Berry Delivers Twice for JR Motorsports at Hickory

It was the Josh Berry show Saturday night at the Hickory Motor Speedway.  The 2014 track champion pulled a clean sweep of the night, setting the fastest lap of the night in qualifying and delivering two 51-lap feature victories to JR Motorsports in dominating fashion.


“We’ve worked hard the past couple days trying some things, getting out of our comfort zone trying to get better,” Berry said on the Speed51 broadcast.  “We had a great night; we had a great car.”


Berry started off the night with a bang at Hickory, setting fast time in qualifying by two-tenths out of 27 cars on the property.  His strong night continued in the first Twin-51, leading every lap and taking the win with little challenge from the rest of the field.


The first twin race saw just one yellow, that coming when defending track champion Thomas Beane’s motor expired early in the 51-lap event.  It was a clean race the rest of the way, with Berry scoring the win over 16-year-old Gage Painter and former track champion Matt Piercy.


“It got really, really slick there after the beach got put down.  We got a little free there late, we were having to mix it up with lapped traffic,” Berry said.  “We need to make some adjustments before the second one, we’ll see how it goes.”


“It was a beach for sure.  I just can’t figure out why when you blow up you run around for three laps and oil down the whole track, I guess some people just don’t get it.”


Berry started 10th in the second Twin-51 after drawing the maximum invert.  It did not take him long at all to work his way back to the front, taking just 18 laps to inherit the lead after passing 2017 track champion Ryan Millington.


It was a replay from race one once he took the lead, cruising to the win the rest of the way while the field was left to race for second.


“Thankfully we were able to save enough tires from the first race to last the second one.  Tonight was about getting out, getting everybody back on the routine.  Our focus is on the CARS Tour so this was about getting out here and getting back on the ropes of things and getting these guys some exposure.”


While Berry won both twin races on the night, 16-year-old Gage Painter followed him in the runner-up spot in both races.  The CARS Late Model Stock Tour rookie contender was ecstatic after his two runs tonight.


“It was pretty good, it shows all the hard work in the shop’s paying off.  We work our tails off to have a car that can compete with the top dogs,” Painter told Speed51.  “It shows and feels really good to be able to show that.”


He then rated his performance in the two features from Saturday night.


“Twenty out of ten.  It was just a good night; everything went as planned.  The car’s in one piece and we can turn around and go to Ace for the CARS Tour race.”


If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast, click here to watch a full replay of Saturday night’s Twin 51’s at Hickory Motor Speedway.


Late Model Stocks – Twin-51 No.1 Results:

  1. Josh Berry
  2. Gage Painter
  3. Matt Piercy
  4. Austin McDaniel
  5. Corey Heim
  6. Matt Leicht
  7. Dexter Canipe Jr
  8. Ryan Millington
  9. Charlie Watson
  10. Mason Ludwig
  11. Grayson Cullather
  12. Jacob Heafner
  13. Connor Mosack
  14. Sam Butler
  15. Shane Lee
  16. Vince Midas
  17. Logan Jones
  18. Nolan Pope
  19. Chris Hudspeth
  20. Bob Saville
  21. Thomas Beane
  22. Mitch Walker
  23. Connor Jones
  24. Braden Rogers
  25. Jessie Cann
  26. Bill Petroff
  27. Bryson Dennis


Late Model Stocks – Twin-51 Race #2 Results:

(Full Results Coming Soon)

  1. Josh Berry
  2. Gage Painter
  3. Ryan Millington
  4. Matt Piercy
  5. Corey Heim
  6. Austin McDaniel
  7. Dexter Canipe Jr.
  8. Mason Ludwig
  9. Sam Butler
  10. Charlie Watson
  11. Jacob Heafner
  12. Nolan Pope
  13. Connor Mosack
  14. Vince Midas
  15. Grayson Cullather
  16. Logan Jones
  17. Braden Rogers
  18. Shane Lee
  19. Mitch Walker
  20. Thomas Beane
  21. Bob Saville
  22. Matt Leicht
  23. Connor Jones
  24. Jessie Cann
  25. Bill Petroff

-Story by: Koty Geyer, Speed51 National Correspondent – Twitter: @kgeyer3
-Photo Credit: Speed51 Photo

Berry Delivers Twice for JR Motorsports at Hickory