Boschele Bides His Time for Another Micro Sprint Win

Wednesday marked the last Winged Micro Sprint race at Millbridge Speedway for the 2020 season. Gavan Boschele scored his second Wednesday Winged win of the year, avoiding early carnage and riding the wall to another trip to Millbridge’s victory lane.




Boschele started fifth in the 30-lap feature, but dodged a lap two incident which collected front row starters Matt Francis and Trevor Cline along with Brent Crews and Sam Corry.


Restarting third, Boschele claimed the top spot on lap 13 after a fierce battle with Austin Barnhill and Ethan Burdett and led the rest of the way. After avoiding the early chaos, Boschele knew he just needed to bide his time for a shot at the win.


“It’s just all about patience, really,” said Boschele in victory lane.  “The car was pretty good.”


While Boschele stretched out his lead to nearly a second over Burdett at the finish, the second half of the race was anything but a cakewalk.  Between bouncing his right-rear tire off the outside wall on nearly every lap and catching backmarkers near the end of the feature, Boschele had his hands full to hold on to the top spot.


“It was just getting worse and worse as the night went out.  Up top, there were bumps and everything, so you’d have to cheat a little bit. Sometimes I’d cheat too much and get into the bumps and it would hop the car up.”


Burdett finished second, with Barnhill rounding out the podium.  Crews rebounded from the second-lap melee to finish fourth, while Carson Kvapil claimed the fifth spot.


Boschele added to his Wednesday Micro Sprint points lead at Millbridge entering the month of October. There will be three Wednesday Micro Sprint races in the next month at the Salisbury, North Carolina track, with all three being Non-Wing events to prepare teams for the TRD Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Rowdy Energy.


Click here to watch an on-demand replay of Wednesday’s Speed51.TV broadcast from Millbridge Speedway.


Micro Sprints at Millbridge Results – Sept. 23, 2020


  1. Gavan Boschele
  2. Ethan Burdett
  3. Austin Barnhill
  4. Brent Crews
  5. Carson Kvapil
  6. Eli Adams
  7. Trevor Cline
  8. Hunter Kohn
  9. Sam Corry
  10. Hailie Deegan
  11. Nigel Standish
  12. Joey Robinson
  13. Matt Francis

Boschele Bides His Time for Another Micro Sprint Win