At 1:51 a.m. Saturday morning, Bud Perry took the checkered flag to win a wild Summer Sizzler at New Paris Speedway (IN).  Perry started 19th after transferring from the last chance and survived multiple cautions to win his first Sizzler.


“I knew starting in the back it was going to get hectic, and it’s getting late and guys are getting tired and antsy so I knew they were going to come out for the race and be impatient,” Perry told Powered by JEGS, “I had to miss the wrecks, which I didn’t get that done out of the gate. You just gotta miss the wrecks and buy your time and you slowly get here. I didn’t have to pass a lot of cars, and that’s just how it goes sometimes. Just buy your time and sometimes it comes to you.


“I saw we were getting closer to the front and thought, well if I get a top five, that’s respectable starting 19th. I wasn’t sure how the outside was gonna be but it wasn’t too bad. Then I restarted third on the bottom and thought I might have a chance at this. You just gotta keep digging and keep poking away and sometimes you get a gift.”


Jack Landis finished second for the third year in a row despite lacking a right front fender at the conclusion of the race.


“Well I can’t say it was uneventful, because it was. There was stuff happening everywhere,” Landis recalled. “I might’ve missed half the wrecks but I was in the other half, just nowhere to go.  I don’t think I was the cause of them but looking at my car you might wanna say I was the cause of one or two of them. Just hard racing. Little place, little track, little contact.”


Adam Terry used a provisional to come home third after starting 21st.


“I think it’s the first one I’ve finished one of these so I’m happy about finishing third, it’s just a major bonus,” Terry stated. “We struggled to find speed in practice. We gained on handling but still couldn’t find speed in qualifying but we showed we had a decent car during the race in the long run. I don’t even think I passed three cars all race.”


Originally scheduled to start at 9:00 p.m. Thursday night, the race finally went green at 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning with the help of track crews and local drivers in their street cars drying off the track after a rain shower. Andy Bozell led the first handful of laps before Donny Klotz took the lead on the outside after a restart. He would lead until Lap 83 when a slew of cautions changed the race completely.


The first restart saw JR Roahrig take the lead on the outside before losing control on the back stretch and hitting the wall, ending his night. Then on the next restart, Bozell and Klotz made contact going into turn one, spinning out in front of the field. Bud Perry inherited the lead and held off Landis for the win.  Four-time Summer Sizzler winner Tyler Roahrig finished 14th.


The next race in the Sweet Manufacturing Outlaw Late Model Series is Wednesday night at Kalamazoo Speedway for the Kalamazoo Klash featuring Kyle Busch.  Race fans can watch that race live via a pay-per-view broadcast on


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-By Koty Geyer, Midwest Correspondent

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Summer Sizzler Unofficial Results

New Paris Speedway (IN) – August 4, 2017

1 10p Bud Perry
2 10 Jack Landis
3 4 Adam Terry
4 9 Jason Timmerman
5 5 Jeff Ganus
6 8 Phil Bozell
7 16 Austin Maynard
8 27 Corey Ryman
9 83 Andy Bozell
10 56 Brian Bergakker
11 40 Donny Klotz III
12 9w Kenny Whitman
13 25 JR Roahrig
14 24 Tyler Roahrig
15 101 Craig Everage
16 98 Steve Dorer
17 22 Rich Boal
18 18 Steve Needles
19 89 Brian Ross
20 9tk TK Whitman
21 24s Kevin Sauer
22 7 Justin Claucherty
23 95 Steve Stacy

Perry ‘Gets a Gift’ in Summer Sizzler at New Paris