COEBURN, Va. – Kyle Barnes and Kres VanDyke both visited victory lane Saturday at Lonesome Pine Raceway in twin 35-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock features.

Barnes, a regular competitor at Kingsport (Tenn.) Speedway, became the only driver other than VanDyke to visit victory lane at LPR this season.

Lance Gatlin qualified on the pole position for the first 35-lap Late Model Stock feature.

Kres VanDyke would work his way into the lead on the opening lap. The first caution would wave on lap three as the No. 28 spun around in turn four.

VanDyke would regain the lead on the ensuing restart, but debris in turn three would force the caution to be displayed soon after.

VanDyke would power his No. 15 machine back to the lead as the field received the green flag. Working lap 23, a spin in turn two would have the yellow flag waving again.

On the restart, VanDyke would choose the inside with Barnes pulling to the outside. VanDyke and Barnes would battle door to door until Barnes captured the lead on lap 28.

VanDyke would make a late charge, but Barnes would not be denied his first career victory at Lonesome Pine Raceway.

“It’s absolutely amazing for all of us,” said Barnes.

Barnes also won his first career Late Model race on Friday night at Kingsport Speedway.

“[Friday] night was my first-ever win and to come out to Lonesome Pine, miss both practices and still get a win was incredible.”

Barnes says the hard-fought battle with VanDyke made the win even more enjoyable.

“Everything just clicked right off the trailer, and to get that win racing hard with VanDyke like we did made it that much sweeter,” added Barnes.

After an inversion of four positions, Wayne Hale was awarded the pole for the second LMSC race.

Kres VanDyke would charge into second-place working the second circuit. VanDyke would pull to the bumper of Hale’s machine on the sixth lap, the two would make slight contact and allow VanDyke to slide around into the lead.

One lap later, the yellow flag would wave when the engine expired on the No. 3 machine.

VanDyke would power back to the lead on the restart and never relinquish for his seventh win of the season over Ryan Stiltner and Kyle Barnes.

David Brown and Jared Broadbent made up the front row for the start of the Modified Street feature.

Brown would take the lead to open the 30-lap race, but Broadbent would battle back to take the lead on lap two.

The first yellow flag of the race was displayed on lap 15 for a spin in turn four.

Brown’s No. 13 machine would be forced to the pit area with mechanical problems during the caution period, placing Broadbent and Rob Austin on the front row for the restart. Back under green, Broadbent would overtake Austin.

Austin’s engine would expire in a cloud of smoke on lap 18, forcing the caution out.

Broadbent would roar back to the lead on the restart over Keith Stiltner. Broadbent would lead all the remaining laps and capture the victory.

John Ketron won the pole position for 25 laps of Pure 4 racing.

Ketron pulled to the lead on the opening lap. Ketron would lead all 25 laps of the caution-free event to claim the victory over Billy Ketron and Rusty Clendenin.

Joshua Gobble and Rocky Yates battled for the lead to start the 20-lap Mod 4 feature.

Yates would use the outside land to take over the top spot on lap four. Gobble would charge again to the inside at the halfway point in the race, but Yates would again pull away.

With four laps remaining, Gobble would make a final run for the lead. With one lap remaining, Yates and Gobble would continue to battle side by side. Exiting turn four, Gobble would power off the corner and take the win by only 0.030 seconds.

Michael Nelson worked his way into the lead over William Hale on the opening lap of the Rookie Pure 4 race.

A spin on lap three would force the race’s only caution to be displayed. Nelson would again take the lead on the restart.

Hale would begin to make another charge on the inside line with five laps remaining. Exiting turn two, Nelson would slide, allowing Hale to pass.

Hale would take the checkered flag for his second win of the season.

Nasty Jones would take the lead over Marty Tunnell on the first lap of the Pure Street race. Jones would lead every lap to claim the win.

-Chase Brashears Press Release.  Photo Credit: Lonesome Pine Raceway

May 30, 2015 Results:

LMSC Race No. 1
1. 0 Kyle Barnes
2. 15 Kres VanDyke
3. 97 Lance Gatlin
4. 19 Wayne Hale
5. 22 Ryan Stiltner
6. 17 Greg Bohannon Jr.
7. 27 Cody McMahan
8. 49 Mitch Gibson
9. 29 Mark Meade
10. 55 Mardy Roberts
11. 3 Chris Meade
12. 51 Blake Orr
13. 28 Jamie Harrison
14. 60 Kevin Canter
15. 75 Jenna Wagner
DNS. 67 Steve Deskins

LMSC Race No. 2
1. 15 Kres VanDyke
2. 22 Ryan Stiltner
3. 0 Kyle Barnes
4. 97 Lance Gatlin
5. 19 Wayne Hale
6. 17 Greg Bohannon Jr.
7. 27 Cody McMahan
8. 29 Mark Meade
9. 49 Mitch Gibson
10. 28 Jamie Harrison
11. 3 Chris Meade
12. 60 Kevin Canter
13. 55 Mardy Roberts
DNS. 51 Blake Orr
DNS. 75 Jenna Wagner
DNS. 67 Steve Deskins

Modified Street
1. 74 Jared Broadbent
2. 22 Keith Stiltner
3. 22 Joey Sykes
4. 13 David Brown
5. 25 Rob Austin
6. 11 Jamie Meadows
7. 34 Terry Stone
8. 12 Robbie Allison
9. 6 Chris Tunnell
10. 41 Danny Casteel

Pure 4
1. 27 John Ketron
2. 26 Billy Ketron
3. 94 Chris Neeley
4. 28 Jason Ketron
5. 16 Jackie Jackson
6. 22 Jason Yates
7. 88 Dan Hall
8. 5 BJ Large
9. 17 Tracy Bailey
10. 15 Richard Quillen
11. 01 Jack Clevenger
12. 14 Jonathan Feagins

Mod 4
1. 88 Joshua Gobble
2. 3 Rocky Yates
3. 45 Billy Duty
4. 22 Brian Hunt
5. 31 Carey Brown
DNS. 9 Hershell Robinette
DNS. 8 Jason Yates

Rookie Pure 4
1. 47 William Hale
2. 16 Michael Nelson
3. 15 Larry Stapelton
4. 01 Dalton Thomas
DQ. 06 William Jones

Pure Street
1. 13 Nasty Jones
2. 99 Marty Tunnell
3. 8 Jared Bruner

Barnes, VanDyke Split Twin Features At Lonesome Pine