Voting for this year’s Speed51 Awards has come to an end.  Every category has been decided and a winner has been crowned.  Except in one category.  One category was a dead-heat at the top.  Race fans apparently like the famous Martinsville Hot Dog and the Eldora Speedway Pizza Burger equally.


But this is a competition that needs one winner.  So now we’re turning to the scoring loops to determine which tasty treat takes the cake in this winner-take-all, dog-eat-dog competition.


And when we say scoring loops, what we really mean is Twitter.  We are now running a 24-hour poll on our @Speed51dotcom Twitter Feed powered by PFC Brakes with two options for fans to choose: The Martinsville Hot Dog or the Eldora Pizza Burger.


At the end of 24 hours we will have a winner.  That winner will be known henceforth as the best short track food item in the United States of America.


So get to voting, America.  Every vote matters this time.

Best Short Track Food: Eldora Pizza Burger or Martinsville Hot Dog?