Behind curtain number-one… it’s the 2015 Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Tour schedule.  Andrew Harpell and his staff will be releasing the full details on the 2015 edition of their Tour in the near future.


The 2015 slate features 14 races at seven different race tracks, all in the state of New York.  Lancaster Speedway will host the most races, with four, including the opener on April 19 and what we believe will be the traditional US Open on September 27.  Oswego Speedway has three races, including the historic Race of Champions event, a 200-lap affair, on September 19.


2015 will serve as the 22nd year of the RoC Asphalt Modified Tour.  Chuck Hossfeld is the defending champion.  He and Matt Hirschman have combined to win the last seven titles.


Date               Site                                                       Location                       Lap

April 19         Lancaster National Speedway        Buffalo, NY                   75

May 3            Chemung Speedrome                       Chemung, NY              75

May 9            Oswego Speedway                             Oswego, NY                 75

May 24          Shangri La II Speedway                   Tioga Center, NY        75

June 6           Spencer Speedway                             Rochester, NY             75

June 25         Lancaster National Speedway         Buffalo, NY                  60

July 11           Holland Speedway                             Holland, NY                100

July 24          Spencer Speedway                             Rochester,  NY            TBA

Aug. 8           Chemung Speedrome                        Chemung, NY              100

Aug. 15          Lancaster National Speedway         Buffalo, NY                  110

Sept. 4           Oswego Speedway                             Oswego, NY                 100

Sept. 19         Oswego Speedway                             Oswego, NY                 200

Sept. 27         Lancaster National Speedway        Buffalo, NY                  125

Oct. 4             Shangri La II Speedway                   Tioga Center, NY       100


By Bob Dillner, Executive Director, @bobdillner – Photo: photo


Before It’s Announced… the 2015 RoC Asphalt Mod Schedule