With the second round of the 2018 Show Me the Money Pro Late Model Series already upon us this Saturday at Montgomery Motor Speedway, there are many still talking about the dominating performance displayed by Giovanni Bromante back in March. In that race, the 14-year-old rising talent from Long Island shocked the field by coming from the last row to score his first Pro Late Model win of 2018.


While some heavy hitters also suffered some woes, it did not diminish the success in any way in the eyes of both the fans and the No. 81 Anthony Campi Racing team. In fact, it has only motivated the Lattingtown, NY driver even more to prove himself once again.


“It was pretty cool passing Casey (Roderick) and getting by everyone. Most of those guys have raced there so many times, so to go there and just win was pretty crazy,” Bromante told Speed51.com. “I know some guys broke during that race, but now I get the opportunity to race them again and see what I got for them this time.”


While he hopes for no post-qualifying trouble this time around, he’s confident that he could also come from the back to front once again as well.


“If I had to come from the back, I think I can do it again,” he said confidently.  “I’ve got the same spotter.  I don’t want to, but if I had to I know I can do it.”


Bromante’s performance at Montgomery was not just a product of rookie luck.  Despite his short career, he has a full season underneath him and the right team to get the job done.


“It’s one of my favorite tracks. I feel like we have really good speed there and we put on a great show every time we go there,” Bromante said.  “I’ve been there a number of times, but the last time was the first with Anthony Campi. I’m in good equipment now so I’m really excited to get back there.”


Despite this being just the first full season together with Campi, Bromante feels that the owner/driver combination has made a huge difference already in his development as a driver.


“He’s not only a great teacher but he can hop in the car and see how it feels,” Bromante explained.  “He can see if it’s an issue with the car or with me driving the track. It’s great that he has the driver experience that a lot of other teams don’t have.”


Like all drivers, Bromante wants to win every race he enters, but before the season he set a more realistic set of goals, based around learning the ropes of Late Model racing.  His win at Montgomery and the win that followed at Watermelon Capital Speedway (GA) have exceeded even his best expectations.


“We were not expecting to get a win at Montgomery or Cordele. I started from the back and wanted like a top five, nothing special, just to learn. We didn’t have a great experience at Speedweeks.  I just wanted to keep the car in one piece but I was patient, got up there, and held on to win.”


Brimming with confidence and youthful enthusiasm, Bromante’s personal goals are still exactly the same heading into Saturday as they were back in January.


“Nothing’s changed,” he stated.  “I still have a lot to learn. Sure, I’ve won two races this season, but there is still a lot to get around to. Just going to keep going for solid finishes this year.”


Speed51.com will have Trackside Now coverage of the “Disturbing the Peace 125” at Montgomery Motor Speedway this Saturday.


-By: Connor Sullivan, Speed51.com Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

Bromante Prepared to Prove Himself Again at Montgomery