Danny Bohn was all over the back bumper of Jason Myers’ black no. 4 Modified for much of the first 50-lap feature at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Friday night, but he didn’t finish that race there.


He was tagged from behind by Jason Myers’ brother, Burt, and went for a spin in turn four.  His chance at the win was over just like that, and it was Jason Myers who went on to score the win.


But things were very different in the second 50-lap event.  Bohn, the defending Bowman Gray Modified champion, drove his way back to the front of the field after starting in the sixth position and took home the victory.


“I won’t be sending Burt Myers a Christmas card this year,” said Danny Bohn of Freehold, New Jersey in victory lane.  “I guess he’s just mad that we come down here and do what we do.  I was obviously a little faster than Jason there and I raced him clean.  I guess the guy behind me didn’t care.”


Myers saw things a little bit differently from behind the wheel of his white and black no. 1 machine.


“It was just Bowman Gray racing I thought,” said Burt Myers.  “When you’re knocking the fire out of the man in front of you and then the guys behind you are getting slammed around too, I don’t know what you expect.”


Bohn and the Myers brothers will race together again on Saturday night at The Madhouse when the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour does battle for 199 laps.


Bohn said he looks forward to Saturday’s race, of which he is the defending champion, because he gets to race with Myers again and “have some more fun.”


Burt Myers echoed that sentiment.


“I’d be excited to race against me too if I was him,” said Myers.


Meanwhile Jason Myers scored his fifth win of the season, the most he’s ever had in one year at Bowman Gray Stadium.


“That was the hardest I’ve ever driven around here for a win,” said Jason Myers.


When he was asked about what happened with his brother and Bohn, he explained that he wasn’t thrilled to see what took place behind him purely because of who ended up running second as a result.


“I’d much rather have Danny Bohn behind me than Burt Myers,” said Jason.  “Have you seen the record books?”


Speed51.com will have highlights of tonight’s Modified action, including the Myers-Bohn incident, on the 51 Network on Saturday.


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-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Northeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Speed51.com

Race #1 Unofficial Results:

No. Driver
1 4 Jason Myers
2 1 Burt Myers
3 83 Tim Brown
4 27 Jonathan Brown
5 18 Cale Gale
6 79 Joe Ryan Osborne
7 77 Lee Jeffreys
8 53 John Smith
9 3 Danny Propst
10 92 Brody Jones
11 65 Danny Bohn
12 13 Chris Flemming
13 5 Randy Butner
14 00 Kevin Orlando
15 16 William Smith
16 66 Ronnie Clifton
17 2 Joseph Brown
18 15 Jeremy Gerstner
19 75 Robert Jeffreys


Race #2 Unofficial Results:

No. Driver
1 65 Danny Bohn
2 13 Chris Flemming
3 53 John Smith
4 77 Lee Jeffreys
5 83 Tim Brown
6 4 Jason Myers
7 92 Brody Jones
8 1 Burt Myers
9 79 Joe Ryan Osborne
10 66 Ronnie Clifton
11 27 Jonathan Brown
12 3 Danny Propst
13 5 Randy Butner
14 16 William Smith
15 00 Kevin Orlando
16 75 Robert Jeffreys
17 18 Cale Gale
18 15 Jeremy Gerstner


Bohn Rebounds From a Spin to Win at the Madhouse