At the young of age of 18 years old, Anderson Bowen has decided to step away from the sport of racing.  The native of Suwanee, Georgia has said that he’s lost interest in racing after it started to feel more like a job and less like a hobby.


“I kind of lost interest in it, really,” Bowen told powered by JEGS.  “It wasn’t fun.  I missed out on a lot of school activities.  I missed out on a lot of family vacations and trips and stuff. I figured there was more to life than being at a race track every weekend.”


Bowen saw success in his years behind the wheel.  He won a handful of Late Model races, and even took one of the bigger races on the Super Late Model calendar when he won the Alabama 200 at Montgomery Motor Speedway (AL) in 2014.


But chasing championships and the stress that came with it eventually became too much for Bowen, and it made racing go from being fun to just being work.  Bowen scaled back his efforts in 2015 and ran part-time in an effort to find the fun in the sport again, but it wasn’t enough.


graphic speedfestBowen and his family recently sold every piece of racing-related equipment that they owned.  Now the race shop is completely empty.


“It was actually a sigh of relief that we sold everything at one time instead of in bits and pieces,” he said.


He explained with confidence that he doesn’t see himself ever getting back behind the wheel of a race car, and there’s a good chance that he may never visit a race track again.


“If I wasn’t driving I just won’t have any interest of getting back into the sport,” said Bowen.  “I’ve had fun, but we recently bought a farm in South Georgia about 30 minutes north of Crisp Motorsports Park.  I don’t really foresee myself in a couple years getting back into racing with what we’ve got going on in our lives and enjoying as much time as we are enjoying.  I don’t think I’ll ever get back in a race car.”


Bowen has decided that he wants to go to college, and he’s hoping he’ll be a student at Auburn University.  He plans to major in business or in building sciences.


“I want to be a homebuilder just like my dad is,” he said.  “I’ve actually started already.  I’ve just about finished the two houses that I’ve built.  I have two houses going about 45 minutes north of Atlanta where we’re from.  I have my dad teaching me which is a really good thing to have.  He knows so much and he’s teaching me the tricks to his trade that he’s learned over the years.”


Bowen said that the one thing he may miss will be hanging out at the race track with his crew.  He explained that the memories he has from being around the team are what he’ll cherish the most, even more than his wins.


“It was a really good experience in my life,” he said.  “I really had to grow up.  They’re so much older so I think that really helped me grow up as an adult.  Hanging out with them on and off the race track are some of the best memories I’ve ever had.”


But while fun times were had, it wasn’t enough to keep Bowen from feeling like he was missing out on other things.


“It was fun, and we won a lot of races two years ago, but there were times where I just wished I was doing other stuff with my friends and family and just having fun, really.  Just hanging out with everybody and not missing so much of life.”


-By Rob Blount, Southeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

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Bowen Sells Everything; Permanently Stepping Away from Racing