Speed51 TV: 2018 US Nationals – Bristol Motor Speedway – Bristol (TN)

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Broadcast Scheduled Start Times:
Friday: 5pm / Saturday: 4:30pm / Sunday: 12:00pm

Sunday Sunday May 20, 2018
$24.99 May 20, 2018
10% Discount to Yearly Paid Members: $22.49
Sunday Only Video of the 2nd annual Short Track US Nationals from Bristol Motor Speedway (TN).
Saturday Saturday May 19, 2018
$24.99 May 19, 2018
10% Discount to Yearly Paid Members: $22.49
Saturday Only Video of the 2nd annual Short Track US Nationals from Bristol Motor Speedway (TN).
Friday Friday May 18, 2018
$24.99 May 18, 2018
10% Discount to Yearly Paid Members: $22.49
Friday Only Video of the 2nd annual Short Track US Nationals from Bristol Motor Speedway (TN).

Live Video Help/Terms & Conditions (click to open)

Please make sure your computer/mobile device meet the suggested requirements for a quality streaming experience.

- Computer: 2.33GHz Dual Core processor with 512MB of RAM and 64MB of graphics memory

- Operating System: Windows 7 or higher OR Apple Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6) or higher

- Adobe Flash: Minimum 11.1, recommend the latest. Check for latest Flash version here

- Broadband Internet Connection: We recommend downstream bandwidth of at least 15.0 Mbps for a smooth playback experience. Test your downstream bandwidth at Once there, click on the Begin Test button.

- iPad, iPhone: Minimum iOS 5.0 or higher with WiFi or 4G LTE connection, 3G signal not strong enough to stream smoothly.

- Android: Recommend 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher, must be minimum 2.3 (Gingerbread) with WiFi or 4G LTE connection, 3G signal not strong enough to stream smoothly.

- Smart TV: Most Smart TVs are compatible with broadcast, but 51 TV does not offer tech support for Smart TVs due to the large number of different brands/models/equipment.

- Browser: Latest version of your web browser, we recommend Firefox or Chrome. (DVR function is not currently available for Safari.)

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1. What speed Internet Connection do I need to have?

2. What Browsers and/or devices are supported for Live Video and On-Demand Event Replays?

3. Why am I getting a 404 Error or Spinning Wheel with the 51 TV logo behind it?

4. What do I do if the video is choppy, not smooth or buffering?

5. What computer requirements do I need?

6. What do I do if my audio is not working?

7. What if there is a rain-out for a Live PPV Broadcast?

8. What does a blank black box or a "no playable sources" error mean?

1. What speed Internet connection do I need to have?

  • You CANNOT view any LIVE PPV broadcasts on Dial-Up. You need a Cable, DSL, Fiber, T1 or High Speed Satellite* connection.
  • Mobile (cell) connection needs a solid 4G LTE signal. Video will likely buffer on a 3G connection. Bouncing between 3G and 4G will cause video playback issues as well
  • We recommend a constant 15.0 Mbps download speed minimum connection on your end.
  • To test your home connection speed, please use one of the following sites: SpeedTest or SpeakEasy. Speed tests should be conducted multiple times to ensure an average reading.

* For Satellite connections, please check with your provider as some services limit your daily bandwidth transfer, so streaming a broadcast for 4+ hours might exceed your limit.

2. What browsers and/or devices are supported for Live Video and On-Demand Highlights

  • Browsers: Firefox, Chrome are preferred. Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (IE 8 or higher) also acceptable. DVR function does not work in Safari.
  • Mobile: All iOS devices including iPhones and iPads + all Andriod devices including phones and tablets.
  • Not Formally Supported (but should work and has for most): Smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Wii, Playstation and similar systems. Though we know of many who use these systems with success to watch our video, we do not offer support for these systems because their Flash plugins are not always the same as main browsers (Firefox, etc) or might be a few versions behind, thus not providing the most up-to-date experience possible. Use these systems at your own risk.

3. Why am I getting a 404 Error or Spinning Wheel with the 51 TV Logo Behind Them?

This error code is displayed before the live broadcast begins. Once the stream begins at the advertised start time for each event, users will need to refresh the window to be able to view the live content.

4. What do I do if the video is choppy, not smooth or buffering?

Since this is the Internet, choppy video can happen from time to time, but it should not stay that way for any long period of time. If it does please try the following.

  • Make sure you have enough down speed bandwidth with your home/office Internet provider. Minimum requirement is 5.0 Mbps (5000 Kbps).
  • If you are unsure of your Internet connection speed, please refer to Item 1 on this page for ways to test your speed.
  • If you are sure of what your Internet Speed package is with your provider, Test your speed anyway (see Item 1 on this page) and make sure your connection is still strong and that there is not any outages/interruptions with your local service provider.
  • WiFi connections can sometimes cause this as they are not as reliable as a hard line (Ethernet) connection and will experience more fluctuation in speed over a period of time.
  • Any other users/computers on the same Internet connection can draw speed away from your broadcast. Especially if another user is streaming video, downloading files or music, etc.
  • Try to Refresh/Reload the page by forcing it to go out to the server to bring the page back in (not cached). Do this by holding the Shift key and clicking the Refresh/Reload button in your browser.
  • Clear browser cache, close down your browser, re-launch the browser, re-login to and try the video again.
  • Try another browser. Internet Explorer (IE) has always been the browser that is behind and seems to need to most support, not just for live video, EVERYTHING. So we recommend Firefox and Chrome over IE, but with that said, our video has been tested in ALL browsers including iOS and Andriod devices.
  • and Speed51 TV are not liable for a subpar streaming experience due to slow internet speeds and/or user-end internet issues.

5. What computer requirements do I need?

  • Smooth video playback requires minimum Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent with latest version of Flash. Minimum 64mb video RAM suggested.
  • We recommend the latest version of Flash, but the video will stream fine on Flash version 10.5 or higher.
  • Full screen viewing provides a nice experience but require more computer processing power. Intel Dual Core or equivalent suggested for smooth full screen playback.
  • Non-Intel Macintosh Computers and First generation Netbook computers using Atom processors may have insufficient processing power to view even our Base Player smoothly.

You can download the latest Flash version here: Adobe Flash Player

As with all computing tasks, eliminating unnecessary running apps will free up processing power and provide for a better viewing experience.

6. What do I do if my audio is not working?

  • 1st basic step, make sure your speakers are turned on and make sure the volume is up.
  • Test your computer's audio by playing another audio file, like a music file.
  • Check/Test your sound by going to Start --> Control Panel --> Sounds and Audio Devices. Under the Volume tab make sure Mute is not checked and that the volume scroll is somewhere in the middle. Test a sound by clicking on the Sounds tab then choosing a sound file like Default Beep and click the play arrow below.
  • If you are connecting your computer to a TV, make sure you have the audio cables connected and run properly to the right inputs.
  • Clear browser cache and then close down your browser completely. Then re-launch the browser, re-login to and try the Live TV Events video page again and see if audio has now kicked in.

7. What if there is a rain-out for a Live PPV Broadcast?

The PPV live broadcast is handled exactly as if you were at the track. If the track calls it a rain-out before it is an official race, we will offer all that paid a rain check for a make-up event (provided 51 TV is able to broadcast the make-up. Due to scheduling conflicts already in place, it may not always be possible for 51 TV to broadcast the make-up event.  51 is not liable for refunds or credits if user can not tune in on make-up date or if other conflicts prevent a make-up broadcast). If inclement weather comes and/or it is considered an official race by the track, then it is an official race with the PPV broadcast as well.  Also, if weather or other conditions force an alteration of the event schedule (two-day event made into a one-day event, for example), refunds or credits for the impacted days are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of 51 TV and/or event promoter.

8. What does a black box or "no playable sources" error mean?

As of October 2015, a Flash update has caused some Android-based Samsung mobile device and tablet users to have difficulty viewing streaming software such as Speed51 TV's. Please try to use the Default Android browser and then in the settings for the default browser, choose Desktop Mode.

Live Streaming FAQ's

Live Streaming FAQ


What device can I stream on? 


All iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, and all Android devices, including phones and tablets should work.


For best results, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers when possible.  Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (8 or higher) should all be compatible as well. 

We do not provide support for AppleTV, Roku, Chromecast, Wii, PlayStation and similar systems, however many users utilize these platforms with no issues.  Use these systems at your own risk, as the non-updated Flash versions may not be compatible with the latest streaming software.


What internet strength do I need to have before purchasing the pay-per-view ticket?


Mobile (cellular) connections need a solid 4G LTE signal.  Most will not stream smoothly with a 3G connection (buffering may occur) and if there is back-and-forth between 3G and 4G signals, video playback may occur.  A download speed of > 15 mbps is recommended. You can test your signal strength here: speedtest.netor


A direct cable/DSL/fiber connection is preferred.  If you have a borderline speed for streaming, it is recommended that you move as close to your router as possible on a wireless connection and shut down anything else taking up bandwidth.


Can I watch live events using multiple devices? 


No. You must log out of a device if you would like to access the ticket by logging into a second device.


What is your refund policy?


We strive to be fair, and in doing so, have created a Terms of Service section that must be read before purchasing a membership or PPV ticket.  A refund request may be sent to [email protected] after all efforts have been made utilizing customer care services before/during the event. 


I will not be able to watch the PPV live.  Will I be able to access it later?


Yes, you will have access to the on-demand replay of each PPV event purchased under your account.  Most replays are posted within a day. 


The player page will not load. What is the issue?


After you have logged in to your account and purchased the event (or if you have purchased the Premium membership and are trying to view an included live event) click on the “watch live now’ top story or green button on player page once the event has started. 

  • A direct high-speed/cable connection is much preferred for a better quality stream
  • If using WiFi, ensure that there is a strong enough connection for a smooth stream
  • Ensure that there are no ad-blockers installed
  • Ensure that there are no firewalls installed to protect against streaming
  • Older versions of web browsers are sometimes not compatible with the latest streaming software. Please ensure that your browsers are up-to-date. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are preferred although other may browsers may work.
  • Clear your cache and re-load browser

If problems persist after you have tried these tips, please email[email protected]or [email protected]during the live events.


The player loaded, but the picture is buffering/fuzzy/choppy.  What is the issue?


In general terms, this is usually related to the quality of the internet strength. 

- Mobile (cellular) connections need a solid 4G LTE signal.  Most will not stream smoothly with a 3G connection and buffering, pixelating may occur


A direct (cable) connection usually has a better quality with higher definition than a wireless connection. If speeds on wireless register as “ample” (over 15 mbps) but you still experience buffering or pixelating, try moving closer to the router (even a room or two away can make a difference) or shut down the other programs that may be taking up a lot of bandwidth.  If problems persist, please contact live customer care at [email protected]or [email protected]during the live events.


Can the PPV streams or video library be found on Apple TV or Roku devices?


At this time, we do not offer video through these devices.