2018 is just four days old and already we’re just a couple days away from seeing Super Late Models take to the race track for the Red Eye 100 at Florida’s New Smyrna Speedway. It’s one of our favorite races of the year because it’s the first race of the year. With that in mind, we decided to take a closer look at the Red Eye 100 in today’s By the Numbers.


3: The last three Red Eye 100’s have gone to drivers who don’t call the state of Florida home.  Cole Anderson from Minnesota won in 2016, while in 2015 and 2017 Bubba Pollard from Georgia took the win.  The Red Eye is becoming a signature event because of how early in the season you can run. It’s not quite a national event, but eyes are watching the east coast of Florida in January.


4: Spencer Davis has four top-four finishes in the Red Eye 100.


300x250-51-network-20175: Jack Cook is the only five-time winner of the Red Eye 100. He won the first in 1984 and took his last in 1999. He won five times in 13 starts which is about a 40% winning percentage.


26: The out of town club is going to have to be on the lookout for the local 26 of Travis Cope who is a winner of everything at New Smyrna. As first reported by Speed51.com earlier in the week, Cope is looking to complete all the laps as they have not been on track for a while.  If they get back to form, then look out.


32: This will be the 32nd running of the Red Eye 100. This is annually the first Super Late Model race of the year by weeks normally.  In some years the race was run in December, but it’s been a January race since 1987.


74: Stephen Nasse has led 74 laps in three Red Eye 100’s and he has two wins.  He is one of seven drivers to have won the race more than once. In four starts he has completed all 400 laps.


100: The race is 100-laps for the Red Eye 100.


All of Them:  We can’t confirm it statistically, but David Rogers has run pretty much every single Red-Eye 100 from what we can gather.  The two-time winner has not seen much success lately as he was sixth in 2014 and eighth in 2017.  Perhaps his most recent big moment was a fire in 2013 that left him on the sidelines after six laps.  It was a scary photo, but a bright memory for the fans.


Fathers and Sons:  Dick Anderson and his son Wayne Anderson have both won this race.  The Russell family has done the same with father David Russell and son Tim Russell.


May-Day: He was second to kick off the 2017 season and then Brad May was second in Super Late Model points and he won the Pro Late Model track championship.  May is past due in the Red Eye 100 and he is still thinking about the 64 laps he led last year.


Past Winners

2017 Bubba Pollard (2)

2016 Cole Anderson

2015 Bubba Pollard

2014 Travis Cope

2013 Stephen Nasse (2)

2012 Tim Russell (2)

2011 Stephen Nasse

2010 Rich Clouser

2009 Tim Russell

2008 Not Held

2007 Not Held

2006 Mike Fritts

2005 Jeff Choquette

2004 B.J. McLeod

2003 Mike Good

2002 Justin Drawdy

2001 David Rogers (2)

2000 Wayne Anderson

1999 Jack Cook  (5)

1998 David Russell (2)

1997 Ronnie Burkett

1996 David Russell

1995 Jack Cook (4)

1994 Jack Cook (3)

1993 Randy Weaver

1992 Dick Anderson (2)

1991 Dick Anderson (1)

1990 Bruce Lawrence

1989 Not Held

1988 David Rogers

1987 Jack Cook (2)

1986 Daniel Keene

1985 Leroy Porter

1984 Jack Cook

By the Numbers: An In-Depth Look at the Red Eye 100