1: Patrick Emerling comes in as the points leader seeking just a good finish at the Race of Champions.  Emerling has six wins this year, but he’s never been higher than 13th in the Race of Champions. Perhaps his success this year will help produce better numbers this year. One good note for Emerling is that he won at Oswego in the spring.


3: Matt Hirschman is making a name for himself.  The second generation driver is seeking his fourth win in the last six Race of Champions events.  Hirschman also has two-runner up finishes in the Race of Champions.


S 51 TV Network red4: Tony Hirschman and George Kent are the all-time win leaders on the asphalt at the Race of Champions.  Hirschman won at Oswego and at Pocono. Kent did the same winning twice at each location.


5: Dutch Hoag was one of the best there was in the Race of Champions, but his five wins all came on the dirt.  He won five times in 15 starts. He also had three other finishes in the top three.


22: The driver in the 22 car Chuck Hossfeld is seeking his third win in the Race of Champions. Hossfeld has a total of eight podium finishes at the Race of Champions.


60: In 1977 and 1979 the Race of Champions started 60 cars in the main event.  It was not uncommon in the 80’s to see as many as 50 cars start the main race.


66: This will be the 66th year for the Race of Champions making it one of the longest continuing races in the country.


250: The race will be 250 laps.


$12,500: The winner’s share of the ROC 250.  Thus making it one of the richest races in short track racings let alone Modified.


All in the Family: Jan Leaty has run the Race of Champions event 24 times in the past.  Now the two-time winner watches his son Mike Leaty run it and looks to improve on a fifth-place finish last year. The younger Leaty family member will be making the 37th start for the family in this race.


Best of the Best: Looking at the historic names that have won this race is a list of who’s who in the Modified World.  From Richie Evans, Geoff Bodine, Ray Hendrick, Mike Stefanik, Tony Hirschman, Reggie Ruggiero, Jimmy Spencer and many others.


ROC at Chemung

2015 Matt Hirschman


ROC at Oswego

2014 Chuck Hossfeld

2013 Matt Hirschman

2012 Matt Hirschman

2011 Tony Hirschman

2010 Billy Putney

2009 Tony Hirschman

2008 Jan Leaty

2007 TJ Potrzebowski

2006 Chuck Hossfeld

2005 Eric Beers

2004 Sege Fidanza

2003 Tim Mangus

2002 George Kent

2001 George Kent

2000 Chuck Hossfeld

1999 Sege Fidanza

1998 Tony Hirschman

1997 Jan Leaty


Run at Flemington 

1996 John Blewett III

1995 Tony Siscone

1994 Bill Pauch

1993 Lenny Boyd


Run at Pocono 

1992 Satch Worley

1991 Mike Stefanik

1990 Tony Hirschman

1989 Reggie Ruggiero

1988 George Brunnhoelzl

1987 George Kent

1986 Brett Bodine

1985 Brian Ross

1984 Jimmy Spencer

1983 Greg Sacks

1982 George Kent

1981 Richie Evans

1980 Richie Evans Big Track

1979 Geoff Bodine Big Track

1978 Maynard Troyer Big Track


Run at Trenton 

1977 Maynard Troyer

1976 Ray Hendrick

1975 Fred DeSarro

1974 Richie Evans

1973 Geoff Bodine


Run at Langhorn

1972 Roger Treichler

1971 Mev Treichler

1970 Ray Hendrick

1969 Dutch Hoag

1968 Dutch Hoag

1967 Will Cagle

1966 Bill Slater


Run at Langhorn  on Dirt 

1965 Freddy Adams

1964 Dutch Hoag

1963 Frankie Schneider

1962 Freddy Adams

1961 Dutch Hoag

1960 Jim Delaney

1959 Jim Delaney

1958 Glenn Guthrie

1957 Dutch Hoag

1956 Pete Corey

1955 Frankie Schneider

1954 Ted Swaim

1953 Jim Delaney

1952 Hully Bunn


-By Elgin Traylor, Speed51.com Correspondent

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

By the Numbers: Breaking Down the Race of Champions