By the Numbers: 40th Annual Slinger Nationals

One of the nation’s most prestigious Super Late Model races will be held this Tuesday, July 9 at Slinger Speedway.  We get you ready for the 40th Annual Slinger Nationals in this edition of By the Numbers of


6: Matt Kenseth is the king of the “Event Era” at the Slinger Nationals after having won six times in 11 starts. He has seven titles overall at Slinger.


6: The Slinger Nationals has posted six different winners in the last six races.  Only Matt Kenseth has won more then once in the past 11 years.


8: Lowell Bennett had an amazing streak from 2000 to 2007.  He won the race three times and was second three times.  Along his run, he finished fourth or better for eight straight years.


12: Only the top 12 will get locked in on time during time trials at the Slinger Nationals this year.  There will be a qualifying race that will run 30 laps and qualify four cars.  A semi-feature will follow that race and advance the top two finishers.


13: Brad Mueller will be looking to make his 13th consecutive start in the Slinger Nationals and 19th overall in the event era.  He’s one of the few drivers that can say they have been at every single event since the event was changed.


14: A total of 14 former victories will be accounted for in drivers that are scheduled to race.  Matt Kenseth (7), Rich Bickle (4), Dennis Prunty (1), Ty Majeski (1), and Bubba Pollard (1) make up the list of former winners who will be racing Tuesday night.


40: This will be the 40th running of the Slinger Nationals


51: For the first time in five years, Speed51 will be offering a live pay-per-view broadcast of the Slinger Nationals. Video tickets can be purchased today by clicking here.


200: The race is 200 laps for the Super Late Models.


400: Austin Nason could be one to watch as he’s run all 400 laps during the last two Slinger Nationals. He has finishes of ninth and fourth as he looks to make his fourth Slinger Nationals start.


1197: Steve Apel has completed every lap at the Slinger Nationals dating back to 2013.  That’s 1197 out of a possible 1197.  In that time he has posted two thirds and two fifth-place finishes.


$10,000: The Slinger Nationals pays $10,000 to the winner and $1,000 to start.


Only a Few: Lowell Bennett, Rich Bickle and Matt Kenseth are the only three drivers to have won the Slinger Nationals in the event error and the multi-race format.


Slinger Nationals Past Winners 

2018 Ty Majeski

2017 Bubba Pollard

2016 Matt Kenseth

2015 Dennis Prunty

2014 Chris Wimmer

2013 Rich Bickle

2012 Matt Kenseth

2011 Kyle Busch

2010 Lowell Bennett

2009 Matt Kenseth

2008 Matt Kenseth

2007 Lowell Bennett

2006 Matt Kenseth

2005 Nathan Haseleu

2004 Lowell Bennett

2003 Rich Bickle

2002 Matt Kenseth

2001 David Prunty

2000 Lowell Bennett

Prior to 2000 the Slinger Nationals was run under a multi event format. The champions are listed below.

1999 Conrad Morgan

1998 Tony Strupp

1997 Lowell Bennett

1996 Rich Bickle

1995 Butch Miller

1994 Matt Kenseth

1993 Joe Shear

1992 Rich Bickle

1991 Joe Shear

1990 Joe Shear

1989 Dick Trickle

1988 Butch Miller

1987 Joe Shear

1986 John Ziegler

1985 Dick Trickle

1984 Mark Martin

1983 Dick Trickle

1982 Dick Trickle

1981 Alan Kulwicki

1980 Lary Detjens


-Story by: Elgin Traylor, Southeast Correspondent

-Photo credit: photo

By the Numbers: 40th Annual Slinger Nationals