Bloomquist and Davenport Star at Mansfield

MANSFIELD, Ohio – Scott Bloomquist and Jonathan Davenport claimed feature victories during Thursday night’s preliminary program for the 2nd annual Dirt Million – Presented by Arizona Sport Shirts.

Bloomquist, a three-time Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series National Champion won the first 30-lap Duel of the night in the new format instituted for this year’s race. Davenport, the two-time and defending series champion held off a trio of drivers in a furious finish in the second 30-lap Duel. Both feature races went caution-free.

Bloomquist took the lead at the start of the first feature and sprinted away to easily pick up the win. The win marks his all-time leading 95th Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series career win.

Both Josh Richards and Brandon Sheppard tried to track down Bloomquist, but the boss of Team Zero went to Victory Lane for the first-time at Mansfield. With the win, Bloomquist cemented himself into Saturday’s 100-lap Dirt Million main event. Richards held off Sheppard to earn the runner-up spot with Michael Norris and Darrell Lanigan rounding out the top five.

Bloomquist was elated in Lucas Oil Victory Lane: “The car has felt great after we found out what was wrong with it. We put in on a jig last week and it was pretty far off. We had a pretty good car last week at Batesville. I hope it feels as good here Saturday night. We hot lapped fast tonight, we qualified a little off, and we changed a few things that we didn’t like. I want to dedicate this race to Chris [Madden]. I hate it that he got hurt earlier in the week. He should be back in a few weeks.”

“He [Bloomquist] was in a league of his own,” said the runner-up Richards. “There was one time we got caught up in lapped traffic that we were gaining on him just a little bit and that was only because of the lapped cars. We needed to be better. Me and Sheppard had a good race for second. We need to be a little better tomorrow night. This place has always been good to me.”

The winner’s Scott Bloomquist Racing, Bloomquist Race Cars Chassis is powered by a Custom Race Engine and sponsored by: Great America Steak Company, STEEL-IT, Lucas Oil Products, Petroff Towing, Sorbera Chiropractic, VP Race Fuels, Penske Shocks. and Sweet Manufacturing.

Completing the top ten were Dennis Erb Jr., Tim McCreadie, Tyler Erb, Gregg Satterlee, and Rick Eckert.

The second duel feature saw Davenport take the lead from Mike Marlar on lap five and hold off a trio of drivers before he could go to Victory Lane for the eleventh time this season with the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

Davenport got caught up in lapped traffic and that allowed Chase Junghans, Bobby Pierce, and Ricky Weiss all to close on him in the final ten laps of the race. Junghans passed Weiss for second with four laps to go as Pierce followed topside two laps from the finish.

As the four drivers came off of turn four Davenport had traffic on front of him, but he held off a furious charge from the other three competitors for the win.

“I was hoping to see the checkered flag sooner. I was looking around and I couldn’t really tell if anybody was underneath me. I was trying the bottom and the top. They were two-wide in front of me. I couldn’t make the middle work like I could the bottom and the top. I saw Stormy [Scott] down there on the bottom and he was pretty good, so I just tried to stay focused on what I was doing.”

Junghans came close to scoring his first career Lucas Oil victory with his runner-up finish after starting in sixth. “The only way we were going to win was if JD missed his marks. It was a hornet’s nest down there with those lapped cars. I felt good around the bottom in three and four. The track was great once it cleaned off. Hopefully we will get one spot better tomorrow night.”

The winner’s Lance Landers Motorsports, Longhorn Chassis is powered by a Cornett Racing Engine and sponsored by: Nutrien Ag Solutions, ASC Warranty, Penske Racing Shocks, Valvoline, Mega Plumbing of the Carolinas, Spartan Mowers, and Hawkeye Trucks.

Completing the top ten were Dale McDowell, Hudson O’Neal, Steve Casebolt, Chris Ferguson, and Jimmy Owens.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Thursday, August 22, 2019
Mansfield Motor Speedway – Mansfield, Ohio

Duel 1:
Penske Race Shocks Heat Race #1 Finish: Josh Richards, Brandon Sheppard, Tim McCreadie, Gregg Satterlee, Shanon Buckingham, Brian Shirley, Matt Irey, Kent Robinson, Ryan Missler, Ryan Scott

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish: Michael Norris, Darrell Lanigan, Tyler Erb ®, Gordy Gundaker, Jared Landers, Max Blair, Billy Moyer, Jr., Donald McIntosh, Justin Chance

Simpson Race Products Heat Race #3 Finish: Scott Bloomquist, Dennis Erb, Jr., Rick Eckert, Earl Pearson, Jr., Doug Drown, Mike Benedum, Johnny Scott, Jason Miller, Zack Dohm-DNS

Duel 2:
Lucas Oil Products Penetrating Oil Heat Race #1 Finish: Mike Marlar, Chase Junghans, Dale McDowell, Chris Ferguson, Brandon Overton, David Scott, Stormy Scott, Brett Bee, Dan Angelicchio-DNS, Dave Hess, Jr.-DNS

Sunoco Race Fuels Heat Race #2 Finish: Jonathan Davenport, Kyle Bronson, Jimmy Owens, Billy Moyer, Steve Casebolt, Mason Zeigler, Shane Clanton, Boom Briggs, Steve Sabo

Arizona Sport Shirts Heat Race #3 Finish: Ricky Weiss, Bobby Pierce, Hudson O’Neal, Devin Moran ®, Shannon Babb, Eddie Carrier, Jr., Greg Oakes, Robby Hensley, Ryan Markham

Duel 1:
Lucas Oil Products Red “N” Tacky Spray Grease B-Main Finish: Billy Moyer, Jr., Kent Robinson, Johnny Scott, Matt Irey, Donald McIntosh, Ryan Missler, Justin Chance, Jason Miller, Ryan Scott, Zack Dohm-DNS

Duel 2:
FAST Shafts B-Main Finish: Shane Clanton, Stormy Scott, Greg Oakes, Boom Briggs, Robby Hensley, Dan Angelicchio, Brett Bee, Steve Sabo-DNS, Ryan Markham-DNS, Dave Hess, Jr.-DNS

Duel 1:
Lucas Oil Feature Finish (30 Laps):

1 1 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN $10,000
2 3 14 Josh Richards Shinnston, WV $5,000
3 4 1S Brandon Sheppard New Berlin, IL $2,000
4 2 5 Michael Norris Sarver, PA $1,000
5 6 29 Darrell Lanigan Union, KY $900
6 5 28 Dennis Erb, Jr. Carpentersville, IL $800
7 7 39 Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY $750
8 8 1T Tyler Erb ® New Waverly, TX $700
9 10 22 Gregg Satterlee Indiana, PA $650
10 9 0E Rick Eckert York, PA $600
11 13 50 Shanon Buckingham Morristown, TN $590
12 12 1 Earl Pearson, Jr. Jacksonville, FL $580
13 14 777 Jared Landers Batesville, AR $570
14 17 111 Max Blair Centerville, PA $560
15 16 3s Brian Shirley Chatham, IL $550
16 20 7R Kent Robinson Bloomington, IN $540
17 15 12d Doug Drown Wooster, OH $530
18 18 8Bx Mike Benedum Salem, WV $520
19 19 21JR Billy Moyer, Jr. Batesville, AR $510
20 11 11G Gordy Gundaker St. Charles, MO $500

Duel 2:
Lucas Oil Feature Finish (30 Laps):

1 3 49 Jonathan Davenport Blairsville, GA $10,000
2 6 18J Chase Junghans Manhattan, KS $5,000
3 5 32P Bobby Pierce Oakwood, IL $2,000
4 2 7w Ricky Weiss Headingley, MB $1,000
5 1 157 Mike Marlar Winfield, TN $900
6 7 18m Dale McDowell Chickamauga, GA $800
7 9 71 Hudson O’Neal Martinsville, IN $750
8 14 C9 Steve Casebolt Richmond, IN $700
9 10 22F Chris Ferguson Mount Holly, NC $650
10 8 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN $600
11 12 1M Devin Moran ® Dresden, OH $590
12 13 2 Brandon Overton Evans, GA $580
13 11 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR $570
14 15 18 Shannon Babb Mowequa, IL $560
15 19 25 Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA $550
16 4 40B Kyle Bronson Brandon, FL $540
17 16 4s David Scott Garland, PA $530
18 17 25Z Mason Zeigler Chalk Hill, PA $520
19 20 2s Stormy Scott Las Cruses, NM $510
20 18 28c Eddie Carrier, Jr. Salt Rock, WV $500



1 0 Scott Bloomquist 250
2 49 Jonathan Davenport 250
3 14 Josh Richards 248
4 18J Chase Junghans 248
5 1S Brandon Sheppard 246
6 32P Bobby Pierce 246
7 5 Michael Norris 244
8 7w Ricky Weiss 244
9 29 Darrell Lanigan 242
10 157 Mike Marlar 242
11 18m Dale McDowell 240
12 28 Dennis Erb, Jr. 240
13 39 Tim McCreadie 238
14 71 Hudson O’Neal 238
15 1T Tyler Erb ® 236
16 C9 Steve Casebolt 236
17 22 Gregg Satterlee 234
18 22F Chris Ferguson 234
19 20 Jimmy Owens 232
20 0E Rick Eckert 232
21 1M Devin Moran ® 230
22 50 Shanon Buckingham 230
23 1 Earl Pearson, Jr. 228
24 2 Brandon Overton 228
25 777 Jared Landers 226
26 21 Billy Moyer 226
27 111 Max Blair 224
28 18 Shannon Babb 224
29 3s Brian Shirley 222
30 25 Shane Clanton 222
31 40B Kyle Bronson 220
32 7R Kent Robinson 220
33 12d Doug Drown 218
34 4s David Scott 218
35 8Bx Mike Benedum 216
36 25Z Mason Zeigler 216
37 21JR Billy Moyer, Jr. 214
38 2s Stormy Scott 214
39 11G Gordy Gundaker 212
40 28c Eddie Carrier, Jr. 212
41 1st Johnny Scott 206
42 22G Greg Oakes 206
43 7m Donald McIntosh 204
44 99B Boom Briggs 204
45 36 Matt Irey 202
46 21H Robby Hensley 202
47 50Y Ryan Missler 200
48 14A Dan Angelicchio 200
49 92 Justin Chance 198
50 8b Brett Bee 198
51 94M Jason Miller 196
52 0R Ryan Scott 194
53 16 Steve Sabo 150
54 17d Zack Dohm 100
55 5m Ryan Markham 50
56 44 Dave Hess, Jr. 50


Bloomquist and Davenport Star at Mansfield