Ballot Revealed for 2021 Short Track Draft

Since 2004, the Speed51 Short Track Draft has showcased top prospects in the short track racing world, the next generation of stars in NASCAR.  Now, it is time to determine which rising star will be named the number-one pick of the 2021 Speed51 Short Track Draft presented by RYNO.


Voting has opened for the 2021 Short Track Draft, with the ballot of 300 short track racing prospects currently being distributed to an expert panel of media members, industry experts and racers alike.

A ballot of 300 short track racing prospects has been compiled for the 2021 Speed51 Short Track Draft presented by RYNO.

Whether it’s on dirt or pavement, from karts to Super Late Models and all stops along the way, the ballot is packed with rising stars.  Out of the 300 drivers listed, members of the expert panel will place their votes on which drivers deserve one of the 51 draft picks – and which driver will join the prestigious list of number-one picks in the Short Track Draft.


The first 10 picks will be announced on the live Short Track Draft Show, scheduled for 7 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 12.  Over the next two days, picks 11-51 will be announced on


Watch the 2021 Short Track Draft Show on Speed51.TV


In order to be eligible for the ballot, drivers needed to meet the following criteria:

  • 25 years or younger as of April 1, 2021
  • Maintain rookie status in NASCAR’s top-three series
  • Have less than eight races scheduled in NASCAR’s top-three series


Last year, Sam Mayer was named the top pick in the Short Track Draft. Other former number-one picks include the likes of Chase Elliott, Bubba Pollard, Daniel Hemric, Christopher Bell, Ty Majeski, Todd Gilliland, Harrison Burton and Chandler Smith.


Below is the full list of drivers on the 2021 Short Track Draft Ballot.  Write-in votes will also be allowed if the driver meets the criteria listed above.


It’s possible that we may have missed a deserving driver or two on this list. If that’s the case and you believe they deserve to be on the ballot, let us know by emailing [email protected].


Fans will also be able to cast their vote for the top Short Track Draft prospect, starting on Thursday, April 29.  Fan voting will continue until Monday, May 2.


-Story by Speed51 Staff

2021 Short Track Draft Ballot

Adam LemkeLMSC
Ahnna ParkhurstPro/Super Dirt LM
Alison SlatonSprint Cars
Andrew LayserMidgets
Andrew MolleurSK Modifieds
Andrew ScheidSprint Cars, Pro Late Models
Annabeth Barnes-CrumLMSC
Anthony SergiLate Models
Anton HernandezDirt Sprints/Micro Sprints
Ashton HigginsLate Models/Trucks
Ashton WingerDirt LMs
Austin BeersModifieds
Austin EdwardsLate Models
Austin GreenLate Models
Austin HerzogLate Models
Austin KochenashModifieds
Austin KunertLate Models
Austin NasonSLM
Austin TerasSuper Late Models
Benji HicksDirt LMs
Blaine PerkinsLate Models
Blaine RochaSLM
Blaise RutherfordPLM
Blake BarneyMods
Blake CarrickVarious
Blake EdwardsMidgets
Blake RoweModifieds
Bobby PierceDirt LMs
Bradley EricksonJR LM
Braeden DillingerDirt LMs
Brandon GrossoVarious
Brandon BarkerLate Models
Brandon FarringtonLate Models
Brandon LemkeLate Models
Brandon PierceLMSC
Brandon RahmerSprint Cars
Brandon ShortOutlaw Super Late Models
Brenden QueenARCA/LMSC
Brenham CrouchMidgets/Micro Sprints
Brent CrewsMidgets/Micro Sprints
Brett YackeyLate Models
Bridget BurgessARCA West
Brittney ZamoraARCA West
Brooke StorerLM/Sportsmen
Bryan NarducciSK Modifieds
Bryant WiedmanMidgets/Micro Sprints
Bryce BaileyModifieds
Bryce BezansonSLM
Bryson HarperDirt LMs
Buddy ShepherdSLM
Caden KvapilKarts
Cale CoonsJunior Sprints
Caleb Heady
Calvin CarrollModifieds
Cameron BolinVarious
Cannon McIntoshMidgets
Carson FergusonDirt LM
Carson KvapilSLM
Carson MacedoSprint Cars
Carson ShortSprint Cars
Cayden LapcevichLate Models
Chad ButzSLM
Chance CrumSprint Cars/Midgets
Chance MortonSprints/Midgets
Charlie KeevenLate Models
Chase BurdaLate Models, Dirt Modifieds
Chase CabreARCA
Chase DowlingModifieds
Chase JohnsonSprints/Midgets
Christian McGheeARCA/SLM
Christopher TullisPLM
Clay HarrisDirt LMs
Cole BodineMidgets
Cole ButcherSLM/Pro Stock
Cole MooreSLM
Cole WilliamsLate Models
Colin GarrettK&N/LM
Colten CottleSprints/Midgets
Cooper BouchardLate Models
Conner JonesLate Models
Connor HallARCA/LM
Connor OkrzesikSLM/PLM
Corey HeimARCA/Late Models
Craig LutzModifieds
Daison PursleyMidgets
Daniel DyeARCA/SLM
Danny BenedictLate Models
Daulton WilsonDirt LMs
Dawson FletcherLate Models
Demetrios Drellos Dirt Mods
Derek GriffithSLM
Devin O'ConnellSLM/PLM
Devon MorganLate Models / Dirt
Dillon SteuerDirt Mods
Dominic ScelziSprint Cars
Drake TroutmanDirt LM/Dirt Mods
Dustin SmithPLM
Dylan CappelloModifieds
Dylan FetchoLate Models
Dylan GarnerLate Models
Dylan ZampaLate Models
Ernie Francis, Jr.K&N/LM
Ethan MitchellMidgets/Karts
Ethan WilsonDirt LMs
Evan HallstromLate Models
Evan ShotkoLate Models
Freddie RahmerSprint Cars
Gabe BrownLate Models
Gabe SommersLate Models
Gage PainterLMSC
Garrett HuffinesLate Models
Gavan BoscheleMicro Sprints
Gio ScelziSprint Cars/Midgets/Stock Cars
Giovanni BromanteSLM
Gracie TrotterLate Models/Legends
Gracin RazSLM
Grant GriesbachLate Models
Grant ThompsonLate Models/Trucks
Haeden PlybonSLM
Harli WhiteSprints
Haley ConstanceJunior LM
Henry Hornsby IIIDirt LMs
Holly SheltonMidgets/Outlaw Karts
Holley HollanMidgets
Howie DiSavino IIILM / ARCA
Hudson HalderLate Models
Hudson O'NealDirt LMs
Hunter JackLate Models
Hunter WrightPLM
Jace JonesLate Models
Jack Dossey IIISLM/PLM
Jackson BooneSLM/PLM
Jacob HeafnerLMSC/ARCA
Jacob NottestadLate Models
Jacob PerryModifieds
Jaden CretacciLate Models
Jaden WalbridgeJR LM
Jagger JonesK&N West
Jake FinchLate Models
Jake GarciaLate Models
Jake JohnsonSLM
Jake NeumanMidgets
Jake BollmanPLM
Jan EvansSLM
Janson MarchbanksLate Models
Jared IrvanSLM
Jarrett ButcherLate Models
Jason McDougalSprint Cars/Midgets
Jay JulesonPLM
Jeremy DossLate Models/Modifieds
Jesse ColwellMidgets / Outlaw Karts
Jesse LoveARCA/Midgets
Jett NolandLate Models/Trans-Am
Jimmy Renfrew Jr.Late Models/Street Stocks
Joe ValentoLMSC
Joey AnconaSprint Cars
Joey IestARCA
John PetersSLM
JoJo WilkinsonPLM
Jonathan FindleyLMSC
Jonathan ShaferLMSC/Midgets
Josh HicksLate Models
Justin Carroll (NC)LMSC
Justin Carroll (VA)ARCA/LMSC
Justin CriderSLM
Justin MondeikSLM
Justin PeckSprint Cars
Kaden HoneycuttSLM / ARCA
Kaidon BrownMidgets/Speedcars
Kate ReSLM
Kaylee BrysonMidgets/Micros
Karsyn ElledgeMidgets/Karts
Karter SarffMidgets
Katie HettingerLate Models
Katlynn LeerSprint Cars
Kendra AdamsLate Models
Kercie JungJR LM
Kodie ConnerSLM
Kody EvansDirt LMs
Kole RazLate Models
Kyle CrumpLate Models
Kyle LeeDirt LMs
Kyle PlottSLM
Kyle SiegARCA/Late Models
Kylie IthLate Models
Landon HuffmanLMSC
Landon HuffmanKarts
Landon RappLegends/Karts
Lawless AlanARCA/LM
Layne RiggsLMSC
Layton SullivanDirt LMs
Leland HoneymanPLM/LMSC
Lily MeadJR LM
Logan RobersonDirt LMs
Logan RunyonSLM
Logan SeaveyVarious
Logan ZampaLate Models
Luke FenhausLate Models
Luke HyreDirt LMs
Mandy ChickPLM
Marcel GravelLate Models
Marcello RufranoModifieds
Maria CoferMidgets
Mason DanielSprints
Mason DiazARCA
Mason KellerLate Models
Mason LudwigLate Models
Matt CraigSLM
Matt SwansonModifieds
Matthew NanceDirt Late Models
Max KahlerLate Models
Max McLaughlinARCA East
McKenna HaaseSprint Cars
Megan Rae MeyerDirt LMs
Michael AtwellSLM
Michael Christopher, Jr.Modifieds
Michael "Buddy" KofoidMidgets/Sprints
Mini TyrrellLate Models
Mitchel MolesSprints/Midgets/Micros
Nick DrakeSprints/Midgets/Micros
Nick EganLate Models
Nick SanchezARCA
Nick SchlagerDirt LMs
Noah HarrisSprint Cars
Nolan PopeLate Models
Parker Price-MillerSprint Cars
Parker RetzlaffARCA
Paul NienhiserSprint Cars
Paul Shafer, Jr.SLM
Perry PatinoPLM
Pearson Lee WilliamsDirt LMs
Presley TruedsonMidgets/Lightning Sprints
Racin VernonLate Models
Rafe SlateLate Models
Reilly LanphearLate Models
Robert DalbyMidgets
Riley KrieselSprints
Riley StenjemSLM
Ronnie WilliamsModifieds
Ruben Garcia, Jr.K&N
Ryan KuhnLate Models
Ryan LuzaLate Models
Ryan MesserSLM
Ryan MillingtonLMSC
Ryan MontgomeryDirt LMs
Ryan RackleyDirt Mods
Ryan RepkoLate Models
Ryan RobinsonSprints/Midgets
Sam ButlerLMSC
Sam CorryKarts
Sam JohnsonMidgets
Sam RameauNWMT
Sammy Smith PLM
Seth WiseJR LM
Skylar GeeSprints
Spencer BaystonMidgets
Spencer HughesDirt Mods
Stephen DonahueLate Models
Stephen KopcikModifieds
Stephen NasseSLM / PLM
Tanner CarrickMidgets
Tanner ReifLate Models
Taylor GrayARCA
Teddy HodgdonModifieds
Thad MoffittARCA
Timmy CatalanoModifieds
Tommy Barrett Jr. Modifieds
Tommy Catalano NWMT/RoC
Toni BreidingerARCA/USAC
Travis BillingtonDirt Mods / Sprints
Trevor HuddlestonARCA/SLM
Trevor NolesSLM
Trey BayneSLM
Trey MillsDLM
Treyten LapcevichLate Models
Tristan ChamberlainDirt LM
Tristan HaiderSLM
Tucker KlaasmeyerMidgets
Tyler ErbDirt Late Models
Tyler FabozziLate Models
Ty HulseySprints/Midgets
Tyler LetarteKarts
Tyler MatthewsLMSC
Tyler NicelyDirt Mods
Tyler RypkemaModifieds
Tyler SeaveySprints/Midgets/Karts
Tyler ThomasSprints/Midgets
Wesley SmithSprints/Midgets
Will BopreyOutlaw Karts/Micros
William CoxLate Models
Wyatt AlexanderSLM
Wyatt BrooksLate Models
Wyatt BurksSprints/Midgets
Zac TaylorSprint Cars
Zachary TinkleLate Models
Zack MitchellDirt Late Models
Zeb WiseMidgets


Ballot Revealed for 2021 Short Track Draft