Big Things Planned for KKM Giveback Classic at Millbridge

The first week of November has become a week for big things at Millbridge Speedway over the past couple of years.  Those big things will continue this November 3-4 with the return of the TRD Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Rowdy Energy.  After a year away, the race will return with Non-Winged 600 Micro Sprints and a ride for the Chili Bowl Nationals on the lie.


While the big race is set for Wednesday, November 4, the party is set to get started a full week before with the Dooling Machine Prelude race giving what is expected to be an army of out-of-town race teams and drivers a chance to get to know the Salisbury, North Carolina red clay under real race conditions.


“We are going to do a prelude next Wednesday and put a little bit of money up for that as well. Dooling Machine came onboard and they are really prominent in the Midget community and they’ve come onboard to help with the Prelude,” said Ashly Burnett, co-owner of Millbridge Speedway.  “We have a lot of people that are coming early, a lot of people that have never seen the track, so they are going to take that opportunity to come out early.”


As for how big the field is expected to be? Nothing specific to report yet, but chances are it’s going to be pretty big.


“We weren’t quite sure what to do with this event.  When we did it a couple of years ago with the Outlaw Karts it brought a huge crowd. Adding the 600 Micros is going to be pretty big. We’ve been talking to everyone, we stay humble.  Jeremy and I expect 75 cars on the low-end after talking to Keith Kunz and a few others. I’ve heard numbers of 100 to 150.”


The first and only running of the KKM Classic was in 2018, with Open Outlaw Karts as the lead class, in which Jesse Colwell took the top honors. Stemming from the rise of the 600 Micros starting at the TRD Micro Showdown in November 2019, to their gains as a weekly class in 2020, the promise seems almost limitless for great competition.


Add into that the choice of a lot of money or a Midget ride with Keith Kunz Motorsports for the 2021 Chili Bowl in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and you have the recipe for a massive serving of some great competition.


“If the winner wants to go to the Chili Bowl, they will get a full Chili Bowl ride with Keith Kunz Motorsports. If they are a driver that already has a ride or wants to pass on it, TRD has put up a $10,000 bonus. It’s a big win for anybody, but it’s one that could change somebody’s life.”


Race fans will be able to watch the Prelude race and the 2020 TRD Keith Kunz Motorsports Giveback Classic presented by Rowdy Energy all live on Speed51.TV.


-Story by: Connor Sullivan, Speed51 Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Connor51CT

-Photo credit: Speed51

Big Things Planned for KKM Giveback Classic at Millbridge