Bowman Gray Stadium, Winston-Salem, NC — Modified 100-lappers at Bowman Gray Stadium are already fan favorites known for their excitement and intensity.


With the full field of cars randomly drawing for starting position, faster competitors have to apply all the pressure they can to make their way to the front. When the Double-File Restart Rule was added into the mix, mental fortitude was put to the test as drivers were forced to develop new strategies for competition.


Now, a new award is giving drivers a reason to rethink everything – exactly 15,000 reasons, in fact. Colors Edge is sponsoring a new award with $15,000 on the line: the Colors Edge Challenge.


For all five of the Modified 100-lap races in 2015, the Colors Edge Challenge will be in effect. The top four qualifiers will have the option of drawing for position with the rest of the field or taking on the Colors Edge Challenge.


The competitors accepting the Challenge will drop to the rear for the start of the race. Those drivers who battle back to a top-four finish will complete the challenge and split the Colors Edge prize pool.


The prize pool for each 100-lap race starts at $3,000. If no driver completes the challenge, the prize pool rolls over to the next 100-lapper. That could put $6,000 on the line for the next race. Rolling over again would put $9,000 up for grabs.


With five 100-lappers on the schedule for 2015, a total of $15,000 will be awarded to competitors willing to put themselves to the test and take on the Colors Edge Challenge.


The real question is: How will this affect competition? In short, no one knows. Drivers will have to weigh the strength of the field against the strength of their car. They may decide that a potential win or the points battle is more important. Then again, the possibility of winning several thousand dollars will certainly cause a driver to think twice.


And even more could be at stake in the race. Each double-file restart, each attempted pass, and each tap to the bumper could make a $15,000 difference in a season. If there are only five laps to go with a Colors Edge Challenge competitor running fifth and needing to break into the top four – well, you know what every fan in stands will be paying attention to.


Fans will get their first taste of this new award this Saturday – it’s the Kevin Powell Motorsports 100 presented by Triad CW 20. The Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series races in their first 100-lapper of 2015, with racing for the Farm Bureau Insurance Sportsman Series, the Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series, and the McDowell Heating & Air Stadium Stadium Stock Series.


And the night will end with another wild and crazy 109 U-Pull-It Skid Race.


Gates open at 6:00 for practice, qualifying begins at 7:10, and the first race begins at 8:00 PM – this Saturday night. Ticket prices, directions, and more information can be found online at or by calling (336) 723-1819.


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Bowman Gray Mod Drivers Have 15,000 Reasons to Start in Rear