Night one of the 37th Annual Hy-Miler Nationals at Sandusky Speedway in Sandusky, Ohio ended in the early hours of Saturday morning. But a strong group of ISMA Supermodified fans stayed up to watch Ben Seitz win the Fast 40-lap feature.

Seitz would get by early leader Jeff Locke on lap 16 and would not be contested in the preliminary to Saturday night’s 100-lap main event.

“The car was awesome,” Seitz said in victory lane. “We had a good starting spot but the car was real good. Jeff got in the turns real hot and washed up. I think he was getting loose. But, I got under him and the rest was history.”

With a restart with three laps to go, DJ Shullick was looking to chase down Seitz and challenge for the win but came up short.

“I thought I might have a shot at it, but I was a little tight,” Shullick said. “I would have to have a perfect lap to get around him but I with a couple of laps to go, it didn’t give me enough time to set him up.”

Mike Lichty started ninth and came home with a third place finish.

“It was a good run. Obviously it was a quick race, being only 40 laps and everyone knew that,” Lichty said. “We wanted to get to the front as quickly as we could but not burn up our stuff either. It’s a tough race but to come from ninth to third, we were still missing something. We don’t have the drive off and the side bite that we need. It’s another top three, so we will take it.”

All three are looking towards the big 100-lap event on Saturday night.

“We should have a pretty good car. We need to make some adjustments for tomorrow for the longer race,” Seitz said. “But everything was good tonight.”

Lou Cicconi Jr. was fourth with current ISMA Supermodified point leader Rob Summers rounding out the top five.

The final day of the 37th Annual Hy-Miler Supermodified Nationals conclude on Saturday with the ISMA Supermodifieds and the Top Speed Modifieds in action. Qualifying is at 4pm with racing at 7pm.

Hy-Miler Nationals 40


1. 17 Ben Seitz

2. 95 DJ Shullick

3. 84 Mike Lichty

4. 61 Lou Cicconi Jr.

5. 74 Rob Summers

6. 37 Jeff Locke

7. 79 Jon McKennedy

8. 94 Otto Siterly

9. 11 Kyle Edwards

10. 7 Charlie Schultz

11. 78 Mark Sammut

12. 49 Trevor Berry

13. 22 Mike McVetta

14. 28 Eric Lewis

15. 64 Jim Paller

16. 21 Ed Witkum

17. 70 Dave McKnight

18. 65 Tim Ice

19. 11 Bobby Santos

20. 39 Alison Cumens

21. 97 Bobby Dawson

22. 19 Trent Stephens

23. 31 Matt Marlow

24. 07 Kevin Jaycox

25. 46 Ryan Conlam

26. 77 Timmy Jedrezejk

27. 63 Kevin Feeney

28. 8 Moe Lilje

– Kevin Ramsell, Midwest Editor. Twitter: @KevinRamsell


Ben Seitz Wins the Hy-Miler Fast 40 at Sandusky Speedway