After further inspection Saturday morning at New Smyrna Speedway, competition director Ricky Brooks confirmed that the engine underneath the hood of Jeremy Miller’s Pro Late Model was 100-percent compliant following his victory Friday night.  However, Brooks has informed that the rev limiter on the No. 5 Pro Late Model will be adjusted for night two of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.


On Friday evening, Brooks explained that Miller’s Pro Late Model was utilizing a different engine-rev limiter combination as a regular in the Big 8 Late Model Series based in the Upper Midwest.  The rule regarding that combination had been in place for several years, but had not been an issue until Friday night.


“The Big 8 motors have run Speedweeks for at least five years,” Brooks told Speed51 on Friday.  “They’ve never been in the caliber of a team of Jeremy Miller and who is with him this weekend.  We’ve never seen the potential of that built motor.  It runs flawlessly with the Big 8 Series against crates.  They don’t have it on an RPM chip like I do.”


After further, closer inspection on Saturday morning at the speedway, Brooks confirmed that Miller’s engine was legal.  However, he noted that, per the rulebook, he can adjust rev limiters as necessary.  As such, Miller’s rev limiter will be adjusted from 7,000 RPM to 6,800 RPM for Saturday’s feature.


“Last night, he was 100 percent legal by the rulebook,” Brooks reiterated on Saturday.  “I have in the rulebook that I will adjust the chip if I need to.  I went one step further and had him bring it down this morning, we pumped and whistled the motor and checked what I can check on it.  He is 100 percent to the rulebook.


“I am rolling his chip back tonight to where it is in the [Deegan] car, for starters,” Brooks added.  “I’m going to look at it in practice, and if I need to adjust it again, I’ll look at it before the race.”


Miller was content to comply with Brooks’ request for further engine inspection and is ready to get back on track Saturday night.


“He just wanted to pump and whistle the motor,” Miller explained.  “There’s been some guys complaining, and he wanted to make sure we were legal.  We went through it all, everything’s legal, and we’re ready to go for tonight.”


Miller admitted he wasn’t terribly familiar with how the engine-rev limiter combination came about in its original writing of the rulebook but was fine with the adjustment.


“It’s 6800, compared to seven-grand,” Miller said.  “I don’t really know why the rulebook said seven-grand, but he’s going to go with 6800.  I’m fine with that.  We’ll see how it runs tonight.  I guess if we’re stuck in traffic and we can’t get anywhere, we’ll adjust again.”


Since-deleted tweets by Friday’s runner-up, Hailie Deegan, drew considerable attention to Miller’s engine-rev limiter combination after the race.  Miller also had no issues with such remarks, from Deegan or from other competitors.  As a 39-year-old veteran, it’s not the first time he’s faced such issues.


“I’ve been racing long enough, I’ve heard it all,” Miller said.  “It don’t matter.”


Deegan, along with her father Brian, chalked Friday night up as a learning experience – on and off the track.


“That race was a practice race,” Hailie Deegan explained.  “That was practice for my K&N car.  I’m focused on my K&N car.”


“The bottom line with the whole deal is, the crew told us one thing, she went off what the crew said,” explained Brian Deegan.  “The rules are the rules, right?  We’re just learning.  She had a great race last night.


“At the end of the day, we’re just here to have fun,” added Brian Deegan.  “The Jett Racing guys are super cool.  We got to tech, and the guys were like, ‘Hey, it’s a different chip, this and that.’  We didn’t do our research into it.  At the end of the day, the rules are the rules.  It’s cool.  We’ll race again on Monday, race again on Friday.  We respect the tech here and all the series and staff.  Hailie’s here to learn.”


The Pro Late Models will once again be in action Saturday during night number two of the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.  Race fans can find updates, photos and more throughout the day in’s Trackside Now coverage.


-Story by Zach Evans, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

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Brooks Confirms Miller’s Engine is Legal, Makes Adjustment