Senoia, GA — Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tenn. and Dale McDowell of Chickamauga, Ga. opened the 2018 Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals Series season at Senoia (Ga.) Raceway by picking up victories on a beautiful Easter Weekend.


Bloomquist won Friday’s $3,000 event, the second Spring Nationals feature win of his career. He rallied from his ninth starting spot to win over over Clint Smith, Shane Clanton, Michael Page and Zach Leonhardi. Bloomquist drove the New Era Industrial, Reece Monument, Sweet Manufacturing and New Generation Ag-sponsored Andy Durham-powered Sweet-Bloomquist race car to the payday.


McDowell, Saturday’s winner led all 60 laps for $10,000 over ninth-starting Bloomquist, Aaron Ridley, Clint Smith and Zach Leonhardi. McDowell drove the Textron Off Road, New Era Industrial, Will Kinzer Foundation for Autism Research, Cometic Gaskets and Quality Natural Gas-sponsored Clements-powered Sweet-Bloomquist race car to his seventh career Spring Nationals main event. McDowell now goes to the top of the all-time winners list.


The Schaeffer’s Oil Spring Nationals Series returns to action Friday April 6th at Crossville (Tenn.) Speedway racing 40 laps for $4,000-to-win and Saturday April 7th at Tazewell (Tenn.) Speedway racing 50 laps for $10,000-to-win.


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-Spring Nationals Press Release. Photo credit: Richard Allen


Official Summary of Results

Night #1 Feature Finish:
1. Scott Bloomquist-Mooresburg, Tenn.
2. Clint Smith-Senoia, Ga.
3. Shane Clanton-Zebulon, Ga.
4. Michael Page-Douglasville, Ga.
5. Zach Leonhardi-Cartersville, Ga.
6. Eric Wells-Hazard, Ky.
7. Donald McIntosh-Dawsonville, Ga.
8. Austin Horton-Newnan, Ga.
9. Casey Roberts-Toccoa, Ga.
10. Dalton Cook-Columbus, Ga.
11. Aaron Ridley-Chatsworth, Ga.
12. Jason Croft-Woodstock, Ga.
13. Ryan King-Seymour, Tenn.
14. Cody King-McDonough, Ga.
15. John Henderson-North Augusta, S.C.
16. David Payne-Murphy, N.C.
17. Mason Massey-Douglasville, Ga.
18. Timothy Culp-Prattsville, Ark.
19. Brandon Kinzer-Lexington, Ky.
20. Austin Smith-Rome, Ga.
21. Shanon Buckingham-Morristown, Tenn.
22. Kyle Hardy-Stephens City, Va.

Entries: 28
Fast Qualifier: Michael Page-15.214 seconds
Time of Race: 28 minutes, 34 seconds
Yellow Flags: Two (laps 8, 17)
Red Flags: One (lap 0)
Heat Race Winners: Donald McIntosh, Shane Clanton, Aaron Ridley and Cody King
Provisional Starters: Jason Croft, Ryan King


Night #2 Feature Finish:
1. Dale McDowell-Chickamauga, Ga.
2. Scott Bloomquist-Mooresburg, Tenn.
3. Aaron Ridley-Chatsworth, Ga.
4. Clint Smith-Senoia, Ga.
5. Zach Leonhardi-Cartersville, Ga.
6. Eric Wells-Hazard, Ky.
7. Kyle Hardy-Stephens City, Va.
8. Austin Smith-Rome, Ga.
9. Riley Hickman-Cleveland, Tenn.
10. Shane Clanton-Zebulon, Ga.
11. Ivedent Lloyd Jr.-Ocala, Fla.
12. Joseph Joiner-Milton, Fla.
13. Shanon Buckingham-Morristown, Tenn.
14. Mason Massey-Douglasville, Ga.
15. Cody King-McDonough, Ga.
16. Jason Croft-Woodstock, Ga.
17. Ryan King-Seymour, Tenn.
18. Brandon Kinzer-Lexington, Ky.
19. John Ownbey-Cleveland, Tenn.
20. Casey Roberts-Toccoa, Ga.
21. David Payne-Murphy, N.C.
22. Dalton Cook-Columbus, Ga.
23. Michael Page-Douglasville, Ga.
24. Payton Freeman-Commerce, Ga.
25. Austin Horton-Newnan, Ga.

Entries: 33
Fast Qualifier: Clint Smith-16.382 seconds
Time of Race: 39 minutes, 28 seconds
Yellow Flags: One (lap 28)
Red Flags: None
Heat Race Winners: Clint Smith, Austin Smith, Dale McDowell, Zach Leonhardi
Consey Winners: Dalton Cook and Austin Horton
Provisional Starters: Shane Clanton, Casey Roberts
Emergency Provisionals: Ryan King, David Payne, Brandon Kinzer


Current Spring Nationals Series Points:
1. Scott Bloomquist-396
2. Clint Smith-388
3. Zach Leonhardi-380
4. Eric Wells-376
5. Shane Clanton-374
6. Aaron Ridley-372
7. Michael Page-346
8. Jason Croft-344
8. Austin Smith-344
10. Casey Roberts-342
10. Cody King-342
10. Kyle Hardy-342

Bloomquist, McDowell Split Spring Nationals Opening Victories