It had been a long time since Logan Boyett had won a race. Seven and a half years, to be more precise. For a long while, Boyett wondered if he’d ever get back to victory lane. There was also a time when Boyett wondered if he’d even be able to just race. But on Sunday, the Pensacola, Florida native found his way back to victory lane at his home track of Five Flags Speedway in a Pro Truck.


The home of the Snowball Derby ran two 25-lap Pro Truck features at their season opener on Sunday afternoon. Boyett finished second to Colt James in the first feature before winning the second race with James just behind. The two features were just the second and third races for Boyett in a Pro Truck.


But the journey to Five Flags’ victory lane began before the green flag on Sunday for Boyett. It began long before he first climbed into a Pro Truck in December for the Snowball Derby. It began at Mobile International Speedway in Alabama, about an hour down the road from Five Flags.


Boyett can’t really remember the year, but he remembers the crash.


“We qualified fifth and got hooked in the right rear on the first lap,” Boyett recalled. “The nose of the car was angled towards turn four of the pits and I got hit on the driver’s side about even with where my knees would be. It broke Dale Little’s back when he hit me. It broke the water pump on the motor he hit me so hard. It tore up the entire car.”


When looking at 51’s The Third Turn, you’ll see that the race was the 2012 Superseal 150. Boyett, Dale Little and Dennis Schoenfeld crashed on the first lap of the race. Boyett was credited with a 22nd-place finish that day, but the result of the crash was much worse than that.


“That was the first one.”


That crash brought on a severe concussion. Boyett explained the symptoms of his post-concussion syndrome were almost worse than the concussion itself.


“That was the one that I’d start falling asleep sporadically,” he said.


Boyett’s race shop is about a 10 to 15-minute drive from his house. There were times that making that trip became difficult because he almost fell asleep behind the wheel. There were other times that he’d be in conversation with someone and just fall asleep.


A few years later there was another crash that brought on another concussion. This one brought with it different symptoms, but equally as scary.


“The last one I fought some crazy anger deal. I’d just fly off the handle. It was really weird. Any little thing and I’d be livid. The angry part was the scariest thing.”


Thankfully, those symptoms have gone away recently, and Boyett has said a few times over the last few months that he’s in a very good place mentally. He’s still in pain in his neck and in his shoulders, but it’s manageable in the race car and during every day life out of the car.


“It’s hard to put in words, honestly,” Boyett said when asked how much Sunday’s win meant to him. “God has been great to me all my life. To allow me to still be able to race and function in general with as much pain as I’m in with my neck and shoulders still, it feels really good to be able to race and run up front.”


Boyett said the plan right now is to sell his Super Late Model equipment and focus on the Pro Truck racing. If he and his family stick to that plan, there’s a good chance that Boyett will be making a few more trips to victory lane. And hopefully his three-year-old son, LJ, will be able to be there for the pictures this time.


“He was there, but he was asleep,” Boyett said with a laugh. “He was taking a nap in the motorhome. He wouldn’t have been too happy to be woken up.”


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Eddie Richie Photo

Boyett Beats Competition & Concussions to Break Winless Drought