‘Big Sexy’ Claims Big Payday at FASTRAK World Championship

More than 100 drivers showed up at Virginia Motor Speedway to compete for the richest prize in Dirt Pro Late Model racing, the 2019 FASTRAK World Championship.  At night’s end, Brandon Overton returned to victory lane at the Jamaica, Virginia half-mile, claiming the $50,000 prize.


Overton, a winner earlier this year at Virginia in the ULTIMATE Super Late Model Series USA 100, arrived in a one-off appearance driving Grant Pearl’s Pro Late Model. Overton showed dominant pace all weekend, finishing first and second in a pair of heat races to earn a front-row feature starting spot.


Overton quickly took the lead from pole-sitter Logan Roberson, holding off Ross Bailes throughout the night to pick up one of the biggest wins of his career.


While “Big Sexy” has won a $50,000 race before, he was ecstatic to be able to do so in a Pro Late Model race, returning to his roots in a monumental event for the FASTRAK Racing Series.


“I’ve won $50,000 before at the Hillbilly, but this is awesome for Stan and everybody at FASTRAK and everybody at Virginia Motor Speedway,” said Overton in victory lane.  “To put $50,000 up for a Crate race, everybody thinks it’s easy to come out here and jump these guys, but it ain’t.  I’m just one of the ones fortunate enough to have people support me to go Super racing.  This is where I came from, so if Stan’s going to put this race on, I’m going to support it.”


Overton held off Bailes on several restarts throughout the 75-lap feature, and tipped his cap to the fellow Super Late Model standout for a clean, hard-fought race.


“I appreciate him racing me clean on those restarts,” said Overton.  “Hats off to them guys.  This is awesome.  I’m starting to like Virginia Motor Speedway, that’s for sure.”


Bailes finished second in the event, content with his car and impressed with Overton’s performance.


“I’d like to be holding that check,” said Bailes.  “Second is not a bad payout.  We had a pretty good car, I think we were as good as [Overton].  I tried to get him on the restarts.  Once he had me cleared, I was kind of trying to save my tires, but he had a lot more left than I did so maybe I was going too hard.”


Trent Ivey rounded out the podium, finishing third after starting ninth and battling traffic throughout the race.


“A couple of driver errors early put me behind the eight-ball, I really had to battle for my position,” explained Ivey.  “That cost me at the end.  I had to use my tires up.  I felt I was about as good as them, but third place, I can’t complain.”


Justin Williams finished fourth, while 2018 FASTRAK World Champion Logan Roberson rounded out the top five.


Race fans who missed Saturday’s FASTRAK World Championship can watch an on-demand replay of Speed51’s broadcast of the event by clicking here.  They can also click here to view Speed51’s Race Day Now updates by clicking here.


Unofficial Results – FASTRAK World Championship

Virginia Motor Speedway – Jamaica, Virginia


Pos # Driver
1 8B Brandon Overton
2 87B Ross Bailes
3 88 Trent Ivey
4 2W Justin Williams
5 17R Logan Roberson
6 32 Michael Brown
7 5W Mark Whitener
8 6D Dillon Brown
9 9 Ches Chester
10 184 Kyle Lukon
11 30 Tyler Bare
12 26JR Jimmy Sharpe, Jr.
13 184X Alex Ferree
14 75 Brett Hamm
15 21 Corey Dunn
16 29 Christian Hanger
17 7 Jason Fitzgerald
18 7A Corey Almond
19 151 Kyle Lear
20 0 Dale Hollidge
21 15 Donnie Dotson
22 101 Forrest Trent
23 83 Jensen Ford
24 79 Kyle Hardy
25 27 Tyler Carpenter
26 22E Russell Erwin
27 6 Clay Harris
28 55B Benji Hicks


-Story by: Zach Evans, Speed51.com Southeast Editor – Twitter: @ztevans

-Photo credit: Speed51.com

‘Big Sexy’ Claims Big Payday at FASTRAK World Championship