By the Numbers: Allen Turner Snowflake 100

The Allen Turner Snowflake 100 pits the best Pro Late Model racers in the country against one another on the eve of the Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway (FL).  To preview Saturday’s race, we take a look “By the Numbers” at the history of the event.  Fans can watch the race live on Speed51 by clicking here.


0: Despite having no previous starts in the race, eyes will be on Sammy Smith in the No. 81 Anthony Campi Racing machine.  The Campi crew won the race a year ago with Chase Purdy, and Smith was the Pro Late Model champion at Speedweeks.  That combination could be just enough for a victory on Saturday.


0: Number of times the Snowflake 100 winner has gone on to win the Snowball Derby the next day.


7: Grand American Race Cars have won seven of the last 10 Snowflake 100’s.  Six of those have come from Augie Grill and Chase Elliott, and the other came from Bubba Pollard.


12: Bubba Pollard and Augie Grill each have 12 starts in the Snowflake dating back to the first years of the race when most of the drivers came from the Georgia Asphalt Series.


12: By our count, 12 drivers are attempting to run both the Snowflake and the Snowball Derby.


30: Just like the Snowball Derby, the top 30 drivers will make this race on time.  The rest of the feature field will be determined by a Last Chance Race and provisionals.


43: The 43-car driven by Justin South is always a factor in the Snowflake 100, but he has never won the race.  The two-time pole sitter was a career-best third in 2014.


44: A total of 44 cars are on the entry list this week for the Snowflake 100.


98: The number of starts represented among the drivers on the entry list.  Bubba Pollard and Augie Grill make up five wins between the two of them.


100: The race is 100 laps for the Pro Late Models cars. There are other races that pay more than this one in the Pro Late Model ranks, but this one is considered the most prestigious.


Crafty Veterans: Mike Garvey and former Snowball Derby winner Wayne Anderson will be in the mix for the Snowflake 100.  Both have run the race in the past and should be contenders.


History Lesson: The first “official” Snowflake race was run in 1999 and it was won by Gary St. Amant.  It was not run on Derby weekend as it was an October race and it was 200 laps.


History Lesson II: The first Pro Late Model Snowball Derby was held in 2005.  By 2008, some 71 cars took time for the 100-lap race that year.


History Lesson III: The birth of the Snowflake-type race dates way back to 1983 when Rick Crawford won a 30-lap race on Saturday before the Snowball Derby. The race shifted to 50 laps and then 100 and has been for weekly cars, as well as a last chance race.


Past Snowflake 100 Winners


2018 Chase Purdy

2017 Bubba Pollard

2016 Augie Grill

2015 John Hunter Nemechek

2014 Bubba Pollard

2013 Chase Elliott

2012 Chase Elliott

2011 Augie Grill

2010 Chase Elliott

2009 Augie Grill

2008 Brandon Carlson

2007 Ryan Crane

2006 Matt Hawkins

2005 Hunter Robbins

2004 David Hole

2003 Evan Jackson

2002 Scott Carlson

2001 Stanley Smith

2000 Donald Long

1999 Gary St. Amant


Former Recent Snowflake Pole Winners


2018 By Practice Speeds

2017 Bubba Pollard

2016 John Hunter Nemechek

2015 Justin South

2014 Augie Grill

2013 Chase Elliott

2012 Justin South

2011 Bubba Pollard

2010 Hunter Robbins

2009 TJ Reaid

2008 Jason Young

2007 DJ VanderLey

2006 Korey Ruble


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Speed51 Southeast Correspondent

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By the Numbers: Allen Turner Snowflake 100