1: Bret Holmes has all but locked up the 2016 Pro Late Model track championship at Five Flags Speedway.  Winning early and then posting several strong runs will lead him to his first track title in Pensacola.

3: Mike Garvey is a three time winner of the Allen Turner Tune-Up 100.

6: When Bret Holmes wraps up the title it will mark six years a row with a different champion.  They include Ryan Luza, Johanna Long, Garrett Jones, Mike Garvey and DJ VanderLey.  If you stretch back to 2005 the first year of the division there have only been two repeat champions with VanderLey and Johanna Long.

pfc-anim19: Jeff Choquette has been a force this year taking four wins.  Prior to this season his last Pro Late Model race at Five Flags was in 2011 at the Snowflake 100.

20-25: The track is expecting 20-25 cars for this weekends race.  They got 38 last year so the element of surprise is always there for a large field.

100: The Allen Turner Tune Up is a 100-lap Pro Late Model race that features some of the best Pro Late Model drivers around.  It’s a tune up of the Snowflake which is run the night before the Derby.  The Flake is perhaps the most prestigious Pro Late Model race in the county with 60-80 entries each year.

2013: This so far is the only year a driver has won the Tune Up race and gone on to win the Snowflake 100.  It was Chase Elliott who won the Tune Up only once, but the Snowflake a record three times.

Also on the Card: The 2016 Pro Truck class will wrap things up the same night as the Pro Late Models. Taylor Jorgensen leads Howard Langham by seven points heading into the final night.

Battle With In the Battle: The top 10 in points are key because of the value those spots carry going into the Snowball Derby and Snowflake weekend.  If a driver does not make the race on time and they are in the top 10 in points they could qualify for a provisional.  The top half looks to be locked in, but Ronnie Osmer, Anthony Cataldi, and RS Senter are 10th, 11th and 12th and are separated by 11 points.

Allen Turner Tune Up Past Winners

2015 Derek Thorn

2014 Mike Garvey

2013 Chase Elliott

2012 Mike Garvey

2011 Brandon Bendele

2010 Mike Garvey

2009 Bubba Pollard

2008 Ryan Crane


-By Elgin Traylor – Speed51.com Contributor

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com/Bruce Nuttleman

By the Numbers: Breaking Down the Allen Turner Tune-Up at Five Flags