The saying goes, “once you win the first, the rest come easy.”  That couldn’t have been further from the truth for Windham, Maine’s Brad Babb on Saturday night at White Mountain Motorsports Park (NH).


Less than one month after scoring his first career Granite State Pro Stock Series win at Hudson International Speedway (NH), Babb held off a strong charge from Jeremy Davis to claim the checkered flag in the Fadden’s General Store 100 and score his second career win.


“I wouldn’t say it was any easier,” Babb told powered by JEGS.   “They usually say the first one is the hardest to get, but I had my hands full here trying to hold off Jeremy, Richie (Dearborn) and those guys.  I have to thank them for running me clean.”


Though the leaders kept it clean for the majority of the event, there was slight contact between Babb and Davis following a lap 74 restart.  As the two leaders moved through turns one and two side-by-side, Babb slipped up just enough to rub wheels with Davis and force him up the track in turn two.  Davis would fall back to seventh before making a late charge to challenge Babb for the lead on a restart with six laps to go.


“I have to apologize to Jeremy for getting into him a little bit but it was just close racing,” said Babb.  “I think he knows it was nothing I ever would have meant to do.  I’m friends with Jeremy.  I’m glad he ended up second and got back up with us.”


Davis was unsure of exactly what happened between himself and Babb on the restart.


“I don’t know,” answered Davis when asked what he thought had happened.  “I definitely didn’t cut across Bradley’s nose.  He got into the left rear and I saved it.  There was nothing else I could do.”


Dillon Moltz, who won last time out at Star Speedway (NH), methodically made his way to the front while keeping his nose clean to end up with the final podium spot.


“We didn’t have power steering from lap two,” said Moltz.  “It was tough inside the race car.  It would come in and go out, come in and go out.  It would really screw with me.  Under caution it was hard to keep heat in the tires.  But we had a really stout car all day.  Not quite as good as Brad.  Brad was on rails.”


Matt Frahm, who was the GSPSS point leader heading into the inaugural GSPSS event at White Mountain, was involved in an incident midway through the race that resulted in a DNF.  Unofficially, Moltz will take over the lead in the championship standings heading into the final race of the 2014 season at the Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (CT).


“I saw him up in the fence there,” said Moltz.  “I didn’t know at first it was him.  I couldn’t tell who it was and then they told me.  And then they told me that Gelinas was out too so I just had to be smart.  My spotter kept me cool and kept me going the rest of the race.  He just reminded me to be patient and that’s really all it took.  Just not doing anything stupid.”


Babb’s win at White Mountain Motorsports Park on Saturday night was a sigh of relief for a driver that has had horrible luck throughout his career at the quarter-mile oval nested in the White Mountain of New Hampshire.


“This place means a lot to me because I’ve always gone really good here, but other than one PASS race I’ve never had any luck here.  I’d break something or something stupid would happen and I wouldn’t end up finishing up in the front.  It’s always seemed like I deserved to have a win here and finally we got the chance tonight.”


Before exiting his car to celebrate with his crew in victory lane, Babb sat in his car with a cell phone held up to his ear.  He was on the phone with his biggest fan, his mom Carla.


“She was excited and wished she could have been here,” said Babb.  “This is only the third race of my life that she’s ever missed.  She had to go to my sister’s boyfriend’s sister’s wedding. She could have come up here in time for the feature, but it was going to be a pain so she just went home.  I know she’s happy we won.”


-By Brandon Paul, Northeast Editor – Twitter: @Brandon_Paul51

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Fadden General Store 100 results

September 20, 2014 – White Mountain Motorsports Park


POS (Start)          Driver                                   Hometown

1. (3)                      Brad Babb                        Windham, ME

2. (5)                      Jeremy Davis                    Tamworth, NH

3. (18)                    Dillon Moltz                       Waterford, CT

4. (12)                    Derek Griffith                    Hudson, NH

5. (19)                    Tommy O’Sullivan              Wilbraham, MA

6. (23)                    Zig Geno                           Canterbury, NH

7. (24)                    Larry Gelinas                     Buxton, ME

8. (8)                      Craig Weinstein                 East Walpole, MA

9. (7)                      Mike Parks                        Walpole, NH

10. (21)                  George Bessette                 Danbury, CT

11. (11)                  Michael Lavoie                   Chicoutimi, PQ

12. (6)                    Richie Dearborn                 Hollis Center, ME

13. (1)                    Bobby Nadeau                   Buxton, ME

14. (13)                  Mike O’Sullivan                   Springfield, MA

15. (2)                    Barry Gray                         Belchertown, MA

16. (15)                  George Helliwell                  Derry, NH

17. (9)                    Cory Robert                       Canaan, NH

18. (4)                    Dennis Maxfield                  Fitchburg, MA

19. (22)                  Joey Squeglia, JR                Derry, NH

20. (10)                  Matt Frahm                        Hampstead, NH

21. (17)                  Quinny Welch                     Lancaster, NH

22. (16)                  Bobby Cabral                      Kingston, NH

23. (20)                  Billy Ryder                          Sundown, NH

24. (14)                  Adam Norton                      Ludlow, MA

Babb Calls Biggest Fan After GSPSS Win at White Mountain