Ann Young has a vision.  The promoter of Bronson Speedway (FL) wants to see an event at her track serve as a kickoff to Florida Speedweeks for Tour-type Modifieds.  For the second straight year, Bronson will host the “Kickoff to Speedweeks” event featuring a 50-lap, $2,000-to-win race for the ground-pounding Modifieds.


“My goal as the track owner is to really wet the whistle of the Tour-type Modifieds coming down, to give them another venue to go to in addition to New Smyrna,” Young told “I want to give them as big of a payout that I can afford, although I did just pick up another $500 sponsor.  I just want to get the purse up and the word out.”


One year ago, the inaugural event saw six Tour-type Modified teams show up to compete.  While that’s not a number that would blow anyone away, they were still able to put on a show for the fans in attendance.


“I only had six last year but the six that I had, I’ve gotta tell you they put on a hell of a show,” Young stated.  “I believe all of those guys are going to be back.  I’m really excited.  I think it’s going to turn out to be something that’s going to be a lot of fun for the drivers.”


All six drivers who competed in last year’s race left the track that night saying that they had tons of fun and hoped to be back in 2017.  Specifically, race winner Ryan Preece was boisterous about his hope for more teams to support the event because of how fun it was.


“I hope next year that more guys come,” Preece said after the race last February.  “Because honestly this was a cool event. Really great staff. Really great to race and work with and I really enjoyed being here.”


Young described the track as a “little Bristol,” stating that drivers have no time to take a break during a 50-lap feature.


“I’m not fond of 100 laps or 200 laps, I just don’t think the fan of today is as interested in that,” she said.  “At Bronson, I want them up on the wheel the whole time.  For 50 laps at Bronson, there’s no time to lay back and wait.  You’re either going to go for it or you’re going to finish last.”


Thus far, Young explained that the interest in this year’s race seems to be much higher than last year’s inaugural event.  She contributes that to earning the trust of racers and fans, as well as earning “seat time” as a promoter.


“I’m finding the longer I own Bronson Speedway that owning a track is a lot like getting into a race car for the first time,” Young stated.  “You’ve got to have seat time.  The people have to really believe the track is still open and getting better and better and better.  You have to prove that you’re not just kidding around.”


Bronson Speedway will continue a relationship with New Smyrna Speedway for this year’s event, with the winner of the “Kickoff to Speedweeks” race earning a fifth-place starting spot in the Richie Evans Memorial at New Smyrna.


“I’m looking forward to developing that relationship with New Smyrna and trying to get people to say, ‘I’m going to New Smyrna, so let’s stop at Bronson on the way.’”


For more information on the “Kickoff to Speedweeks,” visit the Bronson Speedway Facebook page by clicking here.


-Story by: Brandon Paul, Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

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Bronson Hoping to Wet the Whistle for Tour-type Modifieds