The Short Track U.S. Nationals at Bristol Motor Speedway is set to be one of the biggest short track racing events of the year. With more than 300 cars on the entry lists between all of the divisions, it’s a virtual who’s-who of short track racing. We decided to break down the entry lists in another edition of By the Numbers.


3: Number of classes that are scheduled to run C features.  Right now Street Stocks, Compacts and Modifeds are scheduled to run the C Mains on Saturday.


300x250 Bristol Early Bird17: Number of the 79 Pro Late Models teams that hail from the state of Michigan.


21: Number of the Super Late Model teams that are from the Tar Heel state of North Carolina.


32: Number of the 88 Modifieds teams that are from the Buckeye state of Ohio.


41: Number of the Compact cars that come from the Hoosier state of Indiana.  This is the most for any state in any class. The chances the winner could come from Indiana is 36%.


50:  Modifieds, Street Stocks and Compacts will run 50-lap feature events on Saturday night.


53: Number of Late Model Stocks entered into the Bristol event.


79: Number of Pro Late Models entered into the Bristol event.


88: Number of Modifieds entered into the Bristol event.


93: Number of Super Late Models entered into the Bristol event.


100: On Sunday the Late Model events will feature 100-lap events for the Super Late Models, Pro Late Models and the Late Model Stock Cars. There will be last-chance races earlier in the day for each of these classes.


114: Number of Vores Compacts entered into the Bristol event.


137: Number of Street Stocks entered into the Bristol event.  This division has the most by far. Of the 137, 40 come from the state of Indiana, 21 from Kentucky and 12 are from Ohio.


564: Total car count for all classes. We know there will be some changes before hand, but that’s still an impressive number.


156,990: Bristol Motor Speedway holds the record for the most people to ever watch a football game back in 2016 between Virginia Tech and Tennessee.  We think this could break the record for most fans an event for any of the classes, we just don’t have enough info to back it up.


-By Elgin Traylor, Contributor.  Photo Credit:

By the Numbers: Breaking Down Short Track U.S. Nationals Entry Lists