Bonus Money Up for Grabs for Millbridge Micro Sprint Racers

Micro Sprint racing at Millbridge Speedway now has an exciting bonus opportunity, with racers having a chance to race for extra money on Wednesday nights.


During the intermission between heat races and features on Wednesday nights, the winner of the first Micro Sprint heat race traditionally reports to victory lane, where they roll a six-sided die to determine the invert for that night’s A-Main.  Now, that driver will also select from a group of envelopes, with the selected envelope determining the winner’s payday for the night’s feature.


Thanks to support from sponsors including Factor 1 Racing, Panther Graphics, Bundy Built Motorsports, Ideal Realty, Checkered Flag Racing Products and The Joie of Seating, winners could take home as much as $600 on a standard Wednesday night Micro Sprint feature depending on which envelope is selected.


There will also be a chance for the Micro Sprint Heat No. 1 winner to add to that payroll.  If the driver rolls a six for the invert and proceeds to win the A-Main from the sixth starting spot, Factor 1 will pay an extra $300 to the winner.  Thus, it will be possible for a winner to take home as much as $900 on a Wednesday night at Millbridge with the right envelope choice and roll of the die.


During the intermission on Wednesday nights at Millbridge, the winner of the first heat race will choose an envelope determining the winner’s payday for the evening’s Micro Sprint A-Main.


Three different drivers have gone to victory lane in the Millbridge Micro Sprints during the first four weeks of the Wednesday points season.  Brent Crews has won both Non-Winged Micro Sprint features to date, while Will Boprey and Gray Leadbetter have split the Winged Micro Sprint features thus far.


Interestingly enough, it is a driver who hasn’t won yet this season, defending champion Gavan Boschele, who currently leads the Wednesday night Micro Sprint points ahead of Tim Nye.  Matt Francis sits third, with Crews and Boprey rounding out the top five.


Crews will be looking to continue his Non-Winged hot streak Wednesday night, April 21 at Millbridge Speedway.  Junior Wing and Intermediate Outlaw Karts will join the Non-Winged Micro Sprints in action.


Tuesday, April 20 will again boast a large field of karts in the Cadet, Beginner Box Stock and Box Stock divisions for the young, up-and-coming racers at Millbridge, as well as the week’s Open Outlaw Kart feature.  Both nights will be available to watch on Speed51.TV for fans unable to attend the racing at Millbridge.


Click here to watch live on Tuesday and Wednesday night on Speed51.TV.


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51 Content Supervisor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51 Photo


Bonus Money Up for Grabs for Millbridge Micro Sprint Racers