Danny Bohn visited Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) Saturday night looking for his first win of the season at the North Carolina track, but Jason Myers, Burt Myers, John Smith, and Brandon Ward had other ideas on their minds.


The four drivers each had a shot at up to $12,000 via the Fan’s Challenge, which was a challenge accepted by all. While they contested their battle, it was James Civali and Bohn who fought it out for the race win, with Bohn ultimately taking his first Bowman Gray checkered flag of the season


300x250 Kalamazoo Klash PPVCivali started first via the redraw and held the position for the first 78 laps, only to have it taken after Bohn got the perfect restart, jumping out front and leading them back to the line.


After that, it was all Bohn, who lived up to his “Bad to the Bohn” moniker, fending off a late charge by Civali and winning for the first time of the season at “The Madhouse.”


Bohn started in the ninth position, but made his way through the field by the time his golden opportunity came up, and he made the most of it.  He worked his way around Civali, but not without controversy, as Bohn appeared to have possibly jumped the start while making contact with Civali.


“We kind of went at the same time there. I just got a better start and was able to clear him, and then the next restart, he jumped, which is whatever, it’s racing, but then I guess they are mad at me because they said I ran him up the track,” Bohn told Speed51.com powered by JEGS. “I was in the dirt both times we hit, so I don’t know if they want me to race in the dirt or whatever, but it is what it is; we aren’t here to make friends, it was just tight racing over here. I don’t think it was any dirty racing.”


While Bohn and Civali battled for the lead, Smith, Jason Myers, and Burt Myers were racing to get into the top four to win the Fan’s Challenge after Brandon Ward retired early.


Jason and Burt Myers both made their ways through the field rather methodically, while John Smith was on the hunt from the word go. In the end, all three drivers found their way to the top ten, and then top five, and soon battled it out for the $12,000 Fan’s Challenge.


When all the dust settled, Civali finished second, followed by John Smith in third, Jason Myers in fourth, and Joe Ryan Osborne completing the top five.


“It was a good night, we led a lot of laps, the car was really good the whole race,” Civali said.  “It didn’t change much; it got a little free at the end.  We just didn’t quite have enough to get back to him; we tried but just couldn’t.”


Because both Jason Myers and John Smith finished in the top four, both drivers split the $12,000 prize evenly, with $6,000 to Jason Myers and $6,000 to John Smith.


Jason Myers sat in eighth with 15 laps to go, thinking his chance was over after a missed shift


“It’s just right place, right time, you just gotta hang your tongue out and give it all you got and hope for the best.”


For John Smith, he couldn’t have asked for more, and was left with few words.


“All in all, it was a good night, it’s hard to get it going like that, and make all the right calls, and everything just went our way.”


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-By Reese Nobles, Speed51.com Mid-Atlantic Correspondent

-Photo credit: Speed51.com


Modified 100 Unofficial Results

Bowman Gray Stadium (NC) – August 5, 2017

1          65        Danny Bohn

2          79        James Civali

3          53        John Smith

4          4          Jason Myers

5          27        Joe Ryan Osborne

6          1          Burt Myers

7          14        Bobby Measmer Jr

8          5          Randy Butner

9          16        Chris Fleming

10        75        Lee Jeffreys

11        2          Jonathan Brown

12        18        Daniel Yates

13        66        Ronnie Clifton

14        12        Mike Norman

15        8          Darin Redmon

16        26        Michael Womack

17        83        Tim Brown

18        50        Michael Clifton

19        04        Brandon Ward

20        41        Jimmy Wallace

21        9          Ryan Nelson

22        7          Alfred Hill

23        13        Jeremy Gerstner

Bohn Wins Race; Myers & Smith Split $12,000 at Madhouse