By the Numbers: 53rd Annual Redbud 400 at Anderson

The 53rd Annual Redbud 400 will be held under the lights Monday night at Anderson Speedway in Indiana.  We get you ready for the big race in this edition of “By the Numbers” on


1: The number of laps that Steve Dorer led the year he won the Redbud in 2011. Dorer passed Chase Elliott in the final turn to score the victory. Elliott never got a win at Anderson and moved onto the NASCAR Cup Series, but Dorer had the last laugh on that night.


5: The number of drivers who have won the Redbud 400 and the Snowball Derby.  The list includes: Kyle Busch, Erik Jones, Gary St. Amant, Butch Miller and Steve Wallace.


12.125: The pole time for Johnny VanDoorn during last year’s Redbud 400.  He has won the pole award the last two years at Anderson.


44: Driving car No. 44 in 1998, a future NASCAR Cup Series champion named Jimmie Johnson led 246 laps but did not win the ASA event, which was 400 laps that year. Johnson finished ninth.


51: Stephen Nasse has been getting better each time he heads to Anderson in his No. 51 machine. He led 34 laps in 2017 and has completed all 800 laps in the last two running of the Redbud 400.


400: The race is 400 laps around the tough, quarter-mile race track. Trouble happens quick and often times in bunches. The race is about survival as much as it is about speed.


723: Number of laps led by two-time Redbud 400 winner Johnny VanDoorn. He led the first 191 laps last year before finishing second.


1136: Number of laps Mike Eddy led at the Redbud / Anderson 400 event. He won the race only once in 1992.


1974: Former Daytona 500 winner Tiny Lund won the 1974 Redbud on the Anderson high banks in a 300-lap race.


1999: The last year the race was an ASA-sanctioned event. Mike Miller won the 400-lap race.


2004: The year that Canadian veteran Junior Hanley won the 300 for his only win in the big show at Anderson. In 2018, fellow Canadian Raphael Lessard added his name as an international winner.


2009: Kyle Busch won in front of a packed crowd during a mid-week show. The race was switched back to 300 laps and remained at that distance until 2017.


2014: The last year that Winchester 400 and CRA champion Travis Braden ran the Redbud 400. It was a 300-lap show when he finished second that year. He was fourth the year prior. In all, he has four top-five finishes in eight starts at Anderson.  He’ll look to improve on that number and score his first victory Monday night.


Past Winners: Some of the biggest names in racing have won the Redbud. Names like Tiny Lund, Mark Martin, Alan Kulwicki, Bob Senneker, Dick Trickle, Mike Eddy, Butch Miller, Scott Hansen, Junior Hanley, Scott Hantz and Kyle Busch.


Past Redbud/Anderson 300 or 400 Winners

2018 Raphael Lessard (400)

2017 Steve Wallace (400)

2016 Dalton Armstrong (300)

2015 Erik Jones (300)

2014 Daniel Hemric (300)

2013 Johnny VanDoorn (300)

2012 Ross Kenseth (300)

2011 Steve Dorer (300)

2010 Scott Hantz (300)

2009 Kyle Busch (300)

2008 Not Run

2007 Johnny VanDoorn (250)

2006 Jeff Lane (250)

2005 Eddie Hoffman (400)

2004 Junior Hanley (400)

2003 Bobby Parsley (400)

2002 Chet Fillip (400)

2001 Bull Baker (386 Rain)

2000 Kevin Tweedy (400)

1999 Mike Miller (400)

1998 Scott Hansen (400)

1997 Gary St. Amant (400)

1996 Kevin Cywinski (400)

1995 Bryan Reffner (400)

1994 Steve Holzhausen (400)

1993 Scott Hansen (400)

1992 Mike Eddy (400)

1991 Scott Hansen (400)

1990 Harold Fair (400)

1989 Butch Miller (400)

1988 Dick Trickle (400)

1987 Dick Trickle (400)

1986 Mark Martin (400)

1985 Mark Martin (400)

1984 Bob Senneker (400)

1983 Bob Senneker (300)

1982 Alan Kulwicki (300)

1981 Mark Martin (300)

1980 Bob Senneker (300)

1979 Rick Knotts

1978 Mark Martin

1977 Dave Watson

1976 Jerry Markara

1975 Don Higgins

1974 Tiny Lund

1973 Denny Nyari


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Stat Boy

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By the Numbers: 53rd Annual Redbud 400 at Anderson