By the Numbers: 46th Annual Oxford 250

From the heat races to the big show itself, the Oxford 250 is a game of numbers. We take a look at this year’s version of the race in this edition of “By the Numbers” on


1: Both Cassius Clark and his dad Billy Clark have started on the pole for the Oxford 250.  Now Cassius looks to add his name to the list of winners after he picked up his fifth Atlantic Cat 250 win earlier this month.


2: Bubba Pollard will seek to do what Geoff Bodine did before him, and that’s win his first two starts in the Oxford 250.  Pollard won in his first start in 2018 and he’s back to defend his win in 2019.


6: The state of New Hampshire has six Oxford 250 wins with the likes of Dave Dion, Joey Pole, Roger Brown and Wayne Helliwell, Jr.  In 2019 the Granite State will be well represented with young guns Gabe Brown, Derek Griffith, and Jeremy Davis to go along with Joey Pole and multi-time PASS champ DJ Shaw.


7: The 7G of Curtis Gerry won the Oxford 250 in 2017 and is the current track point leader in the Super Late Model class. Gerry has been strong in PASS events and weekly event making him a favorite to win Sunday.


15: This will perhaps be one of the most decorated fields in 250 history as a total of 15 former victories are accounted for this year. Here is that breakdown: Mike Rowe 3, Eddie MacDonald 2, Travis Benjamin 2, Ben Rowe 2, Scott Robbins 1, Jeremy Whorff 1, Bubba Pollard 1, Curtis Gerry 1, Glen Luce 1, and Joey Pole 1.


18: Does the draw work?  Race fans who are not aware of how the heats are set by a blind draw might wonder if they work?  Well, in the last 18 Oxford 250’s we’ve had 18 different faces on the pole.


27: A total of 27 drivers finished within one lap of the leader, with 18 being on the lead lap one year ago.  Think about that for a minute: that’s well over half the field that finished within 30 seconds of the leader after 250 green flag laps.  That is impressive.


30: It’s been 30 years since a Vermont driver has won the Oxford 250.  Enter Nick Sweet who won the last time out for the Pro All Star Series. Maybe that magic continues for the 250.


37: If he makes the field, Mike Rowe will get set to run his 37th Oxford 250.  Rowe ran the first in 1974 and most all of them in-between.  Rowe has 11 top-five runs and likely has completed close to 9,000 laps in the 250 alone.


37: Speaking of Mike Rowe, he came from 37th to win the Oxford 250 in 2005.  That is the deepest anyone has ever come from in the field to win the Oxford 250.


46: This will be the 46th running of the Oxford 250.


60: Ralph Nason was 60 years old when he won his third and final Oxford 250 in 2000.


94: Will a No. 94 land in Victory Lane in Oxford?  Garrett Hall has three top-10 runs at the 250 in the last three years with a career-best of fourth a year ago.  You also have local racer Shawn Martin in the 94 who has already won this season at OPS.


97: Joey Pole gets ready to start his 10th Oxford 250 and what a ride it’s been.  The 2012 winner has three podium runs and five top-five finishes in his first nine starts.  You could almost say he was born to drive the track at OPS.


1974: The first Oxford 250 was run in 1974 and it was won by Joey Kourafas.


1000: Reid Lanpher has completed all 1000 laps he’s run at the Oxford 250 and more importantly he has been second twice and third last year.  With three podiums he’s one of the most decorated drivers who has never won the race.


250: The race is 250 green flag laps making it one of the most exciting in the country because of distance, prestige and competition.


25,000: The winner will pocket $25,000 and the leader of each lap will get $100, which could help make for a good payday anywhere in the field.  In 2010, Brad Leighton won $18,900 in lap money alone.


Past Pole Winners

2018 Garrett Hall

2017 Cassius Clark

2016 Joey Doiron

2015 Eddie MacDonald

2014 Preston Peltier

2013 T.J. Brackett

2012 Ricky Rolfe

2011 Ben Ashline

2010 Brian Hoar

2009 Brent Dragon

2008 Scott Robbins

2007 Shaw Martin

2006 Dale Shaw (2)

2005 Stan Meserve

2004 Johnny Clark

2003 Ben Rowe

2002 Joey Bessey

2001 Gary Drew

2000 Dale Shaw

1999 Peter Shepherd

1998 Sam Sessions

1997 Jeff Taylor

1996 Larry Gelinas

1995 Dick Belisle

1994 Junior Hanley (2)

1993 Bub Bilodeau

1992 Bobby Dragon (2)

1991 Billy Clark (2)

1990 Joey Kourafas

1989 Bruce Haley

1988 Larry Pearson

1987 Billy Clark

1986 Dale Jarrett

1985 Ron Moon

1984 Rick Zemla

1983 Bobby Dragon

1982 Junior Hanley

1981 Geoff Bodine

1980 Bill Dennis

1979 Mark Malcuit

1978 Morgan Shepherd (2)

1977 Morgan Shepherd

1976 Dave Dion (2)

1975 Dave Dion

1974 Jim McCallum


Past Winners

2018 Bubba Pollard

2017 Curtis Gerry

2016 Wayne Helliwell, Jr.

2015 Glen Luce

2014 Travis Benjamin

2013 Travis Benjamin

2012 Joey Polewardczyk, Jr.

2011 Kyle Busch

2010 Eddie MacDonald

2009 Eddie MacDonald

2008 Kevin Harvick

2007 Roger Brown

2006 Jeremie Whorff

2005 Mike Rowe

2004 Ben Rowe

2003 Ben Rowe

2002 Scott Robbins

2001 Gary Drew

2000 Ralph Nason

1999 Ralph Nason

1998 Ralph Nason

1997 Mike Rowe

1996 Larry Gelinas

1995 Dave Whitlock

1994 Derek Lynch

1993 Junior Hanley

1992 Dave Dion

1991 Ricky Craven

1990 Chuck Bown

1989 Jamie Aube

1988 Dick McCabe

1987 Jamie Aube

1986 Chuck Bown

1985 Dave Dion

1984 Mike Rowe

1983 Tommy Ellis

1982 Mike Berry

1981 Geoff Bodine

1980 Geoff Bodine

1979 Tom Rosati

1978 Bob Pressley

1977 Don Beiderman

1976 Butch Lindley

1975 Dave Dion

1974 Joey Kourafas


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, National Correspondent

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By the Numbers: 46th Annual Oxford 250