(Cedar Rapids, IA)—Friday, June 20 was Van Meter, Inc. Night at the Races at Hawkeye Downs Speedway. Not only is it an employee outing for Van Meter but more importantly it’s an opportunity to raise money for a different charity each year. Hawkeye Downs racing fans are invited to donate as little or as much as they choose with their donation earning them admission to the races. In addition, a portion of the night’s 50/50 Jackpot as well as cash earned through the Liz Girl Logistics Lucky Roll along with some extra donations from Hawkeye Downs drivers went toward this years designated charity- The Juvenile Diabetes Center at Mercy Medical Center.

The Liz Girl Logistics Lucky Roll saw each feature winner roll a dice with a 6 earning $600, a 5 earning $500, etc. The dollar amount was split between the driver and the charity with half going to each. Each number on the dice could only be used once.

Another tradition of Van Meter Night has been the “Celebrity Pride Race” which features local celebrities and personalities in a 15-lap match race with the drivers piloting Legends Cars. This years’ participants were Rod Reinertson, Director of Automation for Van Meter, Inc.; Tim Charles, President/CEO of Mercy Medical Center; Scott Saville, KCRG TV9 Sports Director; and Tyler Ryder, Co-host of KGYM Radio’s Afternoon Players Club.

Rod Reinertson kept the Van Meter, Inc. winning streak alive by taking the lead at the drop of the green and then outlasting Scott Saville to the finish. Tyler Ryder appeared to have third place locked up but faltered exiting turn four on the final lap, giving Tim Charles the third finishing spot. Van Meter executives have managed to win every race since the start of the promotion.

In Hy-Vee Racing Series week eight action, Nathan Ballard emerged from a wild first few laps to lay claim to his second straight Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stock feature. The field seemed intent on running three and four wide after a lap one caution brought out a complete restart. Jason Sherman led early although positions seemed to be changing multiple times on each lap until things sorted out a bit by the halfway mark. Ballard, who started in tenth, and Jim Hanson eventually distanced themselves from the rest of the field a bit. Matt Petrzelka worked his way up to third over the final laps but couldn’t draw close enough to challenge Hanson for second. Jacob Floyd finished fourth and Kandi Floyd was fifth.

The D & S Disposal/ EZ Auto Bohnsack Bounty was back again this week with an extra $200 on the line for a any driver that could beat Kurt Bohnsack, who has dominated the win column in the Sunline Hornets so far this season. Bohnsack had won every feature up to last week when the original bounty was posted. Brad Chandler collected last week and he was back this week to try to repeat.

Much like the Barron Motor Supply Hobby Stocks, the first lap didn’t fly in the Sunline Hornets feature as a couple drivers got a little anxious heading into the first turn. Todd Ness led nearly the first half of the race once the green flew but both Kurt Bohnsack and Brad Chandler were flying through the pack. After a wild lap eight, which saw both Bohnsack and Chandler slipping and sliding, Chandler found himself in the lead with Bohnsack mired briefly behind a couple slower cars. That was all Chandler needed to build a cushion and Bohnsack chased him for the remainder of the race. Todd Ness finished in third with Zach Hartman posting a strong fourth-place run. Troy Scott finished fifth.

Dave McCalla returned to victory lane for the first time this season in the Mountain Dew Sportsmen. McCalla, starting fifth, was racing for just the second time this season, took the lead from Cory Houdek with five laps remaining and then motored safely to the win. Houdek and Dave Ballsteadt battled for second the rest of the way with Houdek prevailing in that battle. Ballsteadt held on to third with last weeks feature winner Greg Hentrich finishing fourth. Jim Hanson came home in fifth.

Finally, the Dublin City Pub Legends feature was an entertaining one again as the sixteen car field battled one another along with some water seeping onto the track from the ground saturated by heavy rains earlier in the week. A couple early cautions kept the field bunched with Mark Greb leading the way. Mark Ironside ran second early with Kevin Korsmo taking the spot ten laps in. With nine laps remaining, Korsmo and Greb made slight contact with Korsmo losing a bit of ground and Greb holding the point. The leader had to pit during a caution with six laps to go after a couple cars also battling near the front of the pack spun.

On the subsequent restart, Brady Rhode, who had been flirting with the top five prior to the caution shot to the outside and on lap five he powered by the other frontrunners to take the lead. Matt Blake followed him through into the second spot with last weeks’ winner Autin Kunert securing third. Greb recovered to finish fourth and point leader Kevin Korsmo finished fifth.

About the only damper on an otherwise enjoyable and entertaining evening of racing was a problem caused by very heavy rain earlier in the week. Water seeping onto the track (or weepers are they are called) didn’t cooperate with allowing the Carpetland USA Late Models and Miller Tim Modifieds to race. Crews worked on the weepers during the day and even during the quarter-mile races in the hopes that once the sun went down and the track cooled a bit that moisture would stop drawing up onto the track. Heat races for those divisions were scrapped so the track work could continue and the drivers were given a set of hot laps to test the track after intermission. Unfortunately, conditions remained unsafe and in the interest of safety those features were cancelled. Pit passes for those divisions will be honored this Friday night and those divisionfeature winner will also be given the opportunity to roll the Liz Girl logistics Lucky Dice for extra cash for themselves and the Juvenile Diabetes Center.



VAN METER INC. NIGHT to support the Juvenile Diabetes Center

at Mercy Medical Center

June 20, 2014


1. Rod Reinertson, Director of Automation, Van Meter, Inc.
2. Scott Saville, KCRG-TV 9 Sports Director
3. Tim Charles, President/ CEO of Mercy Medical Center
4. Tyler Ryder, Co-host of KGYM Afternoon Players Club



HEAT 1- 1. (29) Austin Kunert, Batavia, IL; 2. (13) Tim Brockhouse, Minneapolis, MN; 3. (10) Mark Ironside, Swisher; 4. (88) Matt Blake, Cedar Rapids; 5. (21) Mark Greb, Coralville; 6. (43) Gary Dyer, Blue Grass; 7. (25) Cole O’Brien, Cedar Rapids; 8. (01) Tim Goettsch, Bettendorf

HEAT 2.- 1. (87) Robbie Carter, Burnsville, MN; 2. (4) Brady Fox-Rhode, Lorretto, MN; 3.(86) Kevin Korsmo, Atkins; 4. (00) Brody Willett, Alburnett; 5. (37) Danny Lehmkuhl, Cedar Rapids; 6. (66) Dennis Diercks, Eldridge; 7. (77) Warren Ropp, Kalona; DNS- (95) AL Diercks, Davenport

FEATURE (25 laps) 1. Fox Rhode 2.Blake 3.Kunert 4.Greb 5.Korsmo 6.Brockhouse 7.O’Brien 8.Al Diercks 9.Goettsch 10. Dennis Diercks 11. Ironside 12. Dyer 13. Ropp 14. Carter 15. Lehmkuhl 16. Willett



HEAT 1.- 1. (2m) Brad Chandler, Cedar Rapids; 2. (16) Todd Ness, Cedar Rapids; 3. (7b) Brad Schmidt, Cedar Rapids; 4. (321) Drew nickel, Cedar Rapids; 5.(1) Kaden Reynolds

HEAT 2. (4) Kurt Bohnsack, Ely; 2. (14) Zach Hartman, Cedar Rapids; 3. (07) Tyler Whalen 4. (1a) TJ Aimers, Cedar Rapids; DNS-(44) Troy Scott, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Chandler 2.Bohnsack 3. Ness 4.Hartman 5.Scott 6.Schmidt 7. Reynolds 8. Nickell 9. Aimers 10. Whalen



HEAT 1- 1. (29) Nathan Ballard, Marengo; 2. (12k) Kandi Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 3. (77) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 4. (12) Brandon Herb, Marion 5. (54) Jason Sherman, Marengo; 6. (57) Malena Clement, Cedar Rapids

HEAT 2- 1. (14j) Jacob Floyd, Cedar Rapids; 2. (22) Matt Petrzelka, Norway; 3. (2) Matt Lacoursiere, Cedar Rapids; 4. (48) Adam Petrzelka, Norway; 5. (1) Sonny Parker, Cedar Rapids

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. Ballard 2. Hanson 3. Matt Petrzelka 4. Jacob Floyd 5. Kandi Floyd 6. Lacoursiere 7. Sherman 8. Herb 9. Adam Petrzelka 10. Clement 11. Parker



HEAT- 1. (88) Jim Hanson, Cedar Rapids; 2. (19) Cory Houdek, Marion; 3. (9) Dave Ballstaedt, Marion; 4. (3) Dave McCalla, Cedar Rapids; 5. (35) Greg Hentrich, Hiawatha; 6. (7) John Johnston, Victor

FEATURE (15 laps) 1. McCalla 2. Houdek 3. Ballsteadt 4. Hentrich 5. Hanson 6. Johnston



Postponed due to water on track


Postponed due to water on track

– Hawkeye Downs Speedway Press Release


Ballard & McCalla Take Wins at Hawkeye Downs