On Saturday night Josh Berry crossed under the checkered flag at Hickory Motor Speedway and appeared to score his second straight win at the famous 3/8-mile oval.  However, that wasn’t the case as the win was taken away after Hickory’s technical inspectors found what they deemed to be an illegal piston in Berry’s right rear shock absorber.


On Monday, Berry, who usually races for JR Motorsports but raced for Lee Faulk Racing on Saturday, was notified that he was not the winner of Saturday’s 100-lap race.  Mike Faulk said he was notified by a text message that the win was taken away.


“Basically there’s a lot of grey area in the rule book about which pistons you can run in the shock and which ones you can’t, and which ones are approved and which ones are not,” Faulk told Speed51.com powered by JEGS.  “The way the rulebook reads is ‘any approved high flow piston.’ In the rule book it doesn’t list which are approved and which are not, so I assumed any decoupled high flow piston was fine.  But apparently that is not the case.”


pfc-anim1Faulk said he was never given a clear explanation on why the shock was illegal, but he said he tried to do everything “on the up and up.”


“We went through a bunch of different precautions to make sure the motor was legal,” Faulk said.  “I knew there was a good chance that he would win and they would tear us apart.  We won the race and kicked their ass and they tore all of our shocks apart after the race. After a couple days of talking about it they decided they didn’t like it.  They just said ‘You’re out.’  So that was that.”


The win was awarded to Landon Huffman, who crossed the finish line in second behind Berry.


“Well obviously you always want to win normally, you want to finish first,” Huffman said.  “But I guess it’s good to know that we were the best legal car there.”


A win has been hard to come by at any race in which Berry has competed.  Berry won four straight races heading into Saturday’s event at Hickory.  For Huffman, even though he didn’t cross the finish line first, he said he’ll definitely take the win for that reason alone.


“Josh is always hard to beat there and no matter what equipment he’s in,” Huffman said.  “Anytime you put somebody who can drive in good equipment they’re going to run good and that’s what happened Saturday.  Whether it’s in Dale Junior’s stuff or Lee Falk’s equipment, both are really good cars and Josh knows how to get around there pretty good, so when you put him in something that’s good, it’s definitely going to be hard to beat him.


“We were pretty good Saturday, and obviously we weren’t as good as he was, but we were better than most of the field anyway.”


Both Berry and Hickory Motor Speedway’s general manager Kevin Piercy declined to comment about the disqualification.


-By Rob Blount, Speed51.com Northeast Editor – Twitter: @RobBlount

-Photo Credit: Langley Speedway photo

Berry’s Hot Streak Ends in Hickory Post-Race Tech