Buzze Racing Ends Stellar 2019 With Snowball Derby Victory

Buzze Racing has been on top of the oval track racing world over the course of the 2019 season, having taken part in wins on every level. Whether it be in asphalt or dirt, short tracks or NASCAR, the Mooresville, North Carolina-based company enjoyed a very successful year, which ended with a big win in the prestigious Snowball Derby with Travis Braden just over a week ago.


It has been success that father-son duo Tom and Tommy Buzze has been proud of.


“It’s been incredible, from our asphalt to our dirt,” Tommy Buzze told “We’ve won on the NASCAR side, a lot of short track wins like at Hickory Motor Speedway, All American 400, a lot of dirt races like Brandon Overton and Chris Madden. Then we capped off the year with Travis (Braden), so that was an incredible year.”


In recent years, Buzze has become one of the leaders in drivetrain sales and maintenance. Recently, they have started to use technology from a vendor involved in NASCAR and applied it to what they do in the short track racing world. That specific technology has been used by a chassis builder who used 2019 as a proving ground for the future, helping lead to numerous feature wins.


“We have our rack eyes out that the Rowdy (Manufacturing) cars have been running all year and some of our customers, they have been great,” Buzze said. “We developed a quick-change gear with Andrews Products, their stuff has been running awesome in the NASCAR stuff for years. Very efficient, very strong, great mileage on it. We took their technology and what they did with their two-profile and popped it on a quick-change gear. I think short track-wise, it’s going to be a really good gain for quick-change gears.”


The group is also known for their dependable at-track service, even helping Travis Braden repair a wrecked race car after the final practice before Snowball Derby qualifying. That kind of service ultimately led to the West Virginia driver leaving Florida with the Tom Dawson Trophy.


“We’ve used Buzze products for years, but this particular victory was pretty special” Braden said. “We had that wreck in final practice that most people know about, and they were one of the first people to come by and check on us to see if we needed anything. They built our rear end, so it was like, ‘Hey, can you check that thing really quick to see if it’s bent?’ They were quick, they were in, done, it was fixed and it really wasn’t bent so it was all good to go. That was a helpful factor in us getting ready for qualifying because we were going to be late for qualifying and potentially lose a lap, which would’ve not put us in the show. It’s a cool deal. They’re a family business and of course this racing sport is all focused around family. We’ve been proud to see them grow the past few years.”


As racers themselves, the Buzze family takes relationships with drivers such as Braden very seriously.


“Those are very important, we’re a family-run business,” Buzze said. “Relationships in this sport are huge, we’ve got relationships that we deal with that we’ve been friends and do business with for over twenty years. It’s definitely high on the list for sure.”


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-Story by: Koty Geyer, State Editor (IN/MI) – Twitter; @kgeyer3
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Buzze Racing Ends Stellar 2019 With Snowball Derby Victory