GREENWOOD, NE – Scott Bloomquist and Chad Simpson will make-up the front row for Saturday Night’s 4th Annual Silver Dollar Nationals at I-80 Speedway. This weekend’s event is part of the ASi Racewear Crown Jewel Cup presented by and will pay $30,000 to the winner.

There is plenty of action at I-80 Speedway.  (Rick Schwallie photo)

There is plenty of action at I-80 Speedway. (Rick Schwallie photo)

A total of 54 entrants were on hand for Friday Night’s preliminary action, which included a total of ten heat races. Each driver ran two heat races and their combined passing point total earned an elite group of drivers a Top-18 starting spot in Saturday Night’s 80-lap main event. The remaining starting spots for tomorrow’s feature event will be made up of B-main transfers and provisionals. There will be a non-qualifiers race following the B-Mains paying $3,000 to win. The winner can forfeit the money and start last in the 80-lap feature event.

Heat race winners in round one included: Steve Francis, Don O’Neal, Chad Simpson, Brandon Overton, and Billy Moyer. In the second round of heat races winners were: Jared Landers, Ryan Gustin, Jason Feger, Scott Bloomquist and Jimmy Owens.

Owens, the defending Silver Dollar Nationals champion, entered the event 50-points ahead of O’Neal. Owens will start eighth in the field on Saturday Night and O’Neal will fire from the fifth starting position. O’Neal won the inaugural event held in 2011. Brian Birkhofer, the 2012 victor will start from the outside of row number two in Saturday’s finale.

Both Bloomquist and Chad Simpson earned the front row by virtue of their heat race performances. Both drivers were in heat race number three in round one. Simpson, who started sixth, made his way to the front by grabbing the lead from Denny Eckrich and then sailed away for the win. Bloomquist started ninth, and made a late-race charge to finish second just ahead of John Blankenship.

In the second round of heat races Bloomquist started third and quickly made his way to the front in an absolutely stacked heat race. Bloomquist went on for a convincing second round win. Simpson started sixth again in round 2, and he advanced up to the second spot at the finish, trailing Ryan Gustin to the finish line.

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Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series

Race Summary
Friday Night, July 17th, 2014
4th Annual “Silver Dollar Nationals”
I-80 Speedway – Greenwood, NE

Round 1 Fast Shafts Heat Race #1 Finish: Steve Francis, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Kyle Berck, Jimmy Owens, Chris Brown, Stormy Scott, Ben Schaller, Austin Siebert, Jason Papich, Junior Coover, Justin Gregg

Round 1 Eibach Springs Heat Race #2 Finish: Brandon Overton, Jason Hughes, Jason Feger, Rodney Sanders, Dave Eckrich, Craig Vosbergen, Andrew Kosiski, JC Wyman, Scott Lewis, Steven Kempt, Dennis Erb, Jr.

Round 1 Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 Finish: Chad Simpson, Scott Bloomquist, John Blankenship, Jesse Stovall, Travis Dickes, Denny Eckrich, Jeremy Payne, Terry Phillips, Bill Leighton, Jr., John Hampel

Round 1 FK Rod Ends Heat Race #4 Finish: Tommy Weder, Don O’Neal, Chris Simpson, Earl Pearson, Jr., John Anderson, Chris Spieker, Tony Jackson, Jr., Jason Krohn, Bill Koons, Austin Rettig, Brad Perdue, Kent Robinson

Round 1 Miller Welders Heat Race #5 Finish: Billy Moyer, Brian Birkhofer, Ryan Gustin, Tad Pospisil, Justin Asplin, Jack Sullivan, Jason Utter, Jared Landers, Jase Kaser, Bumper Jones

Round 2 Fast Shafts Heat Race #1 Finish: Jared Landers, Terry Phillips, Kent Robinson, Dennis Erb, Jr., Denny Eckrich, John Anderson, Austin Rettig, Jase Kaser, Scott Lewis, Junior Coover, Jason Papich

Round 2 Eibach Springs Heat Race #2 Finish: Ryan Gustin, Chad Simpson, Travis Dickes, Chris Simpson, Craig Vosbergen, John Hampel, Ben Schaller, Andrew Kosiski, Tad Pospisil, Chris Spieker, Justin Gregg-DNS

Round 2 Simpson Performance Products Heat Race #3 Finish: Jason Feger, Jesse Stovall, Rodney Sanders, Jason Krohn, Brandon Overton, Chris Brown, Tony Jackson, Jr., Justin Asplin, Stormy Scott, Bumper Jones, John Blankenship-DNS

Round 2 FK Rod Ends Heat Race #4 Finish: Scott Bloomquist, Brian Birkhofer, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Billy Moyer, Dave Eckrich, Earl Pearson, Jr., Jason Hughes, Steve Francis, Bill Leighton, Jr., Bill Koons, Austin Siebert

Round 2 Miller Welders Heat Race #5 Finish: Jimmy Owens, Jeremy Payne, Don O’Neal, Jason Utter, Jack Sullivan, Kyle Berck, Tommy Weder, JC Wyman, Brad Perdue, Steven Kempt

JRi Shocks B-Main #1 (Top 3 Transfer) Line Up:


Jeremy Payne 186 58e Dave Eckrich
Terry Phillips 75 8 Craig Vosbergen
Chris Brown 21B 31U Jason Utter
Kent Robinson 7R 56 Tony Jackson Jr.
Ben Schaller 98 12s Stormy Scott
Andrew Kosiski 53 4w JC Wyman
Tommy Weder 2 29 Bill Koons
Bill Leighton Jr. 24x 25P Brad Perdue
Junior Coover 10c 19J Bumper Jones



CV Products B-Main #2 (Top 3 Transfer) Line Up:


John Anderson 21x 777 Jared Landers
Denny Eckrich 50 18x Jack Sullivan
Jason Krohn 7E 77A Justin Asplin
Dennis Erb Jr. 28E 4 Tad Pospisil
John Hampel 2H 56x Chris Spieker
Austin Rettig 94 15K Jase Kaser
John Blankenship 23 99L Scott Lewis
Austin Siebert 16 91P Jason Papich
Steven Kempt 90K 1 Justin Gregg

Feature Line Up (After Heat Transfers):


Scott Bloomquist 0 25c Chad Simpson
Jason Feger 25F 15B Brian Birkhofer
Don O’Neal 5 19R Ryan Gustin
Eddie Carrier Jr. 28 20 Jimmy Owens
Billy Moyer 21 32x Chris Simpson
Jesse Stovall 00s 5e Brandon Overton
Rodney Sanders 20x 6T Travis Dickes
Kyle Berck 14 15 Steve Francis
Jason Hughes 12 44 Earl Pearson Jr.

Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series PR – Rick Schwallie Photo

Bloomquist & Simpson on Front Row for Silver Dollar Nat’ls