The Late Model Sportsman class was the featured division at Wiscasset Speedway (ME)  last Saturday.  The division saw its second two-time winner.  Chris Bowie drove his Electricity Maine Chevy Impala under the checkered flag, making him the second driver in the division to nab two wins in Late Models.    Chris Thorne was the first driver in the division to win twice.  The Wiscasset Speedway had a great day for racing.  Besides Late Model Sportsman, other group two divisions gathered at the track included Mini Trucks, Strictly Street, and Thunder 4’s.  The flex race of the week was a 100-lap Enduro.  There were over 30 Enduro cars participating in the race.

A caution-free thirty-five lap Late Model Sportsman feature kept fans on the edge of their seats.  Starting on the pole was the #04 of Allen Moeller.  Behind him were the #33 of Josh St Clair and the #6 of Chris Bowie.

It was a gripping start with Moeller on the inside, and St Clair on the outside.  For eight laps the pair battled for the lead.  Fans cheered as the duo raced neck and neck before St Clair edged ahead and clinched the lead.

Behind the pair was Bowie.  Bowie crept closer and closer to Moeller, and during lap twenty-two he passed Moeller coming out of turn four for second.  Bowie advanced up the track, slowly gaining ground on St Clair.  Bowie caught him during lap twenty-eight, and he powered his car past St Clair on the back stretch, taking the lead.

Moeller moved up to challenge St Clair for second.  Then, during lap thirty-three, Moeller was able to complete the pass coming out of turn three for second place.  Bowie sped across the finish 1.4 seconds ahead of Moeller.  Rounding out the top three was Josh St Clair.  This was Bowie’s second win of the season in the Late Model Division.

Nick Hinkley was point leader coming into Saturday’s race, with 374 points.  Chris Thorne was second in points with 342.  Third in points was Josh St Clair with 334.

Post-race Bowie said, “We had to work hard for this one.  We didn’t start on the pole, and we were struggling in the pits before race time.  We had started to call ourselves “The Bad News Bears” down in the pits, because while we were making adjustments on the car, the spring popped out of the car!  It felt like we were rushing before the race.  However, I didn’t over drive the car, and I just relaxed.”

Bowie also said, “We always have to work hard against what I call “The fast cars”.  The St Clair’s, Nick Hinkley, Will Collins, and Chris Thorne.  Some of those cars weren’t here tonight-but they are fast cars!  I really love this place and I want to promote racing.  It is family friendly.  I love seeing the kids in the pits and on the grandstand.  It is a great place to race!”

A one hundred lap Enduro race was the flex race of the week.  Over thirty Enduro’s packed the track in competition.  The #98 of Kamren Knowles emerged as an early race leader, leading the race from lap eight through lap ninety-three.  During lap ninety-three, the #55 of Brad Clement took the lead.  Knowles battled back and reclaimed the lead during lap ninety-six, and won the Enduro.

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action on August 23, 2014 with its group one line up of divisions: Napa Super Street, Prostock, Outlaw Mini, and New England 4 Cylinder Prostocks. The flex race of the week is a Northeast Mini Stock Tour.  This is the only appearance the tour is making in Maine.  For more information about the Tour, please visit the Wiscasset Speedway website.  Pit gates open at 2:00 PM.  Grandstand gates open at 4:00 PM.  Racing begins at6:00 PM.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older.  Kids six and under are free.  Pit admission is $20.00. Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset.  For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at:



  1. #12 Jerry McKenna, Milton
  2. #17 Matt Weil, Biddeford
  3. #14 Herb Farrar, Mechanic Falls
  4. #55 Larry Marshall, Dresden
  5. #1 Matt Curtis, Freeport


  1. #26 Corey Morgan, Lewiston
  2. #85 Jairet Harrison, Freeport
  3. #83 Dan Brown, Peru
  4. #84 Kenny Harrison, Pownal
  5. #6 Mike Brown, Union
  6. #23 Zach Emerson, Sabattus
  7. #43 Ben Erskine, Farmington
  8. #51 Brian Robbins, Montville
  9. #36 Rick Spaulding, Lisbon
  10. #14 Dave Brannon, Lisbon
  11. #5 Guy Childs Jr, Turner
  12. #24 Jonathan Emerson, Sabattus
  13. #32 Tasha Dyer, Freedom
  14. #40 Mac Hannon Jr, Union
  15. #55 Mike Marshall, Dresden
  16. #29X Mike Stewart, Durham
  17. #66 Phil Main Sr, Boothbay
  18. #51X Allen Higgins, Brunswick
  19. #00 Kimberly Knight, Chesterville
  20. #19 Foster Meserve, Wales
  21. #22 Thomas Smith, Edgecomb
  22. #8X Ethan Dinsmore, Hope


  1. #5 Ryan Chadwick, Wiscasset
  2. #04 Curtis Anderson, Richmond
  3. #33 Trey Brown, Winterport
  4. #85 Chandler Harrison, Freeport
  5. #113 Nate Tribbet, Richmond
  6. #11X Jeff Walker, Waterboro
  7. #13 Cody Tribbet, Richmond
  8. #48 Michael Harrison, Pownal
  9. #14 Robert McDonald, Smithfield
  10. #31 Leandra Martin, Richmond
  11. #74 Aaron Sevigny, Windsor
  12. #68 Tyler Bailey, Wiscasset
  13. #88 Carl Hall, Mt Vernon
  14. #70 Roy Sevigny, Windsor
  15. #1 Jeff Davis, Woolwich


  1. #6 Chris Bowie, New Gloucester
  2. #04 Allan Moeller Sr, Dresden
  3. #33 Josh St Clair, Liberty
  4. #14 Dave St Clair, Liberty
  5. #21 Shane Clark, Winterport
  6. #15 Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset
  7. #34 Tyler Robbins, Montville
  8. #00 Alex Waltz, Walpole
  9. #30 Ryan St Clair, Liberty
  10. #28 Steve Minott, Windham
  11. #12 Dave Patten, Westbrook
  12. #5 Billy Pinkham, Wiscasset


  1. #98 Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner
  2. #41 Jeff Davis, Woolwich
  3. #23 Zach Emerson, Sabattus
  4. #33 Jeff Minchin Jr, Pittston
  5. #3 Kyle Enman, NA
  6. #777 Mike St Germain, NA
  7. #77 Josh Martel, NA
  8. #00X Scottie Frasier, Brunswick
  9. #56 Cony Brann, NA
  10. #44 Logan Leach, NA
  11. #25 Tim Johnson, NA
  12. #68 Mike Duffy, NA
  13. #2 Devin Stanley, NA
  14. #77 Chase Poussard, NA
  15. #0 Kimberly Knight, Chesterville
  16. #55X Mike Marshall, Dresden
  17. #7 James Grover, NA
  18. #22 Scott Eck, NA
  19. #1 Jason Stanley, NA
  20. #99 Mike Snyder, NA
  21. #42 Roy Glidden, NA
  22. #77X Vernon Hodgkins III, NA
  23. #8 Ron Whitcomb, Pittston
  24. #69 Jarrett Byrnes, NA
  25. #288 Frances Folsom, NA
  26. #55X Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset
  27. #02 Paul Hopkins, Camden
  28. #03 Jeremiah Knight, NA
  29. #01 Mike Miete, NA
  30. #89 Andrew Glynn, NA
  31. #11 Jonathan Emerson,  Sabattus
  32. #66 Ken Fowler, NA
  33. #12 Tucker Brannon, NA
  34. #55 Brad Clement, NA

-Wiscasset Speedway Press Release. Photo Credit: Pete’s Picks

Bowie Doubles Down in Late Models at Wiscasset