(Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC) Tim Brown won last year’s championship at Bowman Gray Stadium. He’s taken every pole so far in 2016. But it had been almost a year since the 10-time champ had celebrated in Winner’s Circle.


Brown broke that streak on Saturday, taking the victory in the first 25-lapper for the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series.


One of the strengths of Tim Brown’s team has been their 2016 qualifying performance, and Brown was able to continue his dominance in time trials. He started on the pole after turning the fastest lap.


But at the Stadium, a car that qualifies well doesn’t necessarily perform well in race conditions – and Brown had to work to keep his machine ahead of Burt Myers of Walnut Cove. Myers delivered some stout shots to the bumper of Brown but was unable to shake him.


“I’ll be honest: the car was fast, but it didn’t drive well,” said Brown. “It was getting into the turn – and if Burt would’ve hit me just a little bit harder, he would’ve passed me.”


Myers finished right on his bumper in second, with Brandon Ward of Winston-Salem taking third.


The “Madhouse Scramble” draw put Jason Myers of Walnut Cove on the pole for the start of the second race. The younger of the Myers brothers dominated Victory Lane last season, and a little luck from the draw helped him get in position to take the win on Saturday.


“I rubbed my wife’s stomach last year when she was pregnant,” said Myers, who continued his good luck ritual now that his son has been born. “Before I left the house tonight, I rubbed his head.”


Last season, Jason Myers had the fastest lap of the season and 10 poles – more than any other competitor in 2015. However, Myers’s qualifying has suffered this season. He started 11th in the first race and climbed up to eighth.


Starting on the pole for the second race, he led every lap to take the checkered.


“After qualifying 11th in a 25-lapper, I tell you it’s pretty awesome to come out with a win tonight,” said Myers. “It’s tough, because our car is really good in practice. It’s just that qualifying is a little off.”


John Smith of Mount Airy was able to apply some pressure to Myers, but Smith had to settle for a second place finish. Dean Ward of Winston-Salem finished third.


The Yates Grading and Paving Sportsman Series had a huge event for them on Saturday – the Whelen Sportsman 100.


Michael Adams of Yadkinville was the fastest qualifier, but second-fastest Tommy Neal of Walkertown drew the pole after the top six qualifiers drew for position. Neal had to fight on the initial start plus six double-file restarts,


battling off outside-row challenges from Michael Adams, Taylor Branch of Lewisville, John Holleman of Winston-Salem, Noah Triplett of Lexington, and Michael Tilley of Winston-Salem.


Neal held strong to take the checkered. But behind him raged a wild battle between Zack Clifton of Walkertown, John Holleman, and Michael Adams. Aggressive racing left some cars damaged and some tempers triggered, but Neal was able to steer clear of it all.


Noah Triplett avoided the carnage to take second, with Ryan Robertson of Winston-Salem coming in third.


The Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series competed in the Whelen Street Stock 50, their longest race of the season. Taylor Robbins of Winston-Salem came back fresh off the heels of winning in the previous event to drive the


fastest qualifying lap for the Street Stock cars. A redraw put Spencer Martin of Winston-Salem on the pole.


Martin crossed the finish line first but was disqualified after failing post-race technical inspection. Blake Shupe of Mount Airy was declared the victor.


In the McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stock Series, Randy McElveen of Winston-Salem and Wesley Thompson of Advance each won a 15-lapper.


-Bowman Gray Stadium Press Release. Photo credit: Eric Hylton Photography


Race Results

Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series
1st Modified Race: 25 laps

1       83      Tim Brown       Tobaccoville, NC
2       1       Burt Myers      Walnut Cove, NC
3       04      Brandon Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
4       50      Michael Clifton Walkertown, NC
5       77      Lee Jeffreys    Winston-Salem, NC
6       71      Dean Ward       Winston-Salem, NC
7       53      John Smith      Mount Airy, NC
8       4       Jason Myers     Walnut Cove, NC
9       5       Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
10      2       Joseph Brown    Lewisville, NC
11      79      David Calabrese Toms River, NJ
12      22      Jonathan Brown  Winston-Salem, NC
13      66      Ronnie Clifton  Walkertown, NC
14      27      Joe Ryan Osborne        Kannapolis,NC
15      76      Scott Gordon    Lewisville, NC
16      87      Mike Speeney    King, NC
17      18      Daniel Yates    Lexington, NC
18      16      William Smith   Mount Airy, NC
19      40      Chris Fleming   Mount Airy, NC
20      01      Jimmy Wallace   Winston-Salem, NC


2nd Modified Race: 25 laps

1       4       Jason Myers     Walnut Cove, NC
2       53      John Smith      Mount Airy, NC
3       71      Dean Ward       Winston-Salem, NC
4       77      Lee Jeffreys    Winston-Salem, NC
5       83      Tim Brown       Tobaccoville, NC
6       50      Michael Clifton Walkertown, NC
7       1       Burt Myers      Walnut Cove, NC
8       2       Joseph Brown    Lewisville, NC
9       5       Randy Butner    Pfafftown, NC
10      79      David Calabrese Toms River, NJ
11      66      Ronnie Clifton  Walkertown, NC
12      76      Scott Gordon    Lewisville, NC
13      87      Brandon Ward    Winston-Salem, NC
14      40      Chris Fleming   Mount Airy, NC
15      18      Daniel Yates    Lexington, NC
16      27      Joe Ryan Osborne        Kannapolis,NC
17      22      Jonathan Brown  Winston-Salem, NC
18      16      William Smith   Mount Airy, NC
19      01      Jimmy Wallace   Winston-Salem, NC


Yates Grading & Paving Sportsman Series
Whelen Sportsman 100: 100 laps completed

1       21      Tommy Neal      Rural Hall, NC
2       70      Noah Triplett   Lexington, NC
3       31      Ryan Robertson  Winston-Salem, NC
4       26      Michael Tilley  Winston-Salem, NC
5       40      Jordan Fleming  Mount Airy, NC
6       7       Dylan Ward      Winston-Salem, NC
7       81      Zack Clifton    Belews Creek, NC
8       4       John Holleman   Winston-Salem, NC
9       3       Jeff Garrison   Clemmons, NC
10      0       Michael Adams   Yadkinville, NC
11      22      Kevin Neal      Walkertown, NC
12      68      Robbie Brewer   Winston-Salem, NC
13      86      Taylor Branch   Lewisville, NC
14      11      Wayne Hill      Winston-Salem, NC
15      19      Rob Dixon       Winston-Salem, NC
16      92      Kyle Southern   King, NC
17      28      Billy Gregg     Lexington, NC
18      14      Les Miranda     Manassas, VA
19      12      Justin Taylor   King, NC
20      55      Zack Ore        Winston-Salem, NC
21      41      Terry Thompson  Winston-Salem, NC


Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series
Whelen Street Stock 50: 50 laps completed

1       30      Blake Shupe     Mount Airy, NC
2       22      Brian Wall      Lexington, NC
3       20      Derrick Rice    Kernersville, NC
4       0       Kirk Sheets     Hornytown, NC
5       7       Jamie Byrd      Mount Airy, NC
6       50      Austin Edwards  Winston-Salem, NC
7       16      Brad Lewis      Winston-Salem, NC
8       81      Robert Lawson   Winston-Salem, NC
9       69      Gerald Robinson Jr      Winston-Salem, NC
10      9       Darren Cotner   King, NC
11      24      Chris Thomas    East Bend, NC
12      19      Tommy Zachary   Yadkinville, NC
13      49      Phillip Jones   Lexington, NC
14      40      Taylor Robbins  Winston-Salem, NC
15      13      Kevin Gilbert   Mocksville, NC
16      10      Zach Linville   Kernersville, NC
17      1       Jasper Sumner   Trinity, NC
18      14      Aaron Hylton    Kernersville, NC
19      17      Jeremiah Simonis        Germanton, NC
20      29      Bradley Potts   Clemmons, NC
21      58      Berry Edwards   Winston-Salem, NC
22      94      Jeffery Wood    Winston-Salem, NC
23      52      Fletcher Whaley Advance, NC


McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stock Series
1st Stadium Stock Race: 13 of 15 laps completed (race ended early due to time limit expiration)

1       77      Randy McElveen  Winston-Salem, NC
2       62      Kevin Hedgecock Thomasville, NC
3       29      Cody Arrington  Mount Airy, NC
4       71      Auston McElveen Winston-Salem, NC
5       91      Coty Crews      Greensboro, NC
6       17      Andy Southern   Lexington, NC
7       10      David Hopkins   Winston-Salem, NC
8       09      Tim Evans       Clemmons, NC
9       27      Austin Cates    Tobaccoville, NC
10      14      Ken Bridges     King, NC
11      88      Ronnie Cranfill Mocksville, NC
12      90      Robert Strmiska Lexington, NC
13      38      Christian Joyce Winston-Salem, NC
14      7       Barry Wilson    Stokesdale, NC
15      81      Chuck Wall      Lexington, NC


2nd Stadium Stock Race: 7 of 15 laps (race ended early due to time limit expiration)

1       02      Wesley Thompson Advance, NC
2       76      Billy Cameron Jr        Salisbury, NC
3       8       Shane Southard  Yadkinville, NC
4       49      P-Nut Vernon    Walkertown, NC
5       97      Bryan Sykes     Lexington, NC
6       24      A.J. Sanders    Mocksville, NC
7       30      Stephen Sanders Lexington, NC
8       83      Shane Tuttle    Tobaccoville, NC
9       06      Derek Sheets    Walkertown, NC
10      31      Zack Staley     Lexington, NC
11      22      Adam Thomas     Winston-Salem, NC
12      0       Carlos Clifton  Germanton, NC
13      6       Dale Patterson  Winston-Salem, NC
14      54      Justin Owens    Walnut Cove, NC
15      99      Dustin McClure  Mooresville, NC
16      48      Junior Smith    Lexington, NC
17      68      Tyler Bush      Clemmons, NC
18      40      Brandon Brendle Winston-Salem, N

Brown, Myers Split Modified Wins at Bowman Gray