On Saturday night at LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway (WI), Jeremy Miller clinched the 2018 Big 8 Series title and on Sunday morning, he woke up to find his championship trophy missing.


Miller and his crew left the golden, name-plated cup sitting by his camper on a table.  It remained there throughout the early hours of the morning while the team left the camping area to celebrate their season-long feat.


When they returned, the trophy was still sitting in the same spot but by sunrise, it was gone.


“It’s our fault I guess,” Miller told Speed51.com.  “I forgot it was sitting out there and we got up the next morning and it was missing.


“It just sucks.  It was probably just some drunk guy walking around and saw the trophy there, so he grabbed it— didn’t mean anything by it, but now he’s probably too embarrassed to give it back or something like that.”


Jeremy’s wife, Rene Miller, reached out to the racing community via the team’s Facebook page to try and encourage the return of the trophy.  The post has received over 200 shares since Sunday afternoon.



The trophy, which represents Miller’s fifth and final championship in the touring Late Model series, has significant sentimental value to him, his family and team.


“Well, this was our last year of racing,” Miller said.  “At the start of the year I told everybody that this was going to be my last year doing it.  My kids are just getting to the age now where they’re crazy busy, getting into sports and I’m missing a lot of that stuff to do the racing, working in the shop, getting the cars ready to go for the weekend.  And I’m gone most of the weekend.  So we decided— well I decided actually, my wife would like me to keep going— that it was time.  I thought this would be a good way to go out, just the right way to do it.”


Officials from the Big 8 Series are having a pair of new trophies made, one for Miller and another for his car owner.  Miller would still appreciate the return of the original, however.


“Having the original would be great,” Miller said.  “If whoever it was could return it, even to LaCrosse Speedway.  Just drop it off.  I’m sure it will get back to me somehow.”


-Melissa Strahley, Gulf Coast Editor

-Photo Credit: Jeremy Miller Racing (Facebook)

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