Picton, ONT – Tim Kerr completed the month of July with Big-Block Modified action at Brewerton and Fulton speedways. The Picton, Ont. driver was involved in incidents on back-to-back nights that hampered his efforts and resulted in 16th- and 17th-place finishes.
“It wasn’t bad for a wadded-up racecar both nights,” Kerr said. “Friday night they must have been beating and banging in front of me. A guy must have broke because he came down in front of me and I got caught in that. Then, I got drilled from behind and wadded up the front end and the rear of the car. We finished, but we weren’t very good.”
On Saturday night, Kerr was collected in a heat race incident that hurt the front end of the car again.
“Saturday, it was just guys not holding their lines or switching lanes halfway down the straightaway when you’re already there,” Kerr explained. “It tore up a brand new front end that I had just put together.”
Despite the carnage and challenges, Kerr felt the car was improved over the previous week, but didn’t get the chance to see it perform to its full potential over the course of a full Feature.
“It felt pretty good, but what do you do,” Kerr said. “It was only two laps into the Feature Friday night when the accident happened and it happened in the Heat Race on Saturday night.”
The frustrating part of the incidents for Kerr is the repairs each night took away time for the No.07 team to improve the setup on their Village Variety/Home Hardware Picton Big-Block Modified.
“Everybody is spending time working on their setup stuff and I’m spending more time repairing the car lately than I need to be,” Kerr said. You’re not able to take the hour or two when you should be to really sit there and think about it. You’re worried about thrashing to get it back on four wheels. It’s tough.”
Kerr hasn’t been able to pinpoint the source of his discontent with the feel of the car, but has been making steady progress to improve his No.07. His current focus is to improve the car’s drive off the corner on the increasingly slick track surfaces.
“It’s just not driving off the corner like it should,” Kerr explained. “We’re still trying to get the gearing right with this carburetor and trying to find out if it’s something in the frame. At this point, everything in the front and rear of the car is brand new. It boggles me because I’m going through all my notes and everything looks the same as far as what it was on the scales before when we were winning.”
In previous years, Kerr has been strong in the slick and has actually been looking forward to the traditional late-season slick surface
“It’s starting to get slippery and I’ve wanted to see it that way for a little bit,” Kerr explained. “For me, it’s getting in a couple of weeks without any tore up equipment, good finishes, and get in the swing of some luck.”
Kerr and his team know they’re on the right track. They’ve got the same winning package that led to two victories last season and a top-10 finish in the point standings.
“We’ve got a good package, it’s just getting everything to come together,” Kerr explained. “We just need to stay out of trouble. Eventually our luck is going to turn. We just have to keep digging. It makes me want to go to the shop and work harder. Maybe we’ll be the hero this weekend. Who knows.”
The Kerr Motorsports team will return to action with their No.07 Big-Block Modified to start the month of August on Friday, August 4 at Brewerton Speedway and will compete the next night at Fulton Speedway. For additional event information on either track, visit www.fultonspeedway.com.
2017 Season Stats: 16 Starts – 0 Wins, 1 Top-5, 5 Top-10s, 3 Heat Wins

Story By: Team PR

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Fish

Bad Luck Bug Means Summer Blues for Tim Kerr