One of the biggest races of the season comes within the first two weeks of ever year. Even with the cold temperatures, the weather can’t affect the race as it’s run inside the walls of the Tulsa Expo Center in Oklahoma. We’re talking about the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Midget Nationals, which begin on Tuesday night. In anticipation of the big event, we decided to take an in-depth look at the Chili Bowl in today’s By the Numbers.


2: Last year Christopher Bell  joined the late Bryan Clauson as the only other driver with a Golden Driller in both Tulsa Shootout Micro and Chili Bowl Midget competition.


3: Keith Kunz has won the last three races as a car owner. 


300x250-51-network-20175: Sammy Swindell is the only five-time winner of the Chili Bowl Nationals. He has 13 top-five runs and he’s back for more this year.


7: The main event has been won some seven times from the second starting spot. Christopher Bell started P2 last year and won.


12: Sammy Swindell and Dave Darland each have 12 heat wins at the Chili Bowl Nationals.


20:  J.J. Yeley is back to add to his attempts total and hopefully for him to get one in the W column.  Despite 20 tries in this event Yeley has only four top 10 runs.  His best run was a second in 2007 to Tony Stewart.


22: Kyle Larson came from 22nd to finish fifth in 2016. Passing can happen and it will during the weekend.


23: Sammy Swindell has made the A Main some 23 times.


32: This is the 32nd year for the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals presented by General Tire.


55: The main event is 55 laps in honor of Donnie Ray Crawford who was murdered the morning of the 2012 Chili Bowl main event. Crawford’s number was 55. The lap count for the main event had been 50 laps prior to 2012.


352: This year’s race has a total of 352 entries and that number is still rising.


1,535: Total number of guys who have run or tired to run the Chili Bowl Nationals by records on the The Third Turn.


Former Winners: A total of seven former winners will be on hand trying to win the race again.  They include Christopher Bell, Rico Abreu, Sammy Swindell, Damion Gardner, Tim McCreadie, Tracy Hines, and Cory Kruseman.  Don’t be surprised if other winners are hanging around in the pits.


Past Winners 

2017 Christopher Bell

2016 Rico Abreu

2015 Rico Abreu

2014 Bryan Clauson

2013 Kevin Swindell

2012 Kevin Swindell

2011 Kevin Swindell

2010 Kevin Swindell

2009 Sammy Swindell

2008 Damion Gardner

2007 Tony Stewart

2006 Tim McCreadie

2005 Tracy Hines

2004 Cory Kruseman

2003 Dan Boorse

2002 Tony Stewart

2001 Jay Drake

2000 Cory Kruseman

1999 Dan Boorse

1998 Sammy Swindell

1997 Billy Boat

1996 Sammy Swindell

1995 Donnie Beechler

1994 Andy Hillenburg

1993 Dave Blaney

1992 Sammy Swindell

1991 Lealand McSpadden

1990 John Heydenreich

1989 Sammy Swindell

1988 Scott Hatton

1987 Rich Vogler


-By Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent.  Photo Credit: WRTSpeedwerx/Burnett Photo

By the Numbers: An In-Depth Look at the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals