New Track Record & Martinsville Pole for JR Motorsports Driver

Josh Berry will start on the pole for the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway (VA), after setting a new Late Model Stock Car track record in qualifying with a time of 19.927 seconds. 


Seven cars bettered last year’s pole time set by Stacy Puryear during the qualifying session. Layne Riggs claimed the outside pole, followed by Bobby McCarty, Peyton Sellers and Dustin Rumley. 


Cooler temperatures and faster cars have produced quicker and more competitive qualifying sessions each year at Martinsville, particularly since the move to Friday night qualifying in 2017.


“I think definitely it’s been a lot faster since we started qualifying at night time,” said Berry.  “I guess, at the same time, we’re constantly making our cars better, so we have some fast laps.


Layne Riggs, the outside pole-sitter, echoed that sentiment after posting a 19.959-second lap time.


“I think next year we’ll break the track record again.  The track temperatures help, and everyone is on top of their game.”


Bobby McCarty will start third, clocking in at 20.011.


Any time the temperatures drop, it’ll bring the speeds with it.  It was cool to let them tape up this year, and with the temperatures it set up for some really fast times.”


Surprisingly, despite being two of the most successful Late Model Stock racers over the past two years, Berry and McCarty have both struggled to finish well at Martinsville. Berry’s best career finish in the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 is 13thin 2014 and 2015, while McCarty’s best showing was a 24thin 2016.


For both of those drivers, getting the Martinsville monkey off their back would be monumental.


“It would definitely be huge for me,” said Berry.  “My struggles here over the years have been well-documented, but we took a huge step forward here last year.  It didn’t work out, but we learned a lot. 


“Really, I’ve said it numerous times, I feel like Martinsville is really the last big race I need to check off for Dale and JRM.  This race is a big deal.  We’ve put in a big effort and brought Bubba along with this deal.” 


“With Nelson Motorsports, we’ve won quite a few things over the last couple of years,” said McCarty.  “This is something you want to win before you hang your suit up.  I feel like we’ve got three pretty good cars.  To check this one off is one you want to do before you hang your suit up.”


While Layne Riggs is making just his second Martinsville start, he contended for the win last year before a late-race incident relegated him to 25th.  The Bahama, North Carolina driver is equally motivated to win the signature grandfather clock trophy.


“This race would mean everything for me.  I’m not really a veteran but I’ve been around a couple of years.  This is my second-ever race at Martinsville Speedway. We had a pretty good piece last year and I feel the same this year.  You can’t say I’m the winningest driver there is, so something like this would make it all worth it.”


Full qualifying results from Friday’s session are below. 


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ValleyStar Credit Union 300 Qualifying Results


Pos. # Driver Fast Lap
1 88 Josh Berry 19.927
2 99 Layne Riggs 19.959
3 22 Bobby McCarty 20.011
4 26 Peyton Sellers 20.040
5 5P Lee Pulilam 20.060
6 88R Dustin Rumley 20.079
7 98 Bubba Pollard 20.083
8 2N Trevor Noles 20.100
9 27 Tommy Lemons 20.111
10 57 Justin Carroll 20.116
11 16 Chad McCumbee 20.118
12 9 Trey Crews 20.120
13 21 Travis Swaim 20.145
14 17G Taylor Gray 20.146
14 12P Timothy Peters 20.146
16 18Y Jason York 20.159
17 5C Dexter Canipe, Jr. 20.163
18 12W Ryan Wilson 20.166
19 1M Craig Moore 20.171
20 40 C.E. Falk III 20.188
21 2M Matt Leicht 20.202
22 30 Brennan Poole 20.206
23 15 Kres VanDyke 20.213
24 4F Jonathan Findley 20.217
25 01 Jake Crum 20.219
26 11O Jeff Oakley 20.222
27 87 Mike Looney 20.227
28 12S Sammy Smith 20.233
29 35 Steve Zacharias 20.239
29 03 Brenden Queen 20.239
31 24 Colin Garrett 20.247
32 25D Derrick Lancaster 20.258
33 06 Davin Scites 20.266
33 41 Jamey Caudill 20.266
35 6D Mike Darne 20.269
36 17P Stacy Puryear 20.277
37 73 Bruce Anderson 20.278
38 25L Kevin Leicht 20.280
39 2W Matt Waltz 20.292
40 12T Austin Thaxton 20.305
41 17C Brandon Clements 20.340
42 2 Brandon Pierce 20.358
43 11W Lucas Williams 20.373
44 77 Trevor Ward 20.382
45 95 Jacob Heafner 20.384
46 32H Nik Williams 20.387
47 6M B.J. Mackey 20.392
48 63 Tyler Matthews 20.440
49 4D Kyle Dudley 20.445
50 01G Camden Gullie 20.446
51 81 Zack Clifton 20.457
52 07 Chase Dixon 20.469
53 61H Justin Hicks 20.482
54 22C Grayson Cullather 20.495
55 21W Jimmy Wallace 20.519
56 28 Jason Barnes 20.526
57 12C Annabeth Crum 20.550
58 01W G.R. Waldrop 20.629
59 36 Owen Smith 20.668
60 22E Eric Winslow 20.688
61 92 Kyle Southern 20.689
62 7 Dylan Ward 20.754
63 1S James Sweeney 20.878
64 18G Bobby Gillespie 21.210
65 4VA Mack Tatum 21.547
66 2L Amber Lynn 21.913

New Track Record & Martinsville Pole for JR Motorsports Driver