Throughout the five days of the 51st Annual Snowball Derby, many drivers and race teams faced adversity.  It is how people deal with that adversity that ultimately helps determine their performance.


Each year, hands out the Hal Goodson Award to a “Tough Guy” to acknowledge someone who overcomes adversity during the Snowball Derby.


Bryant (left) and a member of his staff work to stop the weeping issue before the 51st Snowball Derby. ( photo)

This year, Five Flags Speedway was tested like it’s never been tested before. Torrential rain began to pour down on Pensacola, Florida on Friday night right before the Modifieds of Mayhem feature was about to begin. It didn’t stop raining until the early morning hours on Derby Day itself, washing out Friday’s Modified race and Saturday’s Allen Turner Snowflake 100 and the Pro Truck feature.


Despite the torrential downpours that flooded different areas of the facility, the Pensacola race track was ready to host the 51st Annual Snowball Derby on Sunday.


None of that would have been possible without the round-the-clock effort put in by promoter Tim Bryant and the staff at Five Flags Speedway.


As a result, the Hal Goodson Tough Guy Award recipient for 2018 is Tim Bryant and the staff at Five Flags Speedway.


Bryant joins current race director Dan Spence as one of only two non-drivers to win the Hal Goodson Award since its inception in 2002.


-Story and Photo by Staff

Bryant Wins Hal Goodson Award for Snowball Derby Efforts