus is the only other multi-time winner of this race other then Tyler Roahrig.  Ganus has some impressive numbers as he has finished in the top 10 some 72.7% of the time in 11 starts.


100: The main event will be 100-lap.


114: A total of 114 different drivers have run the Summer Sizzler at New Paris Speedway.


10,000: The winner’s share of the 100-lap Outlaw Late Model race will pocket $10,000.


Three Races, Three Faces: There have been three Outlaw Super Late Model races run this season at New Paris.  They have been won by Jack Landis, Austin Maynard and Tyler Roahrig.


No More Monkey: Bud Perry finally got the monkey off his back after winning the Summer Sizzler in 2017. He had a near miss fourth-place run the year before, but now he’s the defending winner of the race.


Needs Some Luck: Brian Ross needs some luck this year at the Summer Sizzler.  After 12 starts in the race he’s still without a win.  He’s had second-place runs in 2002, 2008, and 2011.  In the last three years a variety of issues have left him at the bottom of the final race results.


Past Winners

2017 Bud Perry

2016 Tyler Roahrig

2015 Tyler Roahrig

2014 Jeff Ganus

2013 Tyler Roahrig

2012 Tyler Roahrig

2011 J.R. Roahrig

2010 Phil Bozell

2009 Scott Hantz

2008 Jeff Ganus

2007 John Long

2006 Ron Maynard, Jr.

2005 Jack Landis

2004 John Delarye

2003 Andy Bozell

2002 Erv Starrett


-By Elgin Traylor, Speed51.com Southeast Contributor. Photo Credit: Speed51.com

By the Numbers: Breaking Down the Summer Sizzler at New Paris