The Marion Edwards Memorial is one of the longest running races in the state of Florida behind the Snowball Derby and the Florida Governor’s Cup. With such a long history, we decided to take a deeper look at the 100-lap event in today’s By the Numbers.


2: No driver has won this race in two consecutive back-to-back years since 1990.


6: Larry Rogero is the only six-time winner of the race.


300x250 New Smyrna World Series 201811: David Rogers has never won the Marion Edwards Memorial race, which is amazing considering that it’s a race in Florida on the east coast.


26: Travis Cope was back behind the wheel of his Late Model at the 2018 Red-Eye 100.  Cope has not won the Edwards Memorial, but he was second in 2013.


45:  This is the 45th running of the Marion Edwards Memorial.  The race first ran in 1969 at Hialeah Speedway.


100: This year’s race will be a 100-lap race at New Smyrna Speedway.


1969: The inaugural Marion Edwards Memorial 200 was held at Hialeah in October 1969 with Bobby Brack the winner.  The race’s distance was adjusted over the years.


1985: In 1985 the race was sanctioned as an All Pro event and Gary Balough won the show.  Balough won the race three times.


2016: Brad May won the last running of the of the Marion Edwards Memorial in 2016.  The 2017 event was rained out.


RedEye Part Two?  Jeff Choquette could be back to chase another win after grabbing the Red-Eye 100 earlier in the month.  Choquette is already a winner of this race and the offseason seems to have not phased this team who was second at the Snowball Derby.


All in the Family: The Anderson family has seven wins in this race with Dick Anderson leading his son five wins to two wins.  Wayne’s sons, Ricky and Randy, have been racing over the last few years and could be contenders in this event soon.


All in the Family Part II:  David and son Tim Russell have four wins in this race.  Tim won three times from 2010 to 2015.


History:  A young Marion Edwards, Jr.  was a second-generation driver. He learned helping on his father’s cars and by the late 1960’s he was fielding his own Chevelle late model.

On July 5 Marion went to New Smyrna Speedway for a 100-lap late model event. Edwards hit the wall and the car erupted into flames and they could not get him out of the car to save his life.  The first memorial race in his honor was run that October.


Past Winners 

2017 Rained out – This weekend is the makeup

2016 Rich Clouser

2015 Tim Russell

2014 Stephen Nasse

2013 Tim Russell

2012 Rich Clouser

2011 Bobby Good

2010 Tim Russell

2009 Jeff Choquette

2008 Wayne Anderson (event moved to New Smyrna)

2004 Wayne Anderson

2003 Darryl Shelnut

2002 Joe Winchell

2001 Darryl Shelnut

2000 Mike Franklin Jr.

1999 Dick Anderson

1998 David Russell

1997 Joe Winchell

Danny Maddox

1996 Larry Rogero

1995 not run

1994 Jim McCoy

1993 Darryl Shelnut

1993 Larry Rogero (rained in 1992)

1991 Dick Anderson

1990 Darryl Shelnut

Larry Rogero

1989 Larry Rogero

1988 Joe Winchell

1987 Dick Anderson

1986 Dick Anderson

1985 Gary Balough

1984 Gary Balough

1983 Mike Eddy

1982 Tom Duckworth

1981 Tom Duckworth

Mike Borghi

1980 Bobby Coyle

Dick Anderson

1979 Larry Rogero

1978 Gary Balough

1977 Speedy Reeves

1976 Mike McCrary

1975 Larry Rogero

1974 Bobby Brack

1973 Billy Barnwell

1972 Randy Tissot

1971 Butch Sousa

1970 Randy Tissot

1969 Bobby Brack


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

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By the Numbers: An In-Depth Look at the Marion Edwards Memorial